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Tue Oct 16, 2018, 12:40 AM
Oct 2018

The phrase, cutting ones nose off to spite the face, pops up in my mind.

I'm in Tn, and love the fact that Beto is getting lotsa coverage. But we have a couple knife fights here that I'm worried about as well. I can only hope the "Taylor Swift" effect/affect(?) kicks in here for the Democrats running. I havent heard of any meaningful polls since she threw her hat in with us, other than that garbage poll of Blacburn %14 ahead (it was an outlier and an older poll) But I'm not one to base my hope on an unknown affect, and have been donating my time and money towards Bredesen.

sorry but i have no "love" for Manchin... chillfactor Oct 2018 #1
The short-sighted wing of the dem party strikes again Fullduplexxx Oct 2018 #15
People in blue states have no idea what it takes to win as a Democrat in a red state. bearsfootball516 Oct 2018 #19
Thank you. Joe941 Oct 2018 #22
Do you want ideological purity more than a senate majority? YessirAtsaFact Oct 2018 #28
Even with a senate majority atreides1 Oct 2018 #34
Manchin would be a no vote, if it matti YessirAtsaFact Oct 2018 #35
Exactly! See Joe Lieberman or Blanche Lincoln or KCDebbie Oct 2018 #77
I agree totally SouthernIrish Oct 2018 #39
We have a senate majority in New York wellst0nev0ter Oct 2018 #74
You have a unique situation YessirAtsaFact Oct 2018 #75
... wellst0nev0ter Oct 2018 #76
Yup. this. nt m-lekktor Oct 2018 #69
i think Manchin is comfortably ahead there . i think some Democratic orgs pulled funding also JI7 Oct 2018 #2
When it comes to funding, Manchin isn't competing against Morrisey Jim Lane Oct 2018 #3
How many of those other Democrats are the ONLY Democrat in their state pnwmom Oct 2018 #4
+1, anyone who tries to argue with your point about R B Garr Oct 2018 #8
I don't know. To me, that's not important. Jim Lane Oct 2018 #16
If Manchin loses by 1% or so NewJeffCT Oct 2018 #25
Thank you for this, pnwmom Hekate Oct 2018 #5
Good for you grantcart Oct 2018 #6
I love the way you think. violetpastille Oct 2018 #7
I was a charter member of MoveOn. murielm99 Oct 2018 #9
I dropped Move On when I finally realized they were started to get us to move on from Autumn Oct 2018 #41
They weren't. They were started to get us to move on from the Clinton impeachment BS fishwax Oct 2018 #56
That was when I found them and joined but they seemed to ignore the 2000 SC Autumn Oct 2018 #59
For cryin out loud.. scardycat Oct 2018 #10
i agree...i will donate to him with a short note.... samnsara Oct 2018 #42
We need this seat More_Cowbell Oct 2018 #11
+1. n/t pnwmom Oct 2018 #13
After supporting Kavanaugh RandiFan1290 Oct 2018 #12
Pulling financial support is usually done for one of two reasons DFW Oct 2018 #14
If we get the majority backil Mr. Big Oct 2018 #18
What happens when the much more progressive candidate wins the primary bearsfootball516 Oct 2018 #20
You never know unless you try Mr. Big Oct 2018 #21
That's Star Trek next generation in political time. DFW Oct 2018 #27
Sorry I dont donate to sellouts Mr. Big Oct 2018 #17
This is easy bottomofthehill Oct 2018 #23
If the people in WV want him they will support and vote for him. He's been in office since 2010 Autumn Oct 2018 #24
If you haven't, don't... brooklynite Oct 2018 #26
As long as they are sending the money to Heitcamp, I'm ok with this. lark Oct 2018 #29
I will also donate to Senator Manchin Gothmog Oct 2018 #30
Wow, a person who actually understands what it means to be the majority party in the Senate still_one Oct 2018 #31
I love MoveOn, but they need some Dems from Red States in their leadership. Funtatlaguy Oct 2018 #32
"voting with us 60% of the time" melman Oct 2018 #33
That covers only the period from 2017 - 2018 and proves that Manchin is doing well. pnwmom Oct 2018 #48
Nonsense melman Oct 2018 #63
You're the one who posted the link with the numbers. pnwmom Oct 2018 #65
"Thanks for additional evidence proving my point." Rob H. Oct 2018 #64
The point is that Manchin is FAR less likely to vote with Trump than would be predicted pnwmom Oct 2018 #66
IMO, money would be better spent on true blue Democrats. democratisphere Oct 2018 #36
Be careful zipplewrath Oct 2018 #37
really don't see him doing this: JHan Oct 2018 #54
Could go either way zipplewrath Oct 2018 #72
I don't really see them offering him any goodies.. thing is.. JHan Oct 2018 #73
The Thing Is...He Doesn't Vote With Us 60% Of The Time Me. Oct 2018 #38
Progressive Punch says his overall lifetime score on progressive issues is 66%. pnwmom Oct 2018 #45
But We Are Talking The Last Couple Of Years Me. Oct 2018 #46
Who says? But even so, his rating is 48%, despite the fact that in 2016 pnwmom Oct 2018 #47
It Depends On How He Keeps Voting Me. Oct 2018 #49
How could we not need him? He's the D who's running against an R in 3 weeks. n/t pnwmom Oct 2018 #50
Because We May Be Able To Take Other States Me. Oct 2018 #52
The line we have INCLUDES him, and it's not enough. And looking good is not enough. pnwmom Oct 2018 #53
We Will See What We Will See Me. Oct 2018 #55
+1000 Separation Oct 2018 #60
Good luck, Separation! And thank you for your efforts! n/t pnwmom Oct 2018 #61
AZ and NV have unfortunately turned a bit for the worse post Kavanaugh Celerity Oct 2018 #62
Are you a bot? lsewpershad Oct 2018 #40
No, are you? n/t pnwmom Oct 2018 #68
This is something I've repeated here many times: George II Oct 2018 #43
Totally agree. riversedge Oct 2018 #71
I cannot stand what you are saying sellitman Oct 2018 #44
I think he'll be fine RhodeIslandOne Oct 2018 #51
I get your point completely, but what vote is more important than a SCOTUS vote? ecstatic Oct 2018 #57
The vote for SENATE LEADERSHIP. The vote to replace Mitch McConnell with a Democrat. pnwmom Oct 2018 #67
Primaries are over and we need to hold his seat. WeekiWater Oct 2018 #58
Kudos to MoveOn! nt m-lekktor Oct 2018 #70
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