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14. I love her! She seems to be taking over from Al Franken . . .
Thu Sep 6, 2018, 10:22 AM
Sep 2018

Kicking ass and taking names!

She is currently my top candidate for our presidential nominee in 2020. She is pushing all my buttons:

2. MIXED RACIAL BACKGROUND (mother is from India, father is from Jamaica)
5. YOUNG-ISH (she is only 53)

Oh my yes. Zoonart Sep 2018 #1
Kavanaugh appears to be lying his ass off. spanone Sep 2018 #2
He's stuck because he knows that, like any good lawyer, she already knows the answer to her question EffieBlack Sep 2018 #4
Agreed 100% spanone Sep 2018 #7
This is probably what she has on him. Wonder how she'll spring it. brush Sep 2018 #31
Watch his left hand as he grabs the notepad very hard Perseus Sep 2018 #13
I loved the reaction of the staffer bluescribbler Sep 2018 #27
Yes, that reaction of the staffer was priceless - looked like an embarrassed laugh Merlot Sep 2018 #38
Just before that he said that law firms HootieMcBoob Sep 2018 #68
She is amazing! mcar Sep 2018 #3
A maestro indeed! Love her! Docreed2003 Sep 2018 #5
So that law firm is the same one the Trump's lawyer is from? Is there proof Maraya1969 Sep 2018 #6
It's probably in the Committee Confidential documents EffieBlack Sep 2018 #8
Im guessing there is an email exchange green917 Sep 2018 #24
Oh she knows. And she has proof. pangaia Sep 2018 #11
I really like Senator Harris Gothmog Sep 2018 #9
Harris Booker 2020 djacq Sep 2018 #10
Amen🙌🙌 irisblue Sep 2018 #12
Good God yes flibbitygiblets Sep 2018 #21
Kamala Harris for Senate for the next 40 years Hekate Sep 2018 #28
that would be a dream come true JuJuYoshida Sep 2018 #39
I love her! She seems to be taking over from Al Franken . . . fleur-de-lisa Sep 2018 #14
Not IMO. Honeycombe8 Sep 2018 #64
Do all women have irritating voices, or just some? flibbitygiblets Sep 2018 #65
Oh snap !! Haggis for Breakfast Sep 2018 #71
And it's rich watching someone on a discussion board critique the cross-examination skills EffieBlack Sep 2018 #75
Everyone is entitled to an opinion. And...she didn't get an answer, did she? Honeycombe8 Sep 2018 #87
Oh, believe me, America saw him answer her question. Haggis for Breakfast Sep 2018 #96
Yes. It's on the internet, too. The tricky answer that she didn't catch. Honeycombe8 Sep 2018 #97
YOU are missing the POINT Haggis for Breakfast Sep 2018 #101
No, that's not the point. He got his slippery answer in, and she accepted it. Honeycombe8 Sep 2018 #102
I'm female. Snap!! nt Honeycombe8 Sep 2018 #85
I wouldn't be patting myself on the back for being a woman, you're not exactly championing our cause flibbitygiblets Sep 2018 #93
I'm not championing any cause. I merely stated that I found someone's voice irritating. Honeycombe8 Sep 2018 #98
You'd best get used to hearing that voice BannonsLiver Sep 2018 #100
Her voice is irritating to me. Wow...I didn't know you cared that much about my opinions. Honeycombe8 Sep 2018 #84
You don't seem to know (or care) that you are contributing to dog-whistle sexism flibbitygiblets Sep 2018 #92
Thank you EffieBlack Sep 2018 #94
It doesn't help to treat certain people gingerly, like they can't handle the truth. Honeycombe8 Sep 2018 #99
Thank you, flibbitygiblets! Perfect response. fleur-de-lisa Sep 2018 #90
Did you read what you wrote before you hit "Post my reply?" EffieBlack Sep 2018 #74
Wow. SunSeeker Sep 2018 #78
I watched almost the entire thing live. pangaia Sep 2018 #15
Oh he crumbled under fire C_U_L8R Sep 2018 #16
wow jcgoldie Sep 2018 #17
She was a prosecutor and Deputy DA and DA with relatively high conviction rates. SpankMe Sep 2018 #18
The cons (republicons) lsewpershad Sep 2018 #19
She is fab amuse bouche Sep 2018 #20
"First of all, stop the clock". ROFL. flibbitygiblets Sep 2018 #22
Kamala Harris is Wonderful people Sep 2018 #23
She is awesome! DesertRat Sep 2018 #25
Squirmy worm, pants on fire. byronius Sep 2018 #26
I can't wait until Senator Harris releases the incriminating evidence she so obviously has. mulsh Sep 2018 #29
She can't release it until he lies about it. Merlot Sep 2018 #40
My God, she was amazing! llmart Sep 2018 #30
Sorry, I dont see whats so impressive. They're both just playing. 7962 Sep 2018 #32
No good prosecuter would give their evidence up Merlot Sep 2018 #42
She may only know that he had a meeting watoos Sep 2018 #43
Thats possible, but her demeanor seems to point to her having someone in mind 7962 Sep 2018 #49
She was the Attorney General in California lunatica Sep 2018 #45
Yes, you really don't see. She was CA's AG after she was Hortensis Sep 2018 #46
Yes, I know what her position was in CA. This isnt a trial though. Its a hearing. 7962 Sep 2018 #48
You have no idea whether she gets anything from it. Hortensis Sep 2018 #54
This stage of the hearing IS very much like a trial EffieBlack Sep 2018 #55
Yes. Nicely explained. Hortensis Sep 2018 #62
Of course we dont know. But I seriously doubt she was bluffing! 7962 Sep 2018 #61
specificity aids the target Hermit-The-Prog Sep 2018 #86
That's not how it's done. This isn't Perry Mason EffieBlack Sep 2018 #76
WOW! NurseJackie Sep 2018 #33
I sure hope whoever he has talked to about the Mueller investigation steps forward during the KPN Sep 2018 #34
I'm hoping NewJeffCT Sep 2018 #35
I am all in if she decides to run for President. nt LexVegas Sep 2018 #36
That twit Lee is ridiculous geardaddy Sep 2018 #37
That's probably why his staff behind him were laughing lunatica Sep 2018 #47
That was awesome! SharonAnn Sep 2018 #41
Smart lawyers never ask questions that they don't already know the answer to Brother Buzz Sep 2018 #44
from her wikipedia page lapfog_1 Sep 2018 #53
My magic 8 Ball looked into the future Brother Buzz Sep 2018 #58
What a shifty shit he is. Clearly he talked to drumph and others to make a deal. BSdetect Sep 2018 #50
A thing of beauty. sheshe2 Sep 2018 #51
Wooop! Anon-C Sep 2018 #52
K&R Scurrilous Sep 2018 #56
He's not only faking forgetfulness, but faking sincerity in his faked recollection too. yonder Sep 2018 #57
So awesome! Like a surgeon with a scalpel, such precision. R B Garr Sep 2018 #59
I had reservations yesterday, but now that I more fully understand AndJusticeForSome Sep 2018 #60
Good info & questions & intel (however she found out). But she could've done better, IMO. Honeycombe8 Sep 2018 #63
K&R ismnotwasm Sep 2018 #66
His brain screeched to a sudden halt. George II Sep 2018 #67
lol! Yes, he can't gish gallop like Cha Sep 2018 #83
She is at the top of my list at this point. pnwmom Sep 2018 #69
Boy did she rattle his clock bucolic_frolic Sep 2018 #70
Awesome. dalton99a Sep 2018 #72
SHE IS FANTASTIC !!!! trueblue2007 Sep 2018 #73
She's fabulous. Power 2 the People Sep 2018 #77
My Qs for him: Did you talk to any one who you understood to be a member of the Kasowitz firm? SunSeeker Sep 2018 #79
General question followed by a general answer Az_lefty Sep 2018 #80
She accomplished plenty EffieBlack Sep 2018 #89
Presidential Material Roy Rolling Sep 2018 #81
She'll make a fine presidential candidate. joshcryer Sep 2018 #82
She is number one on my list sellitman Sep 2018 #88
Really wanted to hear her ask him, "If you're too fucking stupid to understand a simple "yes/no" Rabrrrrrr Sep 2018 #91
Lol EffieBlack Sep 2018 #95
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