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Equinox Moon

(6,344 posts)
Sat Dec 8, 2018, 10:41 AM Dec 2018

POLL: How Trump Leaves WH [View all]

Would he step down before 2020? He would lose his power to pardon, friends, family, or the outrageousness of pardoning himself. Plus, the presidency is protecting him from indictment. The good news is, he will be gone one day.

114 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Trump steps down before 2020
33 (29%)
Impeachment & Removal (house and senate)
3 (3%)
His health takes him down before 2020
15 (13%)
Republicans insist he steps down
15 (13%)
25th Amendment gets enacted
0 (0%)
He is voted out in 2020
43 (38%)
Other: state in comments
5 (4%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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POLL: How Trump Leaves WH [View all] Equinox Moon Dec 2018 OP
He always looks to blame someone or something. Delmette2.0 Dec 2018 #1
Likely Geechie Dec 2018 #15
Claiming a stroke would cover both physical and mental. Delmette2.0 Dec 2018 #24
Hey, if it gets him out of OUR house, Geechie Dec 2018 #75
Yes, just get out of our house. Delmette2.0 Dec 2018 #76
I agree and that would have been my answer. llmart Dec 2018 #49
His offsprings will be charged with crimes. Duppers Dec 2018 #54
KFC will take him out spinbaby Dec 2018 #2
Wish I could be so optimistic Freddie Dec 2018 #7
It will make him a martyr. LeftInTX Dec 2018 #72
He rage quits. Pholus Dec 2018 #3
He HAS to be removed. Scarsdale Dec 2018 #33
+1000! Rhiannon12866 Dec 2018 #89
When he was elected Witches cast spells on him (yes, this actually happened) Equinox Moon Dec 2018 #4
This would be lovely. Keep it coming. JudyM Dec 2018 #28
Well, he was already one Scarsdale Dec 2018 #37
There is a DU group that often promotes Binding Spells JustFiveMoreMinutes Dec 2018 #41
Fucking LARPers. nt Codeine Dec 2018 #78
And he'll be ensnared by the "WITCH HUNT!!!" calimary Dec 2018 #97
drumpf lawyers will attempt an insanity underage minor's defense democratisphere Dec 2018 #5
"Early Alzheimer's" will be his excuse and parting defense. JDC Dec 2018 #6
I said voted out in 2020 but... Joe941 Dec 2018 #8
Ohhhhh...Clever. This is an option I had not considered. Equinox Moon Dec 2018 #9
+1 onenote Dec 2018 #10
Trump will declare his presidency the greatest and most beautiful in history elocs Dec 2018 #11
I think this might be the most likely thing to happen, IF... Equinox Moon Dec 2018 #20
Sounds about right. And he'll believe it. Shrike47 Dec 2018 #27
That's it! Duppers Dec 2018 #57
Maybe like this ... eppur_se_muova Dec 2018 #60
I voted "other" bdjhawk Dec 2018 #90
By jove, I think you've got it. No embarrassment of a loss or resignation. Garrett78 Dec 2018 #93
On a rail. Sneederbunk Dec 2018 #12
NOT FAST ENOUGH... hlthe2b Dec 2018 #13
I really don't care Andy823 Dec 2018 #14
Recommended. H2O Man Dec 2018 #16
I agree. If he thinks he has no chance of winning he will NEVER allow himself to be voted out. Quixote1818 Dec 2018 #19
And when he loses... WinstonSmith4740 Dec 2018 #46
If he thinks he will lose I guarantee you he will step down and declare America Great again Quixote1818 Dec 2018 #17
Or, just not run in 2020 and Equinox Moon Dec 2018 #21
Actually you have it correct. nt Quixote1818 Dec 2018 #88
Call me old fashioned, but Geechie Dec 2018 #18
Trump and family fly to Russia, on a State visit and never return. He never resigns either. TheBlackAdder Dec 2018 #22
Ohhhh... this is good too. Equinox Moon Dec 2018 #23
OTHER: Kicking and Screaming "Witch Hunt" milestogo Dec 2018 #25
Imo, there is virtually no chance Trump is removed from office. Oneironaut Dec 2018 #26
You may be right, if Trump wants a second term. watoos Dec 2018 #34
Agreed. nt Codeine Dec 2018 #79
I've thought he'd pull a Palin since the day he was elected. n/t yowzayowzayowza Dec 2018 #29
I agree but, watoos Dec 2018 #38
Would Pence runs in Trump's place in 2020? Duppers Dec 2018 #58
Other: Feet first, and not by natural causes Efilroft Sul Dec 2018 #30
Yeah, this. tavernier Dec 2018 #87
he wins 2020 by cheating gopiscrap Dec 2018 #31
Why is "In Pieces" not one of the choices? KCDebbie Dec 2018 #32
I beleive the best option is the 2020 election bitterross Dec 2018 #35
No option for 2024? Polybius Dec 2018 #36
What about the possibility watoos Dec 2018 #39
That's even less likely because Kasich is now hated by the right Polybius Dec 2018 #48
If we can keep all the states we won and take back WI, MI and PA we will win. 273 EVs LeftInTX Dec 2018 #71
Trump's not going anywhere until at least 2020 andym Dec 2018 #40
I think I agree with you. Coffeegirl Dec 2018 #56
In a straight jacket Marrah_Goodman Dec 2018 #42
Why CAN'T IT BE TAR AND FEATHERED...WITH rotten tomatoes thrown in? yuiyoshida Dec 2018 #43
I say his health Soxfan58 Dec 2018 #44
He is to arrogant with delusions of grandeur to step down and the Repugnants in the cstanleytech Dec 2018 #45
Wins a second term, leaves office in 2024 oberliner Dec 2018 #47
It depends on who we have on the ticket LeftInTX Dec 2018 #70
That is a very thoughtful analysis oberliner Dec 2018 #85
Our nominee will have 278 with those 3 states. There were 5 faithless electors in 2016, which... Garrett78 Dec 2018 #95
I totally disagree that Florida is a lost cause. I defininitely think we can win it. (eom) StevieM Dec 2018 #102
On a gurney. TheCowsCameHome Dec 2018 #50
He has been sounding increasingly unwell ZeroSomeBrains Dec 2018 #51
He Wants to Continue, But Those Nasty Bone-Spurs Just Won't Let Him! DoctorJoJo Dec 2018 #52
He's too much a narcissist to resign Rizen Dec 2018 #53
Create a faux health excuse, has pardon in hand from Pence grantcart Dec 2018 #55
I don't think it will be faux... Bayard Dec 2018 #61
I want him voted out of office, since that is the method that would insure The Liberal Lion Dec 2018 #59
Under a sheet Racerdog1 Dec 2018 #62
Glass Half Full djacq Dec 2018 #63
Other left-of-center2012 Dec 2018 #64
After Mueller issues his report... nuxvomica Dec 2018 #65
Whatever the neurological problem is, they can't hide it much longer Recursion Dec 2018 #66
Mel is crutch Hermit-The-Prog Dec 2018 #100
He resigns in a deal citizen blues Dec 2018 #67
Other Runningdawg Dec 2018 #68
I think he says, "I made America great again. My work is done here," and doesn't run in 2020. DFW Dec 2018 #69
A clear majority don't think he'll make it to 2020. I know there's a lot of wishful thinking, but... Garrett78 Dec 2018 #73
He'll never run in 2020. If he doesn't step down first he'll be primaried out. Gidney N Cloyd Dec 2018 #74
His approval rating among Republicans remains sky high. He'll crush anyone who primaries him. Garrett78 Dec 2018 #83
I dont want to think how the 2020 election will go because INdemo Dec 2018 #77
I don't care how he leaves, as long as he does. MineralMan Dec 2018 #80
Doesn't even really matter SoCalDem Dec 2018 #81
Yes, tragically, a lot of damage has been done will take a long time to recover from. mysteryowl Dec 2018 #86
Other: He'll be stabbed in the back by one of his own ilk. GoCubsGo Dec 2018 #82
I know how he will leave. He will leave in a dirty pair of Depends. Doodley Dec 2018 #84
What if he refuses to leave in 2020? MrsCheaplaugh Dec 2018 #91
He'd be physically removed. He wouldn't dare suffer that embarrassment. Garrett78 Dec 2018 #92
He has an accident Martin Eden Dec 2018 #94
He has made an entire business career out of quitting cbdo2007 Dec 2018 #96
I think it'll be better for the country if he's voted out in 2020 Bucky Dec 2018 #98
I'm going with "Rabid raccoons, enraged with tRump's hair, attack and eat him." Julian Englis Dec 2018 #99
Health RandySF Dec 2018 #101
Extraordinary rendition -nt Freelancer Dec 2018 #103
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