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Berlin Expat

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40. Yeah, we're getting close
Sun Nov 18, 2018, 06:17 AM
Nov 2018

to Hitlerian levels of delusion on Trump's part.

Hitler expected that SS General Felix Steiner would be able to launch a counterattack against the Red Army after the Red Army won the Battle of the Seelow Heights and advanced into Berlin itself.

Hitler built up a fantasy counterattack, in which the Red Army would be easily repelled and the day would be saved. However, Steiner was unable to do this and in some fairness to him, he properly assessed the situation and reported it to a Wehrmacht General, who in turn, reported that to Hans Krebs of the OKH.

Wikipedia sums it up better:

Hitler ordered Steiner to attack the northern flank of the huge salient created by the 1st Belorussian Front's breakout. Steiner's attack was due to coincide with General Busse's Ninth Army, attacking from the south in a pincer attack. The Ninth Army had been pushed to south of the 1st Belorussian Front's salient. To facilitate this attack, Steiner was assigned the three divisions of the Ninth Army's CI Army Corps: the 4th SS Panzergrenadier Division Polizei, the 5th Jäger Division, and the 25th Panzergrenadier Division. All three divisions were north of the Finow Canal on the Northern flank of Zhukov's salient. Weidling's LVI Panzer Corps, which was still east of Berlin with its northern flank just below Werneuchen, was also ordered to participate in the attack. The three divisions from CI Army Corps planned to attack south from Eberswalde on the Finow Canal towards the LVI Panzer Corps. The three divisions from CI Army Corps were 24 kilometres (about 15 miles) east of Berlin and the attack to the south would cut the 1st Belorussian Front's salient in two. Steiner called Heinrici and informed him that the plan could not be implemented because the 5th Jäger Division and the 25th Panzergrenadier Division were deployed defensively and could not be redeployed until the 2nd Naval Division arrived from the coast to relieve them. This left only two battalions of the 4th SS Panzergrenadier Division available and they had no combat weapons.

Based on Steiner's assessment, Heinrici called Hans Krebs, Chief of Staff of the German General Staff of the Army High Command (Oberkommando des Heeres or OKH), and told him that the plan could not be implemented. Heinrici asked to speak to Hitler, but was told Hitler was too busy to take his call. On 22 April 1945, at his afternoon conference, Hitler became aware that Steiner was not going to attack and he fell into a tearful rage. Hitler declared the war was lost, he blamed the generals and announced that he would stay on in Berlin until the end, then kill himself.


Trump is Hitler in his bunker in April 1945 nuts Botany Nov 2018 #1
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