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186. you said it
Tue Sep 11, 2018, 09:08 AM
Sep 2018

I didn't because I wouldn't say such a thing in public. Too much sniffling and whining. Can't stand it.

I'd feel better about all of this janterry Sep 2018 #1
That's not all the coach said. He said that every coach of every player does this all the time... brush Sep 2018 #102
Perfectly true but I don't support male tennis players smashing racquets or malaise Sep 2018 #2
Did you notice no one complained or said the Japanese coaches were coaching...this is a deflection. Fred Sanders Sep 2018 #5
I have never seen you or others complain about males smashing racquets or malaise Sep 2018 #10
++ nt heaven05 Sep 2018 #23
What would happen in football if you called the referee a thief? Red card or yellow? Fred Sanders Sep 2018 #27
You are missing the point about double standards n/ t malaise Sep 2018 #31
Malaise, I get your point...and agree with it. But defending bad behaviour because of other Fred Sanders Sep 2018 #33
Where did you see me defend bad behavior? N/t malaise Sep 2018 #36
Not you! on the thread...generally speaking...sorry for the misunderstanding on that! Fred Sanders Sep 2018 #41
Cool malaise Sep 2018 #43
You just blew your argument MiniMe Sep 2018 #55
Cornet didn't go ballistic when warned about the shirt. JustABozoOnThisBus Sep 2018 #44
Who has their "coach on court?" No one. You're making up shit. stopbush Sep 2018 #62
OK then malaise Sep 2018 #82
Pointless. No one is allowed to have their coach on court during a Slam event. stopbush Sep 2018 #86
I did not say slam malaise Sep 2018 #87
Your post was specific to yesterday's match, which was a Slam. stopbush Sep 2018 #88
What Japanese coaches? malaise Sep 2018 #21
I think this op-ed in WaPo covered it well. Ilsa Sep 2018 #24
"...one of Williams' last bids for all-time greatness. ? pangaia Sep 2018 #51
That got a "WTH?" from me, too. No reason to look for an ice floe! Ilsa Sep 2018 #78
nah, wrong nt heaven05 Sep 2018 #25
what japanese coaches? nt heaven05 Sep 2018 #26
Naomi had a coach there I am assuming...was her coach coaching...during this match? Fred Sanders Sep 2018 #29
Have to agree justie18 Sep 2018 #46
I was disappointed in her too at first MuseRider Sep 2018 #77
Spot on! InAbLuEsTaTe Sep 2018 #179
Males have given a lot more abuse, smashed more racquets, used fouler language, ... JustABozoOnThisBus Sep 2018 #3
Because she was losing Sugarcoated Sep 2018 #93
BS. She specifically called out to the crowd to stop the bowing and complimented Naomi for her play. brush Sep 2018 #103
A crowd that she riled up with her hostility and theatrics Sugarcoated Sep 2018 #119
You really don't know what happened do you? Pam Shriver and Chris Everett both... brush Sep 2018 #125
It's Chris Evert not Chris Elliot and she's a very nice person. Sugarcoated Sep 2018 #131
Why such dislike for an American player by some Americans? brush Sep 2018 #132
Lol Sugarcoated Sep 2018 #133
Yeah, really. And it's pretty obvious. brush Sep 2018 #136
Uh huh Sugarcoated Sep 2018 #138
You need to read this. brush Sep 2018 #143
really heaven05 Sep 2018 #153
For actually understanding tennis, it's history and the rules of the game? That's racist, lol? Sugarcoated Sep 2018 #171
I do not care whether you heaven05 Sep 2018 #174
Whaa?? LOL Sugarcoated Sep 2018 #177
It is in 99.9% heaven05 Sep 2018 #152
She most certainly did not. Demit Sep 2018 #109
But Singles tennis is not a group sport Tursiops Sep 2018 #166
It's only a tournament rule, not a rule of tennis. JustABozoOnThisBus Sep 2018 #168
thank you, Billy Jean heaven05 Sep 2018 #4
Serena Doesn't Need To Cheat To Win Me. Sep 2018 #13
This message was self-deleted by its author Loki Liesmith Sep 2018 #19
Yes, yes, and yes. Reader Rabbit Sep 2018 #108
hmmmm heaven05 Sep 2018 #117
As A Woman RobinA Sep 2018 #178
reject all you please heaven05 Sep 2018 #180
John McEnroe was called hysterical and was penalized for his similar behavior oberliner Sep 2018 #6
I immediately thought of McEnroe, who complained a lot and was largely considered to be an asshole. PoliticAverse Sep 2018 #34
No one is calling Serena hysterical...but McEnroe parlayed his hysterics into fame and fortune, even Fred Sanders Sep 2018 #42
Yeah, but he's still an asshole. n/t PoliticAverse Sep 2018 #48
Some of McEnroe's fines whistler162 Sep 2018 #54
Thank you for pointing out the facts. John Fante Sep 2018 #79
overblown faux outrage heaven05 Sep 2018 #182
Ms Osaka as a POC heaven05 Sep 2018 #183
Translation: anyone who criticizes Serena is racist. John Fante Sep 2018 #184
you said it heaven05 Sep 2018 #186
37 years ago? Are you serious? ecstatic Sep 2018 #123
Of course they do... tenderfoot Sep 2018 #141
I didn't see a single person referring to Serena as hysterical LisaM Sep 2018 #7
Agreed. Her behavior was totally unprofessional. Trust Buster Sep 2018 #8
Yes it was. She is the one who should apologize. milestogo Sep 2018 #12
no need to apologize nt heaven05 Sep 2018 #22
Apologize for what? Double standards? InAbLuEsTaTe Sep 2018 #65
Any evidence that women players are penalized more John Fante Sep 2018 #81
Apologize for unsportsmanlike behavior. milestogo Sep 2018 #97
You have it SO completely backwards... I see Serena as a hero for standing up against that bullshit. InAbLuEsTaTe Sep 2018 #127
I see someone who thinks she is bigger than the game. milestogo Sep 2018 #134
It never ceases to amaze me the capacity people have for twisting things Sugarcoated Sep 2018 #139
Yeah, it never ceases to amaze me either. milestogo Sep 2018 #142
Never ceases to amaze me how some people so easily dismiss blatant sexism. InAbLuEsTaTe Sep 2018 #145
But it's not blatant. It's not a given here. Sugarcoated Sep 2018 #148
You have the right to your opinion. LenaBaby61 Sep 2018 #157
That pos cartoon has racism written all over it. rockfordfile Sep 2018 #159
nah, wrong nt heaven05 Sep 2018 #20
+1000 Pachamama Sep 2018 #11
nah, wrong nt heaven05 Sep 2018 #18
Care to explain why he/she is wrong? John Fante Sep 2018 #83
not to you or anyone heaven05 Sep 2018 #91
Exactly! justie18 Sep 2018 #50
She owes the judge an apology janterry Sep 2018 #70
The one percent versus the ref who made 450 dollars Tursiops Sep 2018 #161
Of course there is a double standard MuseRider Sep 2018 #9
Methinks I lend credence to Serena and Billie Jean griloco Sep 2018 #14
Those saying it wasn't a woman thing, DON'T follow tennis. LenaBaby61 Sep 2018 #104
I've been following tennis since 1975 Sugarcoated Sep 2018 #120
Or she's a witch zentrum Sep 2018 #15
It doesn't make it right Sugarcoated Sep 2018 #122
I agree. zentrum Sep 2018 #151
It does apply to men Sugarcoated Sep 2018 #170
i feel so bad for Osaka. Kurt V. Sep 2018 #16
I don't and NEVER WILL heaven05 Sep 2018 #17
i can't help feeling for her. it should have been a great moment not a sad one, Kurt V. Sep 2018 #28
I doubt that poster cares RhodeIslandOne Sep 2018 #32
It was already a blowout before the 2nd set started...Osaka had her number...coach intervened... Fred Sanders Sep 2018 #37
Not necessarily. Someone always wins the 1st set. Doesn't mean the match is over. brush Sep 2018 #156
Nah- Naomi played great tennis all tournament malaise Sep 2018 #30
I still won't heaven05 Sep 2018 #35
OK malaise Sep 2018 #39
No logic needed at times. She DID NOTHING WRONG. But punish her if it makes you feel better. nt USALiberal Sep 2018 #47
logic, in cases like this, is for heaven05 Sep 2018 #56
1%? ok. nt USALiberal Sep 2018 #58
Let me clarify heaven05 Sep 2018 #59
Making up your own truth is fun! nt USALiberal Sep 2018 #61
actually heaven05 Sep 2018 #63
You realize Osaka is a minority also? Miss that part? nt USALiberal Sep 2018 #64
Nope Inescapable heaven05 Sep 2018 #69
They admit they didn't even watch the match RhodeIslandOne Sep 2018 #80
This message was self-deleted by its author John Fante Sep 2018 #85
Unless she was in on the ump being on her side she is innocent in this nini Sep 2018 #75
ok nt heaven05 Sep 2018 #89
Naomi was whipping Serena comfortably. John Fante Sep 2018 #84
ok nt heaven05 Sep 2018 #90
Naomi was whipping Serena comfortably. LenaBaby61 Sep 2018 #106
How is this related to yesterday's match in any way? John Fante Sep 2018 #114
For holding Serena accountable for her deplorable actions? Sugarcoated Sep 2018 #94
nothing deplorable about Serena heaven05 Sep 2018 #95
She's verbally abused linesman and refs repeatedly over the years and that's verifiable. Sugarcoated Sep 2018 #98
you can hate heaven05 Sep 2018 #116
Hate? Sugarcoated Sep 2018 #118
yes hate heaven05 Sep 2018 #154
Aw, poor baby Sugarcoated Sep 2018 #172
no heaven05 Sep 2018 #173
Uh huh Sugarcoated Sep 2018 #176
you are heaven05 Sep 2018 #181
Wow, compelling argument Sugarcoated Sep 2018 #188
He's a dick nini Sep 2018 #105
Is it OK to abuse referees just because she is a woman? Renew Deal Sep 2018 #38
Also not okay to impose double standards. InAbLuEsTaTe Sep 2018 #66
What is your evidence of double standards? Renew Deal Sep 2018 #68
While I agree with BJK, Serena was wrong underpants Sep 2018 #40
Pure nonsense Hav Sep 2018 #45
Serena was classless and went off her nut because she was going to lose. Botany Sep 2018 #49
On another note BeyondGeography Sep 2018 #52
The Lady doth Protest too much. jalan48 Sep 2018 #53
Within the past year, Kyrgios has twice been penalised a point for name calling muriel_volestrangler Sep 2018 #57
Serena was inappropriate, but her premise was 100% correct. jayddrew Sep 2018 #60
He invoked a rule that her team was breaking. janterry Sep 2018 #72
She's a black and a woman. She should just have shut up and taken it. LenaBaby61 Sep 2018 #107
I support Serena. InAbLuEsTaTe Sep 2018 #67
Then you support her engaging in verbal abuse and bullying Sugarcoated Sep 2018 #92
Nope, I support her lashing out against the WTA's blatant sexism... and, frankly, racism too InAbLuEsTaTe Sep 2018 #121
No, it's not "plainly evident to everyone". Sugarcoated Sep 2018 #126
Well, it should be. InAbLuEsTaTe Sep 2018 #128
No, it shouldn't be Sugarcoated Sep 2018 #135
The only mess is that which has been created by the WTA that leads to crap like this... InAbLuEsTaTe Sep 2018 #144
Okay fangirl Sugarcoated Sep 2018 #149
So do I. She's had to put up with so much crap over the years. Demit Sep 2018 #112
It's gotten fuckin' ridiculous!!! Good for Serena standing up against the bullshit InAbLuEsTaTe Sep 2018 #124
Serena Was WRONG, Period WiffenPoof Sep 2018 #71
That point when she 'flipped' the switch janterry Sep 2018 #73
Lleyton Hewitt made a racist DAMN fool of himself at the 2001 US Open... LenaBaby61 Sep 2018 #110
Thank you for pointing out the blatant double standards Serena is fighting against. InAbLuEsTaTe Sep 2018 #129
Thank you for pointing out the blatant double standards Serena is fighting against. LenaBaby61 Sep 2018 #150
Thanks for that response... AWESOME post! InAbLuEsTaTe Sep 2018 #155
Unless she knew this umpire moondust Sep 2018 #74
Post removed Post removed Sep 2018 #76
Everyone should listen to this from Serena Williams. Gothmog Sep 2018 #96
She is doubling down and portrying herself as the victim. redgreenandblue Sep 2018 #100
Meh. Serena is just another in a long line of athletes who made asses of themselves. redgreenandblue Sep 2018 #99
Never has a male tennis player had a game taken from him b/c he called the chair ump a name. Demit Sep 2018 #113
Serena lost a game because it was her third infraction. John Fante Sep 2018 #115
The warning for her, against her coach coaching, was a crap call. Demit Sep 2018 #147
Not really. Illegal coaching is rife, yes. But other players are called on it Tursiops Sep 2018 #160
Ace!! InAbLuEsTaTe Sep 2018 #130
Really... are you sure about that? whistler162 Sep 2018 #164
Yes Sugarcoated Sep 2018 #137
Some one once said whistler162 Sep 2018 #101
It blows me away that so many people refuse to believe a woman knows sexism when she sees it. Reader Rabbit Sep 2018 #111
I am with you! disenfranchised Sep 2018 #140
Thanks. Reader Rabbit Sep 2018 #187
The Whole Thing Was Troubling colsohlibgal Sep 2018 #146
This should have never been couched in gender politics Tursiops Sep 2018 #158
Belinda Cordwall (now that I have your attention) brettdale Sep 2018 #162
Hmm. Sorry, going to go with Billy Jean King on this one. kcr Sep 2018 #165
Serena has a htory of going after umpires males or females brettdale Sep 2018 #167
I'm with Serena Williams. It seems though from the start of the tournament Serena was a target. rockfordfile Sep 2018 #163
Martina Navratilova: Serena Lost the Plot brettdale Sep 2018 #169
Well said Martina Sugarcoated Sep 2018 #175
Thank you BJK Wawannabe Sep 2018 #185
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