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7. This is great news! Mark Kelly would be an awesome addition to the US Senate
Tue Feb 12, 2019, 09:40 AM
Feb 2019

Best of luck to Mark Kelly and the Arizona Dems!

FANTASTIC!!!! hlthe2b Feb 2019 #1
A million WOOTS! Dennis Donovan Feb 2019 #2
So do I!!! Rebl2 Feb 2019 #13
Oh that is good news! wildflower Feb 2019 #3
Thanks Mark Kelly! panader0 Feb 2019 #4
K & R justie18 Feb 2019 #10
The video on his new website made me cry! madaboutharry Feb 2019 #5
k&r bigtree Feb 2019 #6
This is great news! Mark Kelly would be an awesome addition to the US Senate FakeNoose Feb 2019 #7
I can't vote for him, but I like what I've seen of him as an astronaut. LakeSuperiorView Feb 2019 #8
Now THAT is a Senate campaign I will be suporting! n/t DFW Feb 2019 #9
Can you imagine how many others Cha Feb 2019 #20
Probably a few DFW Feb 2019 #21
Awesomely, incredibly Cha Feb 2019 #22
And, for once (sound the trumpets) DFW Feb 2019 #23
He'll be running against newly appointed Sen. Martha McSally DesertRat Feb 2019 #11
Well said, DesertRat! Cha Feb 2019 #19
McNasty enid602 Feb 2019 #35
I'll have to inform my sister... Wounded Bear Feb 2019 #12
Me, too wryter2000 Feb 2019 #27
She sounds kind of pumped about it... Wounded Bear Feb 2019 #28
Later on, he will Scarsdale Feb 2019 #14
thats great jcgoldie Feb 2019 #15
Damn... he'll be tough to beat. tinrobot Feb 2019 #16
He is a stong candidate and McSally already lost once. Demsrule86 Feb 2019 #17
This will mean she lost both seats from Arizona, right? Wounded Bear Feb 2019 #29
That would be so awesome for Ms. Liar McSally of the "let's get rid of th ACA" Demsrule86 Feb 2019 #38
Bye Bye Martha, you are outta there....you are going to get creamed in this race. sunonmars Feb 2019 #18
ImWithHim oasis Feb 2019 #24
Excellent news! Duppers Feb 2019 #25
Yay!!! wryter2000 Feb 2019 #26
Excellent! nocoincidences Feb 2019 #30
He is such a good man .... CatMor Feb 2019 #31
Navy vs Airforce aviators. Dog fight. Sneederbunk Feb 2019 #32
I'll take the Navy Airdale in that fight. TomSlick Feb 2019 #36
Kelly is the kind of candidate we need to find to run for President, a clear hero, a man of science beachbum bob Feb 2019 #33
Kelly Would do an Incredible Job! dlk Feb 2019 #34
Any honest chance to pick-up a Senate seat!! TomSlick Feb 2019 #37
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