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republican infighting always welcome AlexSFCA May 2018 #1
Really. Cha May 2018 #5
Post removed Post removed May 2018 #10
The RW is pushing that story now radical noodle May 2018 #12
Did you miss the word "allegedly" in my post? TheDebbieDee May 2018 #14
No,No,No!!! SCVDem May 2018 #16
If you'd like I have an article that carries all the details of the events in question. I'm busy... rwsanders May 2018 #22
That's not true radical noodle May 2018 #24
It was well documented. Why are you so sensitive about it? rwsanders May 2018 #34
I followed the link radical noodle May 2018 #35
Fair enough rwsanders May 2018 #36
I seem to remember her husband saying that he was voting for the Con malaise May 2018 #2
I always liked Cindy. elfin May 2018 #3
Me too. n/t Upthevibe May 2018 #18
His wife told him to choose Palin as a running mate onetexan May 2018 #28
Have been trying to substantiate this, but can't elfin May 2018 #32
i recall having heard it on the news that he said she had advised him to go with Palin onetexan May 2018 #33
Good for Cindy! Raine May 2018 #4
Anyone who thinks there's no difference between the parties EffieBlack May 2018 #6
The backstory here seems interesting. BobTheSubgenius May 2018 #7
I think it has to do with the article posted in this thread csziggy May 2018 #8
The back story here is . . . Haggis for Breakfast May 2018 #9
When a trump supporter praises trump because "he tells it like it is", calimary May 2018 #19
Don't miss this point, either gratuitous May 2018 #25
They don't care. LudwigPastorius May 2018 #11
McCain will always be a better American than Trump. IluvPitties May 2018 #13
You need to throw down that mic!!! LakeArenal May 2018 #15
Yep...n/t Upthevibe May 2018 #17
most anyone is a better american than trump AlexSFCA May 2018 #20
cons have a long history of making fun of vets elmac May 2018 #21
Max Cleland comes to mind. luvallpeeps May 2018 #26
Dear Meghan : Might THIS finally be the thing that opens your fucking eyes, bullwinkle428 May 2018 #23
unlikely. Cindy McCain is a far better person than Meghan JI7 May 2018 #27
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2018 #29
Welcome to DU RandySF May 2018 #30
Wish him and his family well during this time, duforsure May 2018 #31
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