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8. Precisely why I usually just read these
Tue Dec 13, 2011, 12:52 PM
Dec 2011

threads and don't participate. Any criticism of the messengers (not even the message) will bring out the "you're a right wing troll" nonsense out. Support for the cause was never high and it's not because of the message (which has high support).

If I had to listen to drum circles all day every day, I wouldn't listen to the message either.

OWS' need to connect...and how? [View all] FirstLight Dec 2011 OP
"OWS tactics are hurting the message" FirstLight Dec 2011 #1
It's not a "meme," it's the facts. TheWraith Dec 2011 #2
It's a "mÍme" reinforced by "the facts". After that it's all a matter of confirmation bias. The Doctor. Dec 2011 #5
That works the opposite way, too. TheWraith Dec 2011 #25
I thought that was implied. The Doctor. Dec 2011 #27
"The Facts" is a meme bigmonkey Dec 2011 #23
No, it's called objective reality. TheWraith Dec 2011 #26
The mere facts in the study you cite don't support your opinion as "fact". bigmonkey Dec 2011 #31
Practically anything that screws up traffic is worthy. dkf Dec 2011 #3
OWS IS connecting pinboy3niner Dec 2011 #4
Very good. Thanks! Luminous Animal Dec 2011 #33
very powerfull piece. Thanks for posting it. applegrove Dec 2011 #38
Your concern is duly noted. Edweird Dec 2011 #6
++. backscatter712 Dec 2011 #28
seriously? FirstLight Dec 2011 #7
Precisely why I usually just read these leftynyc Dec 2011 #8
Time is what the movement has on its side mmonk Dec 2011 #9
thanks FirstLight Dec 2011 #10
They recognize some problems by the symptoms mmonk Dec 2011 #14
Here's another one of my pie-in-the-sky ideas.... OneGrassRoot Dec 2011 #12
That would be nice and I share such a dream. mmonk Dec 2011 #15
hehe FirstLight Dec 2011 #18
Invite them to attend a local General Assembly. I can almost 100% guarantee coalition_unwilling Dec 2011 #11
exactly FirstLight Dec 2011 #16
there was a story on the radio yesterday about how Occupy Portland closed down some port terminals renate Dec 2011 #13
Victories are seldom won without sacrifice and a willingness to fight for better. mmonk Dec 2011 #17
The protests at the docks are trying to point out the fact that dock workers JDPriestly Dec 2011 #20
This is a recipe for self-marginalization. bigmonkey Dec 2011 #24
Two points nadinbrzezinski Dec 2011 #32
No, when they're told to stay home for safety or health reasons, Remember Me Dec 2011 #37
When someone says that OWS is using the wrong tactics, just ask the person what tactics JDPriestly Dec 2011 #19
BEAUTIFULLY SAID!!!!! FirstLight Dec 2011 #21
+1 AntiFascist Dec 2011 #30
Need to narrow the focus to one issue NNN0LHI Dec 2011 #22
Part of this is the very conservative, elite driven, media. nadinbrzezinski Dec 2011 #29
Do you really think the media controls how DUers think? randome Dec 2011 #34
Actually to a point yes nadinbrzezinski Dec 2011 #35
that and thought generally needs a sort of factual "canvas" to work upon themadstork Dec 2011 #43
Exactly nadinbrzezinski Dec 2011 #44
I think the OWS movement started out right mvd Dec 2011 #36
The civil rights movement got the same type of commentary...in the beginning. U4ikLefty Dec 2011 #39
thanks, good to hear FirstLight Dec 2011 #41
The great development here in Occupy LA U4ikLefty Dec 2011 #46
... FirstLight Dec 2011 #47
Not neccessarily a bad thing themadstork Dec 2011 #40
last sentence FirstLight Dec 2011 #42
I wonder about the same thing every day. themadstork Dec 2011 #45
.. mdmc Feb 2012 #48
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