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Tue Aug 14, 2018, 02:10 PM Aug 2018

Who is the "most electable" in 2020? [View all]

34 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Michael Avenatti
0 (0%)
Tom Steyer (From NeedToImpeach ads)
0 (0%)
Elizabeth Warren
4 (12%)
Bernie Sanders
2 (6%)
Kamala Harris
6 (18%)
Martin O'Malley
2 (6%)
Joe Biden
14 (41%)
Corey Booker
2 (6%)
Any (non-political) celebrity
0 (0%)
4 (12%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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I'm starting a write-in vote True Dough Aug 2018 #1
lol. nt ecstatic Aug 2018 #3
O'Malley!! Scoopster Aug 2018 #2
I'd like to see a Governor from a 'non-coastal liberal' state PBC_Democrat Aug 2018 #4
Regarding your last sentence: that's because most of the population is clustered in the major cities Hekate Aug 2018 #42
Yes. Midwest Democrats didn't come out in proper numbers, Hortensis Aug 2018 #70
where is the preferred choice of the "democratic socialists"? msongs Aug 2018 #5
Ahem Hekate Aug 2018 #43
Aheh-ahem Stinky The Clown Aug 2018 #55
No idea NewJeffCT Aug 2018 #6
Not sure any one there is. TheCowsCameHome Aug 2018 #7
Avenatti seems to be making a good impression in Iowa. ecstatic Aug 2018 #16
Dems would be insane not to consider Sherrod Brown Adenoid_Hynkel Aug 2018 #8
You beat me to it Ohiogal Aug 2018 #28
I like him a lot, although I think opposition to NAFTA, TPP, etc., is misplaced. Hoyt Aug 2018 #29
I'd prefer Warren myself - but Big Joe's the only one who's a sure bet. sandensea Aug 2018 #9
I think those two are the safest bets Cosmocat Aug 2018 #14
It's nice to support a party with so many good choices. sandensea Aug 2018 #21
Adam Schiff! ananda Aug 2018 #10
I'm really big on Cory Booker. bearsfootball516 Aug 2018 #11
I like several from that list (Biden, Warren, Harris, Booker, O'Malley,) but if Biden decides to run Still In Wisconsin Aug 2018 #12
We can discuss this after November 2018 unc70 Aug 2018 #13
This is a discussion forum and we are having a discussion Proud Liberal Dem Aug 2018 #22
Al Franken. nt earthshine Aug 2018 #15
Kirsten Gillibrand. That list is mostly tabloid junk. jpljr77 Aug 2018 #17
KG??? I don't know about that.... The Al Franken and Clinton ecstatic Aug 2018 #18
Biden/Harris LuvLoogie Aug 2018 #19
This is the correct answer tinrobot Aug 2018 #60
Biden/Harris 2020 ProudLib72 Aug 2018 #20
Message auto-removed Name removed Aug 2018 #23
I think people will be shocked with what happens to Biden if he enters. NCTraveler Aug 2018 #24
I know. The jokes about "gaffe machine" just write themselves, and that's just on DU... Hekate Aug 2018 #39
Biden is awesome. NCTraveler Aug 2018 #46
Yes he is, and a thoroughly decent man, well matched to Barack O.... Hekate Aug 2018 #61
If she ran, I'd vote for her. LuvLoogie Aug 2018 #67
i would vote for also. trueblue2007 Aug 2018 #68
Yes. :) We have a great deal of planned and unstarted business. Hortensis Aug 2018 #69
No option for Trump? He is the best candidate Doodley Aug 2018 #26
I think Biden is the most electable, but not likely the person I would vote for... demmiblue Aug 2018 #27
Gonna have to wait and let the primaries shake it out. I'd vote for any of those, although I hope Hoyt Aug 2018 #30
Nobody if we don't take care of 2018. redstatebluegirl Aug 2018 #31
Exactly. If we don't win in November, there won't be an election in 2020. Squinch Aug 2018 #32
TAMMY DUCKWORTH! With Adam Schiff as VP. Then I can die happy. Squinch Aug 2018 #33
Could we please get through 2018 first which, Golden Raisin Aug 2018 #34
O'Malley or Harris are the only two realistically electable ones right now Recursion Aug 2018 #35
Not sure I agree about the Twitter battles ecstatic Aug 2018 #65
Shall we talk about this after November? Hekate Aug 2018 #36
I was torn between blue cat Aug 2018 #37
I chose old Joe but... jcgoldie Aug 2018 #38
Harris. Trump can't put her in his Insult Machine without consequences. maxsolomon Aug 2018 #40
My sense is we don't know yet Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2018 #41
Biden, hands down budkin Aug 2018 #44
Kick Omaha Steve Aug 2018 #45
Jay Inslee Roland99 Aug 2018 #47
Mark Dayton Roland99 Aug 2018 #48
Amy Klobuchar Roland99 Aug 2018 #49
Tim Kaine Roland99 Aug 2018 #50
Harris. I think Democratic turnout would be through the roof. Garrett78 Aug 2018 #51
Biden for me. BlueTsunami2018 Aug 2018 #52
FFS, Holy shit. Can we get through November first? FOCUS! bitterross Aug 2018 #53
THIS. Thank you! VOX Aug 2018 #59
Some of us can walk and chew gum Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2018 #62
Not enough of us. bitterross Aug 2018 #63
Jay Inslee would be good jmowreader Aug 2018 #54
Jay Inslee, Gov. of Washing ton State. Great record as a congressman and an equally great Persondem Aug 2018 #56
My #1 is Kamala. My #2 is Joe. n/t Tarheel_Dem Aug 2018 #57
A joe Biden Kamala Harris ticket is our best shot. louis c Aug 2018 #58
Matt Damon OrwellwasRight Aug 2018 #64
It's imperative for us to win seats in the 2018 midterms Niagara Aug 2018 #66
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