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210. He started his push with a generational lead in the Senate and a huge advantage in the House
Tue Aug 14, 2012, 11:30 AM
Aug 2012

Nobody forced him into Simpson-Bowles, he sought it out after the TeaPubliKlans walked on the preceding binding committee.

We beat back Junior's privatization scheme from the minority, without the White House. Forced my ass. The whole push was DOA and he keep reviving it and even managed the economy shrinking trigger after the last failure and claims he will keep pushing for a "grand bargain".

If you keep trying to do things some folks are going to believe you are trying to do them and there is no guarantee that those hoodwinked are those you set out to fool. The TeaPubliKlans haven't softened their positions, the media isn't playing off of it, it didn't endear independents, it didn't blunt corporate America or the Chamber of Commerce one iota. If it is an act then it is time for the hook and pull that failed turkey off the stage and run it out on a rail.

I'm convinced but no way I was the target audience, if it was an act, I firmly believe Obama is not only tolerant of some cuts but wants some. Not privatization, not to pull the rug out from under current retirees (though comfortable with starting to "bend the curve" now by arresting payouts), but because he actually believes that some modifications are required because he surrounds himself with neoliberal figures that believe in a similar vein and HE KEEPS TRYING and pushing the issue in an environment where the more sensible changes to generate more revenue are impossible.

If he actually wanted to raise the cap then such a proposal should have come to committee and then to the floor in the first two years rather than going through supporting a binding deficit commission and then Simpson-Bowles.

Not a "broken record", Manny. Bonobo Aug 2012 #1
Sorry. MannyGoldstein Aug 2012 #5
No crap from me. I am for truth and facts regardless of how inconvenient. Sticking one's sabrina 1 Aug 2012 #22
Sabrina, without you and a few others I'd feel pretty awful. MannyGoldstein Aug 2012 #27
I AM WITH YOU MANNY Skittles Aug 2012 #29
ME TOO !!! WillyT Aug 2012 #48
HEAR, HEAR! nt woo me with science Aug 2012 #58
There are more with you than against you. sabrina 1 Aug 2012 #82
You can count on me for support, Manny...I'm an old school FDR Dem all the way. whathehell Aug 2012 #97
YARGLE BARGLE BLARGH!!! OnyxCollie Aug 2012 #100
With you. emilyg Aug 2012 #116
You are so correct. That is why we have to destroy the faux "Conservatives" and drive their allies Vincardog Aug 2012 #253
Solidarity!!! bvar22 Aug 2012 #260
This!!! Beartracks Aug 2012 #266
The right thing to do or "good fight" is not always a matter of political party. L0oniX Aug 2012 #267
The war on the 99%, by the 99%, is what really gets to me. obxhead Aug 2012 #270
Good point, Sabrina. AverageJoe90 Aug 2012 #175
Like Sabrina said, no crap from me. I'm with you all the way on this. Zalatix Aug 2012 #25
K and an R and a riderinthestorm Aug 2012 #2
Erskine Bowles praises Paul Ryan, budget plan KG Aug 2012 #3
That asshole is not in power, and even Obma reject the bowel simple mind plan. /nt still_one Aug 2012 #68
Obama only rejected parts of the plan MannyGoldstein Aug 2012 #78
The end is he didn't pursue that further. But entertain this, let's give him the benefit of the still_one Aug 2012 #101
The Bowles-Simpson proposal does not reduce average SS benefits. It increases them. bornskeptic Aug 2012 #199
so, given their reputation and track record ozsea1 Aug 2012 #224
They Have no power to hold to any bargain. bornskeptic Aug 2012 #237
If you're implying that the OP lied ozsea1 Aug 2012 #245
That appears to be incorrect; do you have a source? eomer Aug 2012 #279
Here is another source, an explanation of (and based on) the above source: eomer Aug 2012 #280
Simpson-Bowles eventually cuts average benefit by 22% MannyGoldstein Aug 2012 #285
Why did Obama appoint that asshole? rudycantfail Aug 2012 #79
To show he was willing to compromise. That isn't going to happen again I believe if Obama wins still_one Aug 2012 #104
It is naive to believe that President Obama is that naive. rudycantfail Aug 2012 #114
He is not naive, but I believe he thought he could compromise with them. He didn't factor in that still_one Aug 2012 #117
Sell that shit to somebody else rudycantfail Aug 2012 #122
So what are you going to do not vote for president? still_one Aug 2012 #123
That's not your business. rudycantfail Aug 2012 #127
I like the Clash. A lot. MannyGoldstein Aug 2012 #128
Manny is right. Vanje Sep 2012 #289
I am stating opinion. You don't like tough!, maybe it is you who are bullshtting people. You don't still_one Aug 2012 #158
I hope so. AverageJoe90 Aug 2012 #176
Yeah sure there will... SomethingFishy Aug 2012 #214
It was ProSense Aug 2012 #4
Raising the Medicare eligibility age to 67 is a cut in wasteful spending? MannyGoldstein Aug 2012 #8
You do ProSense Aug 2012 #10
It's widely reported that he proposed it last summer MannyGoldstein Aug 2012 #11
No, it wasn't and ProSense Aug 2012 #16
Well.. MannyGoldstein Aug 2012 #21
"When he hears" ProSense Aug 2012 #26
Thanks for shining some light on this ProSense. speedoo Aug 2012 #34
It's a bit funny ProSense Aug 2012 #36
Thanks for the sanity, ProSense. SunSeeker Aug 2012 #145
I'm lolz@the fools rushing to rec more lies JNelson6563 Aug 2012 #221
lawl, you forget 2008 so easily. joshcryer Aug 2012 #45
"Everything should be on the table. " ProSense Aug 2012 #59
I just think it's important that he did say it was on the table. joshcryer Aug 2012 #63
Even with a direct quote you peddle this denial. JackRiddler Aug 2012 #110
Yeah, ProSense Aug 2012 #124
Many, many direct quotes. woo me with science Aug 2012 #134
What bugs me is he's criticized for doing what he said he'd do. joshcryer Aug 2012 #161
Thank you! You're absolutely right... and Romney has been trying to paint the cuts that way too! progressivebydesign Aug 2012 #80
DURec leftstreet Aug 2012 #6
K&R tk2kewl Aug 2012 #7
Thats mostly just bi-partisan politik-speak. Calling their bluff. JaneyVee Aug 2012 #9
Sounds good but it is still dumb as dogshit TheKentuckian Aug 2012 #40
I disagree. I believe it was all just political theater. JaneyVee Aug 2012 #57
Tired of theater, I need to be represented me b zola Aug 2012 #131
I completely understand. But w/ GOP obstruction the way it is political theater is all that remains JaneyVee Aug 2012 #171
Even as mere theater such talk should be a "hanging" offense TheKentuckian Aug 2012 #201
+2 bbgrunt Aug 2012 #204
The audience is Independent/Centrist voters who want DC to become unbroken. JaneyVee Aug 2012 #271
+1 what he said limpyhobbler Aug 2012 #62
K&R woo me with science Aug 2012 #12
Priebus: Obama Is ‘Stealing’ From Seniors And Has ‘Blood On His Hands’ ProSense Aug 2012 #13
Are you equating me with Priebus? MannyGoldstein Aug 2012 #15
No, I'm equating ProSense Aug 2012 #18
"He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else." MannyGoldstein Aug 2012 #30
He's good at ProSense Aug 2012 #33
He's been as successful at that MannyGoldstein Aug 2012 #42
And jailing the banksters. woo me with science Aug 2012 #69
War is Peace. woo me with science Aug 2012 #37
Spin is righteous. n/t ProSense Aug 2012 #49
That you believe that is patently obvious. nt woo me with science Aug 2012 #52
So when ProSense Aug 2012 #61
"their futures are about to be Grand Bargained away" = very well said just1voice Aug 2012 #14
As a lifelong yellow dawg dem I was SHOCKED to hear Obama "offer" cuts in SS and/or Medicare whathehell Aug 2012 #112
Stupid threat hope they enjoy Rmoney presidency julian09 Aug 2012 #226
Excellent points that I tell them, the problem is they don't trust him just1voice Aug 2012 #228
He is not the attorney general, secondly how many jobs would all those charges create? julian09 Aug 2012 #283
It must be frustrating. MNBrewer Aug 2012 #17
I think the only way to settle this is Angry Dragon Aug 2012 #19
No, that ProSense Aug 2012 #23
Has anyone ever riderinthestorm Aug 2012 #35
x2 AnotherMcIntosh Aug 2012 #51
Yes ProSense Aug 2012 #53
amen, riderinthestorm and choie Aug 2012 #73
+1000 Webster Green Aug 2012 #137
No ProSense Aug 2012 #139
+10000000000 Wait Wut Aug 2012 #238
+1000 bvar22 Aug 2012 #192
Prosense, please keep offering facts no matter what....fudrs hate facts big time no matter what the uponit7771 Aug 2012 #164
Nothing to do with the quality of what's in ProSense's posts. His post construction is awful nt riderinthestorm Aug 2012 #185
We shouldn't have to Doctor_J Aug 2012 #193
I agree Angry Dragon Aug 2012 #208
Keep speaking up, Manny. Le Taz Hot Aug 2012 #20
+10000 woo me with science Aug 2012 #46
if you repeat a lie long enough... snooper2 Aug 2012 #47
It would be alot better if we could vote for someone commited to not cutting these programs. limpyhobbler Aug 2012 #24
"We are all voting for Obama knowing what the score is." ProSense Aug 2012 #31
Well yeah we all want to prevent it. But I guess limpyhobbler Aug 2012 #39
Who ProSense Aug 2012 #67
The fact that we even have these discussions shows there is a problem. limpyhobbler Aug 2012 #118
No, ProSense Aug 2012 #121
Then WHY kurtzapril4 Aug 2012 #257
Keep trying... SidDithers Aug 2012 #28
We will, you Better Believe It! sabrina 1 Aug 2012 #56
You really miss your tombstoned little buddy, eh?...nt SidDithers Aug 2012 #88
It is kind of silly, isn't it? sabrina 1 Aug 2012 #103
BBI was a long-time troll that you defended day in and day out... SidDithers Aug 2012 #113
You mean like you supported Lozocola and Obamanaut??? sabrina 1 Aug 2012 #119
For you, it is a tribute... SidDithers Aug 2012 #120
I'm puzzled. You start a game, I try to play, and you get upset. sabrina 1 Aug 2012 #125
I'm not the one that's upset about BBI being shitcanned...nt SidDithers Aug 2012 #147
That's hard to believe. You can't seem to forget him. He's always on your mind! sabrina 1 Aug 2012 #151
So many distortions in one post... SidDithers Aug 2012 #173
I would like to thank you for all you do, Manny.... truth2power Aug 2012 #32
There have been many attempts by the Republican Controlled House to cut these programs berni_mccoy Aug 2012 #38
He's secretly ProSense Aug 2012 #41
Don't worry-- I've been assured that offer was just another piece of 8-dimensional chess. Marr Aug 2012 #43
And publicly validating Republican lies about the economy woo me with science Aug 2012 #50
It's also saying to America that the the top Dem rudycantfail Aug 2012 #102
Lol, you got it down perfectly. I thought it was just me. That story is so outlandish sabrina 1 Aug 2012 #169
Yep. It really seemed to me like that whole year and a half or so of the "debt crisis" Marr Aug 2012 #209
But we must take a stand that even though we'll re-elect him DonCoquixote Aug 2012 #44
The difference is one wants to privatize and destroy social security. / nt still_one Aug 2012 #54
"The Obama administration is pushing a set of policy changes... woo me with science Aug 2012 #65
A quote from who, based on what? bhikkhu Aug 2012 #55
The Post Echoes The NRCC's Talking Points TomCADem Aug 2012 #60
"We must do it without putting at risk current retirees, the most vulnerable, or people with..." MannyGoldstein Aug 2012 #64
Resembles Scott Brown's Attack On Elizabeth Warren TomCADem Aug 2012 #70
And people ProSense Aug 2012 #75
It's typical. joshcryer Aug 2012 #98
Not only is ProSense Aug 2012 #72
Remind us of what position Carney holds MannyGoldstein Aug 2012 #76
It's not President. n/t ProSense Aug 2012 #81
Does he have any association or affiliation with the President? MannyGoldstein Aug 2012 #94
Yeah, but you do understand that he's not the same person as the President, right? ProSense Aug 2012 #99
What's his job title? MannyGoldstein Aug 2012 #132
Not President, and his name is not Obama. n/t ProSense Aug 2012 #141
So he wasn't referring to the President's words? MannyGoldstein Aug 2012 #286
Wow, an actual good reporter. Refusing to accept the double talk. sabrina 1 Aug 2012 #74
"It" being "to strengthen Social Security for future generations" bhikkhu Aug 2012 #85
Not All Cuts To Medicare Are Created Equal Tx4obama Aug 2012 #66
Actions speaking too loudly for Manny et al. gulliver Aug 2012 #179
Social Security is in trouble... from our own side. RC Aug 2012 #71
It is just my opinion that you're working for DevonRex Aug 2012 #77
I am working for the other side MannyGoldstein Aug 2012 #86
Yes, ProSense Aug 2012 #90
Thank you. Traditional Democrats are the only true Democrats, in my opinion, whathehell Aug 2012 #106
YES!!! AbsoFunkinLutely... uponit7771 Aug 2012 #165
FDR Democrats? Now where have I heard that one before? NNN0LHI Aug 2012 #172
By he time I came back everyone answered DevonRex Aug 2012 #197
So in your opinion, someone standing up for Democratic Principles is 'working for the other side'?? sabrina 1 Aug 2012 #89
Spin and ProSense Aug 2012 #93
No spin in stating that protecting SS from Republicans is a Democratic principle. sabrina 1 Aug 2012 #126
No ProSense Aug 2012 #144
So stop spinning and mischaracterizing. n/t girl gone mad Aug 2012 #129
You're right ProSense Aug 2012 #143
Let's not forget how Manny replied to this question... SidDithers Aug 2012 #108
Thanks for pointing that out. speedoo Aug 2012 #148
Wow, retroactive support for McCain. ProSense Aug 2012 #153
That explains a lot Sid NNN0LHI Aug 2012 #174
But it's true. The Democratic brand has suffered a major hit leftstreet Aug 2012 #190
I rest my case and it's a damn shame Manny is DevonRex Aug 2012 #202
So asking that Democrats speak out loudly and CLEARLY, (see all the confusion here over sabrina 1 Aug 2012 #215
Sabrina, there is no WE with you and me. Enough is enough. Nt DevonRex Aug 2012 #220
If you are not in support of Democrats pushing their Party to stick to Democratic Principles sabrina 1 Aug 2012 #223
*snort* Better believe it! DevonRex Aug 2012 #231
There, I edited and included it just for you! sabrina 1 Aug 2012 #243
Unreal. JTFrog Aug 2012 #212
Then get him enough senators and congress people arthritisR_US Aug 2012 #83
He started his push with a generational lead in the Senate and a huge advantage in the House TheKentuckian Aug 2012 #210
I'm sorry, I don't understand the point. Are you trying to turn us against the President? progressivebydesign Aug 2012 #84
We'd be foolish to not vote for Obama MannyGoldstein Aug 2012 #91
That's ProSense Aug 2012 #95
Good to make noise ahead of time. Melissa G Aug 2012 #109
Ding! Ding! Ding! Tarheel_Dem Aug 2012 #92
Sirota is that you? Are you writing Mitt Romney's speeches these days? He made false.... Tarheel_Dem Aug 2012 #87
“In a world of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” ~George Orwell DeSwiss Aug 2012 #96
+1 woo me with science Aug 2012 #135
I still remember Obama's Catfood Commission, and it's sequel (Part II): blkmusclmachine Aug 2012 #105
Not gonna happen, just like it didn't a year ago. Hoyt Aug 2012 #107
There is no need for lower increases in SS. In fact, the SS fund is large enough that sabrina 1 Aug 2012 #244
I'm not upset with you. I still believe our whole economic system needs to change. Hoyt Aug 2012 #247
The problem is you do not need to put any of your SS on the table. This is the big lie. sabrina 1 Aug 2012 #249
Sorry, I don't believe we can continue to segment everything into separate compartments. Hoyt Aug 2012 #258
No true self respecting TRUE Democrat lobezen Aug 2012 #111
And everybody who knows anything about politics, knows that. sabrina 1 Aug 2012 #115
What lobezen said. Cleita Aug 2012 #222
RECompense whatchamacallit Aug 2012 #130
You're quoting an 2-3 hand interpretation as though it were a direct quote, in an article about patrice Aug 2012 #133
Can anyone ProSense Aug 2012 #136
kr. i'm sorry you're taking so much flak for posting inconvenient facts. HiPointDem Aug 2012 #138
The OP is an opinion not facts. n/t ProSense Aug 2012 #140
the op is reporting quotes from legitimate news sources. take it up with them if you think they're HiPointDem Aug 2012 #142
It's not a quote from the President. n/t ProSense Aug 2012 #146
It's a quote from the premier news organization in the country, the "paper of record," supposedly HiPointDem Aug 2012 #154
Yeah, but ProSense Aug 2012 #155
there are reporting intelligence types in every major news organization, but it's the only news HiPointDem Aug 2012 #157
Again, it's still not the President's quote. ProSense Aug 2012 #159
then let the president deny it & take a firm public stand about cuts. why doesn't he *do* that? HiPointDem Aug 2012 #160
...and let Obama deny he raped goats too....see how that works? uponit7771 Aug 2012 #166
no, i see you making a ridiculous comparison. HiPointDem Aug 2012 #168
no, its a sensible enough comparison Bodhi BloodWave Aug 2012 #187
hardly. goat-fucking isn't a political action. social security is a very popular program, and the HiPointDem Aug 2012 #219
Any reforms = cuts. joshcryer Aug 2012 #163
THE. MEDIA. Remember? PRIVATE agendas implemented through public resources, e.g. WAR on Iraq. nt patrice Aug 2012 #218
What are we fighting for really? johnlucas Aug 2012 #149
Democratic majority = fudr meme, knowing damn well it wasn't a controlling majority after GOP change uponit7771 Aug 2012 #167
Screw a Democratic majority. Give me a Progressive majority johnlucas Aug 2012 #198
This whole site used to be that way. bvar22 Aug 2012 #254
Has Obama ever spoken about "Lockbox"? Bonobo Aug 2012 #150
Maybe he doesn't want to conjure up visions of Gore's losing campaign. SunSeeker Aug 2012 #152
Couldn't he come up with a different term and still assure us that SS would be off limits? Bonobo Aug 2012 #156
I think he believe SS is unsustainable without reforms. joshcryer Aug 2012 #162
You mean other than "I won't cut SS benefits"? Sure. Any suggestions? SunSeeker Aug 2012 #213
Obama did throw out suggestions for the Chained CPI in 2011. joshcryer Aug 2012 #252
I think the President comes from a different generation... kentuck Aug 2012 #170
Where is that quote where the President spoke highly of Ronald Reagan NNN0LHI Aug 2012 #191
True that & He's never REALLY had to look for work. Has worked "with" those who have, but ... patrice Aug 2012 #217
So as soon as the election is over, Obama kills Social Security. That's your new prediction. JoePhilly Aug 2012 #177
That's not a direct quote BlueToTheBone Aug 2012 #178
It's the greatest hoodwink ever. leeroysphitz Aug 2012 #180
You really fucked up this time didn't you Manny? NNN0LHI Aug 2012 #181
Should I post The Times' retraction MannyGoldstein Aug 2012 #182
You expect the President to deny whatever some FDR LaRouchie accuses him of on an anonymous website NNN0LHI Aug 2012 #184
The NY Times is an anonymous FDR Larouchie we site? MannyGoldstein Aug 2012 #186
Those who latch onto such nonsense and promote it as a truthful quote probably are NNN0LHI Aug 2012 #188
wrong answer, but thanks for playing.. frylock Aug 2012 #203
Manny, like you... Oilwellian Aug 2012 #183
K&R for the (inconvenient) truth (n/t) a2liberal Aug 2012 #189
Willingness to cut SS/Medicare is a DISCREDIT to those Dems closeupready Aug 2012 #194
Here's a good post: ProSense Aug 2012 #195
We need reporters and debate moderators abelenkpe Aug 2012 #196
Thank You, Manny... DURec bvar22 Aug 2012 #200
But, the cuts will be "not as bad" as Romney's. And, will be claimed as a victory. Tierra_y_Libertad Aug 2012 #205
K&R! The payroll tax holiday is also an attack on SS grahamhgreen Aug 2012 #206
Ah, ProSense Aug 2012 #207
Excellent post and following discussion. plethoro Aug 2012 #211
Do you REALLY believe that the Democratic Party Leadership is going to STEP UP... bvar22 Aug 2012 #250
No, I don't. I didn't think it would be reversed when it plethoro Aug 2012 #256
There's no reason to raise the rates once the... Blanks Aug 2012 #281
I always sucked at blind obedience. The President is nowhere near far enough left for me.... Scuba Aug 2012 #216
Everything everyone said goes double for me! Dustlawyer Aug 2012 #225
why the OP is just like RW gun nuts scheming daemons Aug 2012 #227
+1 AtomicKitten Aug 2012 #229
Amen... Jeff In Milwaukee Aug 2012 #239
Abso-fucking-lutely... SidDithers Aug 2012 #278
Check out ProSense Aug 2012 #230
Obama under delusion that he could work with honorable republicans, He found out, he could not. CarmanK Aug 2012 #232
Obama would be happy to learn I give him plenty of credit for collaborating with enemies of SS Dragonfli Aug 2012 #233
I think I heard you on one of the talk shows today. Whisp Aug 2012 #234
Sorry, I don't watch Fox like you do, my views are liberal and your shows are simply not on my radar Dragonfli Aug 2012 #235
I don't watch Fox Whisp Aug 2012 #240
So you come to your opinion that cuts to SS etc. are good all on your own? That's special I suppose Dragonfli Aug 2012 #261
one hit wonders. Whisp Aug 2012 #276
This socialist supports your posts Manny - TBF Aug 2012 #236
Totally with you on this. blackspade Aug 2012 #241
Well Said Manny.... K/R! lib2DaBone Aug 2012 #242
Is there a direct quote mzmolly Aug 2012 #246
Did the freepers pay you for this? Progressive dog Aug 2012 #248
No. He wanted to reverse the 2008 election DevonRex Aug 2012 #251
Nothing? Who appointed known anti-Social Security members to the Cat-Food Commission? AnotherMcIntosh Aug 2012 #255
You could ProSense Aug 2012 #259
You refer to 3 points and say that "points one and three are utterly bogus." Is this valid? AnotherMcIntosh Aug 2012 #262
Nope ProSense Aug 2012 #264
Wrong. If you are arguing that Social Security is tied to the deficit, that is a straw man. That's AnotherMcIntosh Aug 2012 #268
WTH? ProSense Aug 2012 #269
I think that you are misreading what was written about Harkin. AnotherMcIntosh Aug 2012 #273
No, I'm not. n/t ProSense Aug 2012 #274
Jury voted 5 to 1 to keep your post. nt msanthrope Aug 2012 #265
Cuts to SS & Medicare... SkyDaddy7 Aug 2012 #263
Ok Manny, now it's my turn to yell at you...you diabolical Drew Richards Aug 2012 #272
Manny - Ed Schultz sets you and Romney straight mzmolly Aug 2012 #275
Manny, Manny, Manny, why are you not truedelphi Aug 2012 #277
Dear Manny ~ If president Obama makes this clear public statement: Zorra Aug 2012 #282
I'd feel a heck of a lot better MannyGoldstein Aug 2012 #284
Well, I suppose we'll just have to wait and see what happens during his second term. Zorra Aug 2012 #287
We also need assurances that there will be no chained CPI. woo me with science Aug 2012 #288
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