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17. Hitler also ruled by chaos, pitting administration heads against each other, internal discord
Sat Nov 17, 2018, 04:02 PM
Nov 2018

just like tiny likes to do.

Trump is Hitler in his bunker in April 1945 nuts Botany Nov 2018 #1
I wonder what kind, if any, briefings he gets underpants Nov 2018 #3
Here is Trump drafting some legislation workinclasszero Nov 2018 #6
Those are his written answers to Mueller's questions. NT warmfeet Nov 2018 #7
LOL 😁 workinclasszero Nov 2018 #14
He might as well have used crayons. calimary Nov 2018 #50
Let's not even go there how he colors our Flag.. Cha Nov 2018 #41
The thing about Hitler was, he never listened to his generals unless they agreed with him FakeNoose Nov 2018 #8
Hitler also ruled by chaos, pitting administration heads against each other, internal discord mastermind Nov 2018 #17
No problem. Marcuse Nov 2018 #26
Love it! FakeNoose Nov 2018 #29
Me too, another K&R Jeffersons Ghost Nov 2018 #34
Great analyses iluvtennis Nov 2018 #11
Trump does not even know enough to know the firemen were raking leaves to create a firebreak. True Blue American Nov 2018 #12
Trump has never been acquainted with raking leaves. Texin Nov 2018 #20
I just kind of herd what he said and he was criticizing the fire fighters and I just knew .... Botany Nov 2018 #35
What a great point! True Blue American Nov 2018 #39
Maybe the Butcher Prince can protect him Loge23 Nov 2018 #23
Time for another "Downfall" parody video Fritz Walter Nov 2018 #24
Uh-oh... klook Nov 2018 #37
Found it! Fritz Walter Nov 2018 #44
Great! klook Nov 2018 #52
Yeah, we're getting close Berlin Expat Nov 2018 #40
Unfair comparison Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #45
Frank Rich is a two faced hack. He helped Bush win with his lies. Screw him and his horse. olegramps Nov 2018 #51
"Starting" to panic? GoCubsGo Nov 2018 #2
I made a set of smileys for that. marylandblue Nov 2018 #5
Trump is delusional by nature. dubyadiprecession Nov 2018 #4
K&R Scurrilous Nov 2018 #9
Some people's opinions are more valuable than others' & RICH's are the former. UTUSN Nov 2018 #10
Rich spent most of the 2000 election Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #46
DEfuggingLISH malaise Nov 2018 #13
He got the trifecta plus. shraby Nov 2018 #16
Yep malaise Nov 2018 #18
I think Trump has had it. The only questions are when and how. Jarqui Nov 2018 #15
Thanks for posting this- Schumer's role in amplifying Facebook's Russian influence should be known. NBachers Nov 2018 #30
I have mixed feeling about posting it because I was not aware of it Jarqui Nov 2018 #31
There is one thing to consider here DFW Nov 2018 #43
Before he's stopped , I yhink he'll start a push to duforsure Nov 2018 #19
Look for more rallies NastyRiffraff Nov 2018 #21
Great read. Learned a lot. Thanks for posting. alwaysinasnit Nov 2018 #22
He has been in panic mode since he was sworn in as I suspect he thought when this all started cstanleytech Nov 2018 #25
Oh, Sweet Baby Jesus I LOVE THIS ARTICLE ... 1,000,000,000,000 RECS ... Rich is just AMAZING (nt) mr_lebowski Nov 2018 #27
None of this behavior is new unblock Nov 2018 #28
Turn out the lights. The party's over. vlyons Nov 2018 #32
The diaper is loaded and leaking Blue Owl Nov 2018 #33
Right! Who's in charge of diaper Cha Nov 2018 #42
The Pouting in Paris Quemado Nov 2018 #36
Well...this is good in some very real ways. PatrickforO Nov 2018 #38
From Frank Rich's pen to God's ear. usaf-vet Nov 2018 #47
"a cocoon of bitterness and resentment," ?? Wait until January. marble falls Nov 2018 #48
K&R... spanone Nov 2018 #49
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