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Wed Jun 27, 2018, 02:56 PM Jun 2018

I'm going to say it [View all]

FUCK EVERYONE who did not vote for Hillary Clinton.

I don't care why you didn't vote for her. I don't care if you thought she was an oligarch or didn't like her voice or her laugh or believed she wasn't liberal enough or she just didn't "inspire" you (what the hell is up with that anyway - are you 8 years old who won't eat your pancakes unless they're shaped like happy faces?). Unless you were too ill or otherwise physically incapable of voting or your vote was suppressed, fuck everyone who did not vote for the only candidate who could have prevented what is happening to this country.

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I'm going to say it [View all] EffieBlack Jun 2018 OP
Fucking A! BannonsLiver Jun 2018 #1
Yup. Control-Z Jun 2018 #2
I AM crying AND drinking Runningdawg Jun 2018 #51
Right? Control-Z Jun 2018 #57
I'm retired... Runningdawg Jun 2018 #71
Is there any way the Dems can block the nomination process until Jan? Maraya1969 Jun 2018 #75
Nope. Exotica Jun 2018 #97
For Sure DownriverDem Jun 2018 #80
Agree 100% Power 2 the People Jun 2018 #3
and we will pay the price of what those bastards did, fuck Sarandon and her ilk. sunonmars Jun 2018 #4
It's what Susan Sarandon wanted. Just LOOK at how giddy and animated she is... NurseJackie Jun 2018 #5
She's rich RhodeIslandOne Jun 2018 #35
And way beyond child-bearing years... so what the fuck does she care about Roe? NurseJackie Jun 2018 #38
The rich will still get their safe abortions RhodeIslandOne Jun 2018 #79
As will all the Trumps' sexual victims JustABozoOnThisBus Jun 2018 #86
I'm sure that Trumpy paid for many, many abortions. Here come the witnesses. Eyeball_Kid Jun 2018 #155
Exactly Algernon Moncrieff Jun 2018 #170
Aloha, Jackie.. I tagged you Cha Jun 2018 #130
And, even if there is a massive Democratic wave in November that swings the House & Senate NewJeffCT Jun 2018 #203
Sarandon and the other people who believe in a "Revolution" are too fucking stupid to know... NurseJackie Jun 2018 #212
I agree. Aristus Jun 2018 #6
I'm tired Afromania Jun 2018 #7
Same here. Blue_true Jun 2018 #25
I could have written every word of this myself. EffieBlack Jun 2018 #44
Yes, Sarandon, West, Stein, Nader Blue_true Jun 2018 #47
True, but not just them EffieBlack Jun 2018 #50
Yes and that is sad. Blue_true Jun 2018 #56
It's hurting us. We get $20 a month food stamps w100jmi Jun 2018 #163
$20 a month doesn't cover a good supply of ramen noodles. Blue_true Jun 2018 #216
What in the holy hell can you get for $20 a month? EffieBlack Jun 2018 #228
This is my story too. Jakes Progress Jun 2018 #81
I live in an area that have lots of poor people, Black, White, Hispanic. Blue_true Jun 2018 #92
My mother, when confronted with republican assholery, Jakes Progress Jun 2018 #118
She may be correct, but the country is divided. Blue_true Jun 2018 #123
This JHan Jun 2018 #29
"Everything we said would happen is now happening" The Mouth Jun 2018 #133
Bingo. geardaddy Jun 2018 #8
Amen X 1000. (nt) Paladin Jun 2018 #9
Yes, we should spend all of our energy whining over the past mistakes of others, lagomorph777 Jun 2018 #10
Sorry, that doesn't work. Actions have consequences and they need to take responsibility. nt stevenleser Jun 2018 #18
"They" (independents) are not here. You are whining into the wind. lagomorph777 Jun 2018 #21
I can pretty much guarantee radical noodle Jun 2018 #171
"Name Removed" dropped in several times, though Hekate Jun 2018 #184
"They need to take responsibility" Act_of_Reparation Jun 2018 #221
And even if they don't take responsibility - and surely they won't - that doesn't mean that no one EffieBlack Jun 2018 #232
it doesn't change the truth of the statement in the op. JHan Jun 2018 #32
This is not a good time to try me. EffieBlack Jun 2018 #46
Hey Hekate Jun 2018 #115
Oh Lordy. Hassin Bin Sober Jun 2018 #140
Effie, Thank you True Blue American Jun 2018 #187
Your pretense the OP is 'whining' is as creative as it is inaccurate. LanternWaste Jun 2018 #62
Right? Forget about trying to win people over ... far easier to blame them for not sharing KPN Jun 2018 #70
We're still trying to win them over? Really? EffieBlack Jun 2018 #94
Brilliant strategy! LiberalLovinLug Jun 2018 #96
It is for me EffieBlack Jun 2018 #124
So...if the electoral college remains the same, you are going for a repeat of 2016? LiberalLovinLug Jun 2018 #144
I told you who I'M reaching out to. You reach out to whomever you want. EffieBlack Jun 2018 #145
We may need it LiberalLovinLug Jun 2018 #151
The fact you think reaching out to marginalized voters who need help is "preaching to the choir" EffieBlack Jun 2018 #156
reaching out to marginalized voters is what I'm talking about LiberalLovinLug Jun 2018 #162
The people you're talking about aren't "marginalized" EffieBlack Jun 2018 #165
Thank you. As always, a voice of reason in the face of lack of reason. (nt) ehrnst Jun 2018 #210
But those feeling marginalized and actually being marginalized have the same amount of votes LiberalLovinLug Jun 2018 #239
For me, I have reached a point True Blue American Jun 2018 #188
Its kind of sad CountAllVotes Jun 2018 #229
That list in no way represents what the Democratic campaign did in 2016. ehrnst Jun 2018 #207
Roll your eyes all you like LiberalLovinLug Jun 2018 #241
Who is doing that here? ehrnst Jun 2018 #242
Yes, "anyone that didn't vote Democratic last time", will probably not see the post or the OP LiberalLovinLug Jun 2018 #243
"It seems to be...." ehrnst Jun 2018 #244
It seems you are confused LiberalLovinLug Jun 2018 #248
I did. You missed it, ehrnst Jun 2018 #249
I'm sorry leftofcool Jun 2018 #213
I'm glad you modified/clarified the statement KPN Jun 2018 #206
It depends on who "them" is. So hypothetically, yes. But realistically, no, we're not trying. KPN Jun 2018 #99
The shit sandwich they are currently being served isn't enough? RhodeIslandOne Jun 2018 #117
I agree about the ones who "aren't bothered by it". KPN Jun 2018 #202
The whole point is to vote for those who don't have an identical perspective... Garrett78 Jun 2018 #131
if they need to be won over it means they don't care about the issues . in fact i think they enjoy JI7 Jun 2018 #189
After several decades of them spitting in our faces, you would think maybe a bell would go off. ehrnst Jun 2018 #197
It wasn't a mistake. They knew what they were doing. EllieBC Jun 2018 #101
Thanks, lagomorph. I'll suck it up and feel utterly isolated in my worldview. Hekate Jun 2018 #114
We're Fucking Multi-Tasking here.. Taking a minute Cha Jun 2018 #125
You go, Cha! BlueMTexpat Jun 2018 #177
These posters wanting to shut down discussion on stein and sarandon are so tiresome.. Cha Jun 2018 #179
Apart from his run in 2000, I consider BlueMTexpat Jun 2018 #180
Exactly, Blue.. "stein and sarandon have NEVER helped Cha Jun 2018 #182
Fuck them and fuck being civil to them. we can do it Jun 2018 #11
+1 dalton99a Jun 2018 #129
Agree The Genealogist Jun 2018 #12
Like Michael Harriot of The Root oberliner Jun 2018 #13
one of the reasons why I take that author in doses. JHan Jun 2018 #34
I can't stand that guy. yardwork Jun 2018 #67
Yep. cwydro Jun 2018 #120
Can I add "in the general election"? backtoblue Jun 2018 #14
K & R SunSeeker Jun 2018 #15
CO-SIGNED Blue_Tires Jun 2018 #16
Right there with you! mcar Jun 2018 #17
Jill Stein, Glenn Greenwald, Cornell West and Susan Sarandon... TomCADem Jun 2018 #19
They are all rich well known people, they won't suffer. nt Blue_true Jun 2018 #26
Prof. Cornel West has some explaining to do when fall classes begin. oasis Jun 2018 #43
You're damn skippy! kairos12 Jun 2018 #20
I have no doubt that many Ivory Tower leftbro bloggers/pundits Blue_Tires Jun 2018 #22
Susan Sarandon, that asshole who hates elites. Blue_true Jun 2018 #28
What a fucking phony kcr Jun 2018 #222
Yep. nt Blue_true Jun 2018 #223
I've always wondered exactly who and how many actually did this. Ligyron Jun 2018 #23
Normally, I relish being right. spicysista Jun 2018 #24
I personally have nothing to lose from a conservative court. Blue_true Jun 2018 #33
What's a person without a soul? spicysista Jun 2018 #54
I totally agree minstrel76 Jun 2018 #27
Welcome to DU, minstrel76. calimary Jun 2018 #40
Take a number. calimary Jun 2018 #30
Might be good penance : gotv twice as hard in nov Laura PourMeADrink Jun 2018 #31
Sure...a bit late but better than never I suppose. Demsrule86 Jun 2018 #39
They ARE fucked. GoCubsGo Jun 2018 #36
We warned them Effie...we warned them...they sneered at us Demsrule86 Jun 2018 #37
And then sat on their asses and didn't vote. leftofcool Jun 2018 #214
K&R and a hearty 'FUCK THEM' as well... revmclaren Jun 2018 #41
Ounce of prevention Awsi Dooger Jun 2018 #42
Ditto for those who didn't vote for Gore in 2000. Thanks Nader. muntrv Jun 2018 #45
I think it's in our best interest to move on Madam Mossfern Jun 2018 #48
Take your lectures elsewhere EffieBlack Jun 2018 #55
People aren't allowed to disagree with you? Madam Mossfern Jun 2018 #58
I cannot speak for Effie DonCoquixote Jun 2018 #64
I understand your point of view Madam Mossfern Jun 2018 #72
We are fucked. BumRushDaShow Jun 2018 #49
Agree! get the red out Jun 2018 #52
Post removed Post removed Jun 2018 #53
You don't want to start this. Jakes Progress Jun 2018 #74
Fuck them Sunsky Jun 2018 #59
Post removed Post removed Jun 2018 #60
Yep Meowmee Jun 2018 #61
Remember the Alamo! jalan48 Jun 2018 #63
RIGHT ON!! I Already Responded to Another Post As Follows: DoctorJoJo Jun 2018 #65
totally agree BlueJac Jun 2018 #66
And I'm going to K&R it because you are CORRECT. WhiskeyGrinder Jun 2018 #68
Check out this video I posted in a separate thread. StevieM Jun 2018 #69
I understand your frustration elmac Jun 2018 #73
YES!!!!!!!!! nt jrthin Jun 2018 #76
So right Effie FakeNoose Jun 2018 #77
One person that I despise is Smercornish. He cost Clinton the election. olegramps Jun 2018 #78
Agree 100%, and I really like your line about "inspirational" pancakes. nt spooky3 Jun 2018 #82
I blame the ones who didn't vote at all, as much as those who voted 3rd party. Honeycombe8 Jun 2018 #83
To my caucasian brethern here..... Toorich Jun 2018 #84
Your "Caucasian brethren here" are members of Democratic Underground & are neither silent... Hekate Jun 2018 #116
That's fine, Effie. But that's not why she lost. RandomAccess Jun 2018 #85
Ok now that you have fucked everyone tiredtoo Jun 2018 #87
Fuck e'm again!!! Bonx Jun 2018 #89
That good huh? tiredtoo Jun 2018 #160
God Damn those people, and I mean every word of it njhoneybadger Jun 2018 #88
Post removed Post removed Jun 2018 #90
welcome to DU! LiberalLovinLug Jun 2018 #100
Your friend's gone EffieBlack Jun 2018 #126
Your doing? LiberalLovinLug Jun 2018 #146
Not my doing EffieBlack Jun 2018 #152
Thank you LiberalLovinLug Jun 2018 #153
You're welcome EffieBlack Jun 2018 #157
I imagine a couple of more alerts got sent. marble falls Jun 2018 #195
Post removed Post removed Jun 2018 #138
"Democrat Party" BumRushDaShow Jun 2018 #143
Whoops! EffieBlack Jun 2018 #147
There's no such thing as "the Democrat party." johnp3907 Jun 2018 #149
They just forgot to make sure not to show us they know it ... EffieBlack Jun 2018 #158
This is your fault wysi Jun 2018 #111
I mean I don't see how anyone could disagree with this, I see no lies. JHan Jun 2018 #91
I'm so sick and tired. Fuck them all. n/t mtngirl47 Jun 2018 #93
Doomed bthp223 Jun 2018 #95
Welcome to DU, bthp223. calimary Jun 2018 #175
Fuck you MFM008 Jun 2018 #98
Koch by design. Wwcd Jun 2018 #109
A cry from the heart that I share. There are two people who were in my life that I hope... Hekate Jun 2018 #102
I'm so sorry to hear this. Hope you and your family can hang in there. nt spooky3 Jun 2018 #110
Thanks. My husband and I are the only ones I wrote about who are financially secure... Hekate Jun 2018 #112
What's so bad about leaving the country? There are better places. rumble Jun 2018 #172
I guess that depends on your point of view, your age, and your bank account Hekate Jun 2018 #176
I agree with you 100%. I hope their "conscience" and EllieBC Jun 2018 #103
Agree 100%! johnp3907 Jun 2018 #104
Let me rec this for you. LonePirate Jun 2018 #105
K&R betsuni Jun 2018 #106
Yup. ismnotwasm Jun 2018 #107
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2018 #108
Yeah fuck them straight to hell! vercetti2021 Jun 2018 #113
No matter what it was clear that the SCOTUS was a key issue in 2016 Gothmog Jun 2018 #119
Yes. nt sheshe2 Jun 2018 #121
Also worth noting BannonsLiver Jun 2018 #122
Exactly. They were called emoprogs back then and Cha Jun 2018 #128
I'm with you, EffieBlack. madaboutharry Jun 2018 #127
I voted for her. pwb Jun 2018 #132
Maybe who we should GaryCnf Jun 2018 #134
Cute. ismnotwasm Jun 2018 #139
Actually it is because GaryCnf Jun 2018 #166
jill FUCKING stein ran a FECKLESS campaign with her GD Cha Jun 2018 #174
Typical GaryCnf Jun 2018 #178
Hillary Warned Us.. don't you be Dissing Hillary with Cha Jun 2018 #181
Little suggestion GaryCnf Jun 2018 #194
When certain candidates lose, it's everyone else's fault but theirs EffieBlack Jun 2018 #198
Right.. Some LOSERS blame it on Everything else but Cha Jun 2018 #201
Cognitive dissonance, at best EffieBlack Jun 2018 #217
The bullshit is blaming GaryCnf Jun 2018 #209
You know nothing about it. Cha Jun 2018 #218
Thank you. Sparkly Jun 2018 #225
Suuure, so feckless she WON by 3 million votes. It took a helluva lot of rigging the system... Hekate Jun 2018 #185
Really? GaryCnf Jun 2018 #193
FUCKING FECKLESS stein and sarandon's LIES Cost precious Cha Jun 2018 #199
Maybe GaryCnf Jun 2018 #205
Oh be in denial.. I. don't. care. Cha Jun 2018 #208
Thank you, Hekate. Sparkly Jun 2018 #226
If some are still angry at the Democratic party NY_20th Jun 2018 #211
Precisely.. they can stew in their own Cha Jun 2018 #219
K&R Quayblue Jun 2018 #135
K&R UTUSN Jun 2018 #136
The JPR, of course, are mocking you with their own thread RhodeIslandOne Jun 2018 #137
They're trash. No better than Trumpers. Maven Jun 2018 #159
They never met an alt-right conspiracy theory they didn't fall in love with emulatorloo Jun 2018 #168
This thread certainly pulled in some visitors. I'm glad some of them are munching cold pizza now.nt Hekate Jun 2018 #183
My heart just stopped a little bit when I read that. BlancheSplanchnik Jun 2018 #141
Post removed Post removed Jun 2018 #142
I am going to start posting this response on these threads ... Can we please ... Persondem Jun 2018 #148
We know who our enemies are! johnp3907 Jun 2018 #150
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2018 #154
Post removed Post removed Jun 2018 #161
Things that tipped the election Dopers_Greed Jun 2018 #164
yea.. I've reached my boiling point. nini Jun 2018 #167
Fuck yeah! Rabrrrrrr Jun 2018 #169
Yes to everything you said. Some responses about convincing R B Garr Jun 2018 #173
Now is not the time for division. We as Dem / Progressives / liberals /must stand together. YOHABLO Jun 2018 #186
Bullshit. If you didn't try to stop Trump, you can't claim to be a "Dem/Progressive/liberal" EffieBlack Jun 2018 #191
You're right. There's no working with anyone who sat out the election or voted for ... marble falls Jun 2018 #200
What needs to happen now duforsure Jun 2018 #190
Why not? Its true and honest. Every single one of them. marble falls Jun 2018 #192
K&R ehrnst Jun 2018 #196
I'll second that! floWteiuQ Jun 2018 #204
We are losing Roe v. Wade due to these assholes Gothmog Jun 2018 #215
Since folks should hopefully not repeat that mistake, they will double down on voter suppression IronLionZion Jun 2018 #220
Should have thrown Progressives a bone then. harun Jun 2018 #224
Only someone mired in entitlement would say something so ridiculous EffieBlack Jun 2018 #227
Totally agree! eom PossiblePasts Jun 2018 #231
We didn't try to prove a point, we did prove a point. harun Jun 2018 #234
You didn't prove shit EffieBlack Jun 2018 #235
The real self-centered and selfish of the last election cycle were those that harun Jun 2018 #237
No, boo-the real problem is people who refused to vote for the only candidate who could have stopped EffieBlack Jun 2018 #247
It took over 200 years in this country for progress to made toward Civil Rights, and one day in still_one Jun 2018 #230
And fuck millennials while you're at it... SpankMe Jun 2018 #233
Some people don't vote because they're throwing a tantrum. Some people don't vote because they CAN'T EffieBlack Jun 2018 #236
Non-voters be damned WorkDoctor Jun 2018 #238
From my twitter feed Gothmog Jun 2018 #245
My OP doesn't mention and isn't about Jill Stein EffieBlack Jun 2018 #246
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