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27. murder, pure and simple
Tue Sep 11, 2018, 12:41 AM
Sep 2018

and on and on the genocidal rampage continues. 350 years and it goes on and on. I hope she ends up in prison for life.

Officer who killed neighbor in wrong apartment said he ignored her commands struggle4progress Sep 2018 #1
She probably did not identify herself as a police officer (uniform does not count in the dark). Plus Bernardo de La Paz Sep 2018 #11
The 2nd tweet here has that report.. Cha Sep 2018 #19
I know! Who would do that???? pnwmom Sep 2018 #22
This and every other clue keeps me thinking Cha Sep 2018 #26
That's what I think too. Some kind of substance was involved. n/t pnwmom Sep 2018 #35
they said they ran "tests" for substances. dixiegrrrrl Sep 2018 #73
+1, " "yelling to "open door!" when you think it's your apt? " The witness's are going to sink her uponit7771 Sep 2018 #59
If she couldn't see him how could she know he was ignoring her commands? pnwmom Sep 2018 #21
Good question. joshcryer Sep 2018 #50
Prob dark but light enough to see another person moving. Bernardo de La Paz Sep 2018 #60
In other words, she's lying. In a whole bunch of different ways. pnwmom Sep 2018 #69
Seems that way. Hard to square it any other way. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Sep 2018 #72
My thought as well. She wants it both ways. yardwork Sep 2018 #68
Prosecutor says murder charge possible struggle4progress Sep 2018 #2
Should have already been charged with Murder Thrill Sep 2018 #17
At this point there isn't evidence that this was premeditated mythology Sep 2018 #61
Thank you for this update, struggle. It's Cha Sep 2018 #20
So how come her key worked in the guy's front door? FakeNoose Sep 2018 #3
He may have left it unlocked. PSPS Sep 2018 #4
Why did she yell at him to open the door if it was open? pnwmom Sep 2018 #23
Because she didn't know yet that she was later going to tell police the door was open struggle4progress Sep 2018 #66
This message was self-deleted by its author madaboutharry Sep 2018 #5
Yes and I bet they will go exboyfil Sep 2018 #40
According to the article brer cat Sep 2018 #6
She said it was exboyfil Sep 2018 #41
Well, we know who is NOT lying cyndensco Sep 2018 #7
The arrest affidavit states that the door was unlocked and slightly open. yardwork Sep 2018 #9
Then why would she order him to open the door? pnwmom Sep 2018 #24
Good question. Her story raises other questions as well. yardwork Sep 2018 #45
The door was "open" is a damned lie. joshcryer Sep 2018 #39
Let me tell you how I was in the wrong resort room riverbendviewgal Sep 2018 #8
It does seem like your hotel key shouldn't Cha Sep 2018 #28
Happened to me once. My husband checked in before I arrived. Luz Sep 2018 #71
Somewhere I heard ... left-of-center2012 Sep 2018 #10
According to CNN, Botham Jean lived on the fourth floor, and Amber Guyger lived directly beneath him John1956PA Sep 2018 #13
So she wasn't even on the right floor? Unreal Thrill Sep 2018 #16
If they do not punish her to the max they are guilty Old Terp Sep 2018 #12
Sadly, I bet she walks... regnaD kciN Sep 2018 #14
Intent may be an issue for a murder charge. But manslaughter seems obvious unblock Sep 2018 #29
The thing that stands out to me Horse with no Name Sep 2018 #15
Another thing I noticed kcr Sep 2018 #18
I am very interested to hear the results of her alcohol and drug test. yardwork Sep 2018 #46
If she thought the door to her own apartment was ajar, and someone was in there, pnwmom Sep 2018 #25
Yeah, she's 100% lying about how it went down, too. joshcryer Sep 2018 #33
And, then there's the reports from witnesses that Cha Sep 2018 #34
Her stories make no sense. None of them. nt pnwmom Sep 2018 #36
murder, pure and simple heaven05 Sep 2018 #27
I thought manslaughter exboyfil Sep 2018 #42
still researching TR's heaven05 Sep 2018 #58
Just doesn't make sense thbobby Sep 2018 #30
Very possible onlyadream Sep 2018 #65
it will come down to whether they can get a Racist Jury JI7 Sep 2018 #31
If this was in Dallas city proper they're most likely NOT going to get a racist jury. They would uponit7771 Sep 2018 #63
This story enrages me True Dough Sep 2018 #32
I have never seen an afidavit that used the criminals side of the story... joshcryer Sep 2018 #37
Reads like a defense brief exboyfil Sep 2018 #43
She will almost certainly get off. joshcryer Sep 2018 #44
The prosecutor(DA Faith Johnson) is standing up for Bo Jean and his Cha Sep 2018 #48
Not so fast, a stronger charge could wind up with her walking. joshcryer Sep 2018 #51
That's right! omg. I just found these articles.. Cha Sep 2018 #52
Yep, the affidavit is *very* self-serving. joshcryer Sep 2018 #55
Maybe as a negotiating tool to use exboyfil Sep 2018 #53
Right.. Josh Cryer just Cha Sep 2018 #54
My money is still her being high as hell on something. phleshdef Sep 2018 #38
This is an upscale apt complex DeminPennswoods Sep 2018 #47
Right.. there should most definitely be. Cha Sep 2018 #49
If the door was locked and she pounded on it and demanded to be let in, betsuni Sep 2018 #56
I've heard about the banging on door witness's also. uponit7771 Sep 2018 #62
From the earlist stories witnesses heard "police talk" csziggy Sep 2018 #67
Manslaughter is where it will stay, Murder under Texas law would be a stretch Lee-Lee Sep 2018 #57
+1, would she get a lighter sentence if she plead out for reckless manslaughter and just admitted uponit7771 Sep 2018 #64
That's all on what the DA decides Lee-Lee Sep 2018 #70
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