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4. Not looking at it since it's a newsmax product, but is this the "Aftershock Survivial Summit"?
Wed Aug 15, 2012, 07:12 PM
Aug 2012

Where they're selling you an investment plan? It has the word "aftershock" in the URL is why I'm asking. I have a relative who has lost their ass after falling for this and buying gold when it was up. Poor thing.

Me, I'm stocking up on liquor. If the economy crashes I'll be able to barter it for goods and services. If not, I'm having a HUGE economic recovery party at mi casa.

ok....um...newsmax? nt LaydeeBug Aug 2012 #1
You aren't seriously expecting us to click on a newsmax link, are you? scarletwoman Aug 2012 #2
NEWSMAX is bullshit. zappaman Aug 2012 #3
Not looking at it since it's a newsmax product, but is this the "Aftershock Survivial Summit"? Lone_Star_Dem Aug 2012 #4
Thats 95 South to 10 West, no? Ruby the Liberal Aug 2012 #7
That's the place. Bring chips. Lone_Star_Dem Aug 2012 #21
thanks but no thanks rbrnmw Aug 2012 #5
Newsmax's "Aftershock Survival Summit"? Ruby the Liberal Aug 2012 #6
They keep changing the date of the impending disaster Lebam in LA Aug 2012 #8
Crack me right the fuck up.... WCGreen Aug 2012 #9
Exactly right. I saw this shit floated around in '09 saying it'd come crashing down in 2010. Drunken Irishman Aug 2012 #13
I watched alittle of it. But I tell you I don't have money to buy extra. We already are living southernyankeebelle Aug 2012 #10
Does is start with a preview of The Rapture? Atman Aug 2012 #11
+1 sarcasmo Aug 2012 #14
They predicted a market crash in 2009 ... and 2010 ... and 2011. Drunken Irishman Aug 2012 #12
Steve, Steve, Steve... Earth_First Aug 2012 #15
I've been known to see who is paying attention from time to time Omaha Steve Aug 2012 #19
NewsMax is a right-wing site. n/t RebelOne Aug 2012 #16
Keeping the mind on high alert prevents concentration, focus and memory. siligut Aug 2012 #17
Pretty smart scheme marketing. I don't like companies that merket this way. nanabugg Aug 2012 #18
The reich wing noozemax? muntrv Aug 2012 #20
Steve, go to your room! Ikonoklast Aug 2012 #22
Well this isn't as bad.... Omaha Steve Aug 2012 #23
Or Spongebob! Or Pokemon cards! Or Nintendo! AverageJoe90 Aug 2012 #24
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