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Running and screaming, okay, but please not naked. Arkansas Granny Dec 2018 #1
I'll be literally rolling on the floor laughing malaise Dec 2018 #10
Yes, please Geechie Dec 2018 #12
Tears are running down my face- malaise Dec 2018 #16
Talk about "creative visualization" Geechie Dec 2018 #19
Like this? True Blue American Dec 2018 #27
That would be a good follow up Geechie Dec 2018 #34
Doen't Trump remind you True Blue American Dec 2018 #58
Exactly! Geechie Dec 2018 #59
This message was self-deleted by its author linuxuser3 Dec 2018 #36
Visualize hundreds of DUers falling over with laughter malaise Dec 2018 #46
it would be global Hermit-The-Prog Dec 2018 #64
Amen to that!! ailsagirl Dec 2018 #37
He has to be naked. Won't be right if his isn't.LOL SummerSnow Dec 2018 #52
He isn't capable of running, but I don't even want to see The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2018 #2
That's a horrible image!!! greytdemocrat Dec 2018 #3
you're crazy... Trump can't RUN!!! RockRaven Dec 2018 #4
What a stupid thing to say. brooklynite Dec 2018 #5
A golf cart will do malaise Dec 2018 #8
I have the image of him being wheeled away in a wheelbarrow. Yonnie3 Dec 2018 #26
DUzy malaise Dec 2018 #40
Now, there's something I'd fly to DC to watch! MineralMan Dec 2018 #6
Same here malaise Dec 2018 #7
That is not a site I wish to see Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Dec 2018 #9
He won't run. He will ride his golf cart. muntrv Dec 2018 #11
See #8 malaise Dec 2018 #13
I am SO praying for this. Dave Starsky Dec 2018 #53
You really want to see this? Elwood P Dowd Dec 2018 #14
For his shame - sure malaise Dec 2018 #17
Will his small hands cover his smaller member? lpbk2713 Dec 2018 #15
He won't know or care malaise Dec 2018 #18
... with the "Lock Them Up" paddy wagon close behind! n/t RKP5637 Dec 2018 #20
Too good malaise Dec 2018 #21
They would need something more substantial than a paddy wagon for Trump's fat ass. Elwood P Dowd Dec 2018 #24
Yep! That "might" do it. Although, it's a pretty heavy and unstable payload! RKP5637 Dec 2018 #25
No, no no! Remember? He's a... 3catwoman3 Dec 2018 #39
OMG, I forgot!!! n/t RKP5637 Dec 2018 #41
How does this OP only have 3 recs? BannonsLiver Dec 2018 #22
ROFLLLLLL! BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2018 #23
That would be quite the visual. nt Ferrets are Cool Dec 2018 #28
This would be a good time for tar and feathers to make a comeback rurallib Dec 2018 #29
Really! mnhtnbb Dec 2018 #33
Could be worse Bob Loblaw Dec 2018 #30
That's all I want for Christmas Pepsidog Dec 2018 #31
not unless she takes off her come fu*k me pumps mnhtnbb Dec 2018 #32
Choking with laughter malaise Dec 2018 #42
I'd like to hear about that, I certainly don't want to SEE it! George II Dec 2018 #35
I would be laughing so much that I'd need Depends. malaise Dec 2018 #43
No dinner for me tonight. guillaumeb Dec 2018 #38
I would settle with No 1 being arrested with No 2 stains in his pants. nt elmac Dec 2018 #44
Oh GOD. Trying very hard not to picture that. 47of74 Dec 2018 #45
I am pretty sure that birther wife can run faster than Trump or smokey eyes. dameatball Dec 2018 #47
Or her well known heels as noted up thread malaise Dec 2018 #49
Oh yeah, I forgot. She will need to ditch the heels and get some Keds! dameatball Dec 2018 #50
This is almost too good to be true apkhgp Dec 2018 #48
It's just a wish malaise Dec 2018 #51
I dream everyday apkhgp Dec 2018 #55
From the sound of it, we are not far from that scenario. dewsgirl Dec 2018 #54
What makes it hilarious is that it doesn't seem that far fetched malaise Dec 2018 #56
thank you for that laugh! Hermit-The-Prog Dec 2018 #57
I have noticed that the mood is much lighter around here these days malaise Dec 2018 #61
it's the felonies and waves Hermit-The-Prog Dec 2018 #62
Absolutely malaise Dec 2018 #63
And yet people wearing their magical red caps NotASurfer Dec 2018 #60
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