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10. We were in Raleigh for Fran.
Mon Sep 10, 2018, 12:53 PM
Sep 2018

We were living in a split foyer home on about 1/3 of an acre. I invited a family I knew who were living in a mobile home to come shelter with us. (turns out they had no damage) Mr. nclib was out of town and supposed to fly in that night. He was on one of the last planes to land at RDU that night. I believe he got home around midnight.

We all stayed in the basement area during the peak. I remember looking out the window and seeing the pine trees swaying back and forth. Mr. nclib was so tired he fell asleep on the floor even though the basement was flooding. He was laying in a couple of inches of water. I heard trees hitting the house and went upstairs to try to coax our cats downstairs but they were on top of the kitchen cabinets and would not budge.

In the morning, when things calmed down, we went outside to survey the damage and there were trees everywhere. There were trees on the house, the car, a gazebo we had in the back, on the deck. We were lucky though because we had good insurance and were able to remain in our home during repairs.

We were without power for 7 days. We had a gas water heater so we could still take showers. Lots of clean up.

I am so dreading this storm.

Are you on higher ground? The rain and flooding could be catastrophic. PearliePoo2 Sep 2018 #1
yes - flooding will not be an issue here - falling trees are the main problem NRaleighLiberal Sep 2018 #2
If there's an upside to these storms, it's that you do get to interact more with your neighbors. Scurrilous Sep 2018 #3
yes - we actually had a few back then we call our natural disaster friends NRaleighLiberal Sep 2018 #4
I was here in Raleigh for Fran too... OneGrassRoot Sep 2018 #5
Do you have a generator that can power a small fridge and charge batteries? PearliePoo2 Sep 2018 #6
That's what I'm afraid of (Triad area representing here) - the trees! flygal Sep 2018 #7
Yeah, being inland doesn't mean being safe. GoCubsGo Sep 2018 #8
I was a student at USC for Hugo. Behind the Aegis Sep 2018 #16
I lived in Charlotte during Hugo. llmart Sep 2018 #24
Hi neighbor! We had the same experience as you. yardwork Sep 2018 #9
We were in Raleigh for Fran. nclib Sep 2018 #10
I'm with you nclib... OneGrassRoot Sep 2018 #13
Now we live on 2 acres. nclib Sep 2018 #17
Great post malaise Sep 2018 #11
I hate to say it, but elmac Sep 2018 #12
pray for trump - use psalm 109:8 getagrip_already Sep 2018 #22
Remember It Roy Rolling Sep 2018 #14
I remember Fran. Behind the Aegis Sep 2018 #15
Good luck and stay safe! FakeNoose Sep 2018 #18
We picked up a generator after we lost power a couple of years ago, R Merm Sep 2018 #19
I had not yet moved to NC at the time of Fran mnhtnbb Sep 2018 #20
I Wasn't in NC for Fran Leith Sep 2018 #21
I'm in FL so no Fran stories, but one thing I remember from Irma ... CaptainTruth Sep 2018 #23
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