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The time for uprising was Nov 2016 BSdetect Sep 2018 #1
Disagree. Garland had nothing to do with the Pres election. Funtatlaguy Sep 2018 #3
Of course he did FBaggins Sep 2018 #6
We will have to agree to disagree. Funtatlaguy Sep 2018 #10
IF Garland did, then people would have voted on that single issue. They didn't. tonyt53 Sep 2018 #15
Based on what evidence? FBaggins Sep 2018 #16
Uh, trump won the election. Proof enough for ya? People didn't vote. tonyt53 Sep 2018 #19
I didn't realize that only Democrats were "people" FBaggins Sep 2018 #21
Time to lay off those "polls". They can be very wrong. History proves that. tonyt53 Sep 2018 #22
Lol. I love your use of quotes around "polls"... but even funnier FBaggins Sep 2018 #24
Again, relying on "polls" to tell you how to think. trump does the same thing. tonyt53 Sep 2018 #25
Since we're comparing people to Trump... FBaggins Sep 2018 #26
This ... yes ... what Frodo said ... mr_lebowski Sep 2018 #29
Trump also fails to support his conclusions with objective evidence. LanternWaste Sep 2018 #30
Because Clinton was running against exboyfil Sep 2018 #2
Because we didn't want Garland FBaggins Sep 2018 #4
I disagree. Many of us wanted someone more progressive, yes. Funtatlaguy Sep 2018 #7
Just go back and look at the threads from a couple years ago FBaggins Sep 2018 #14
Mine was out. Mine is always out. maxsolomon Sep 2018 #5
We were lost on the high road. nt jrthin Sep 2018 #8
+1!! CrispyQ Sep 2018 #11
That onecaliberal Sep 2018 #12
Because the dems don't do pitchforks; we do butter knives. CrispyQ Sep 2018 #9
Because everybody thought Clinton was going to win MiniMe Sep 2018 #13
This. n/t Coventina Sep 2018 #20
Not just that NewJeffCT Sep 2018 #31
And most of us on this site rusty fender Sep 2018 #33
Yup MiniMe Sep 2018 #34
Why didn't didn't you have your pitchfork out? U probably didn't think it that important. Kaleva Sep 2018 #17
Im an old fart but I did the typical stuff of calling and emailing.... Funtatlaguy Sep 2018 #32
Same with me. We old farts need to stick together! Kaleva Sep 2018 #37
Because too many "Progressives" either thought this wasn't important or didn't like Garland EffieBlack Sep 2018 #18
Democrat's assumed Hillary would win easily and it would be her pick. Didn't work out that way. jalan48 Sep 2018 #23
Garland was nominated 7.5 months before the election to replace a president in his 8th year, by braddy Sep 2018 #27
Dems framed the wrong argument. This wasn't about the person nominated procon Sep 2018 #28
I agree should have been a bigger fight for Garland rockfordfile Sep 2018 #35
Mostly because we aren't innately tribal KPN Sep 2018 #36
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