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I stand with Barack Obama. [View all] DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2019 OP
I adore President Obama !!!! JanetLovesObama Mar 2019 #1
Me too. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2019 #2
+1 demigoddess Mar 2019 #65
Exactly! cyndensco Mar 2019 #87
Same here ... CatMor Mar 2019 #21
+1 Chin music Mar 2019 #89
No way does President Obama deserve this Cha Mar 2019 #37
Omar lost me. Obama never put kids in cages. Obama is not a "murderer." SunSeeker Mar 2019 #71
She certainly did blow her Cha Mar 2019 #73
That transcript is exactly what I was referring. It is horrible. SunSeeker Mar 2019 #74
Where is she getting her Cha Mar 2019 #75
No shit, Cha! kag Mar 2019 #86
Because its how she really feels. I have yet to see a true apology for any rude statement. oldsoftie Mar 2019 #96
First of all, English is her second or third language. liberalnarb Mar 2019 #112
Just Stop It. Cha Mar 2019 #119
Stop what? liberalnarb Mar 2019 #122
Omar Lied about President Obama. stop covering Cha Mar 2019 #123
That was quick. Did you even read what I wrote? liberalnarb Mar 2019 #124
Why doesn't she come out and say she didn't mean it? SunSeeker Mar 2019 #121
Remember a Smear Campaign is Ramping Up McKim Mar 2019 #93
me too! He made me feel safe and proud to be an American... samnsara Mar 2019 #3
I stand with Barack Obama. lapucelle Mar 2019 #4
As do I. He was the best. sprinkleeninow Mar 2019 #76
Always. greatauntoftriplets Mar 2019 #5
Me too. CrossingTheRubicon Mar 2019 #6
Work for me. Historic NY Mar 2019 #38
#IStandWithBarackObama DAMANgoldberg Mar 2019 #7
Carter was actually too decent True Blue American Mar 2019 #79
I slept so much better when he was President. redstatebluegirl Mar 2019 #8
Equivalent in decency to Jimmy Carter. maxsolomon Mar 2019 #9
Equivalent in decency to Jimmy Carter and Abraham Lincoln. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2019 #13
Me too. As good as they get. He did his best and was a worthy worthy man to hold that office. Nt lostnfound Mar 2019 #10
Of all the Presidents I hold Obama in highest esteem. aikoaiko Mar 2019 #11
My President. sheshe2 Mar 2019 #12
President Obama and First Lady Michelle, she.. Cha Mar 2019 #41
I saw they were going to do that, Cha. sheshe2 Mar 2019 #43
Yes, just like her husband the President! Cha Mar 2019 #47
Thanks to smartypants for pointing her quote out. sheshe2 Mar 2019 #52
Wonderful! True Blue American Mar 2019 #80
+1 grantcart Mar 2019 #45
Obama is a national hero. Hard to find a more gracious, disciplined and dignified man. Pepsidog Mar 2019 #14
He revealed the true face of the repub party who tried to make him a one term president onit2day Mar 2019 #66
Agreed Adelante Mar 2019 #15
Love him! Always will. Dream Girl Mar 2019 #16
Fundamentally decent, fit for it by talent and temperament treestar Mar 2019 #17
Thank you. brandnewday2009 Mar 2019 #18
Lucky you for shaking his hand. sheshe2 Mar 2019 #53
Me too. I will now support and donate to a primary challenger riverine Mar 2019 #19
He served this country, ALL of us, with dignity, grace and strength The Genealogist Mar 2019 #20
He will always be my president, Dem2theMax Mar 2019 #22
STILL my president. Haggis for Breakfast Mar 2019 #48
He is one of a kind. My favorite photograph from his first campaign in 2008: George II Mar 2019 #23
Oh isn't that someting? crazytown Mar 2019 #31
I never was scared to turn the news on or Doreen Mar 2019 #24
me too but Tiggeroshii Mar 2019 #25
No way does he deserve to be smeared Cha Mar 2019 #39
I am finished with her! True Blue American Mar 2019 #81
rep llhan omar dawn5651 Mar 2019 #26
Amen crazytown Mar 2019 #27
I love that picture. sheshe2 Mar 2019 #49
Movie Star looks. Obama was blessed in so many ways crazytown Mar 2019 #55
Fell in love at the Key Note in 2004. sheshe2 Mar 2019 #57
I love that picture, Sheshe Niagara Mar 2019 #100
Thanks, Niagara! sheshe2 Mar 2019 #110
I miss having a real POTUS Gothmog Mar 2019 #28
K&R stonecutter357 Mar 2019 #29
I stand with Barack Obama. stonecutter357 Mar 2019 #30
Best President of my 60 years! mcar Mar 2019 #32
Although... mcar Mar 2019 #33
He looked great in it. sheshe2 Mar 2019 #50
He did indeed mcar Mar 2019 #58
Suits him. :) sheshe2 Mar 2019 #59
Well said! NT Quackers Mar 2019 #34
I stand with President Obama Livluvgrow Mar 2019 #35
The world, the US, and it's appearing that some in the Democratic Party did not deserve him. EllieBC Mar 2019 #36
A decent family man, and one of the best Presidents the country's ever had! Honeycombe8 Mar 2019 #40
Lincoln used the N word; fuck him. nt MadDAsHell Mar 2019 #42
He also put down a rebellion by traitors and emancipated the slaves. BannonsLiver Mar 2019 #114
By all means let racism slide. MadDAsHell Mar 2019 #115
"slaves freed themselves" How'd they do that exactly? nt EX500rider Mar 2019 #127
Ah, the ol' White Savior myth. MadDAsHell Mar 2019 #128
So you think the Civil War was about what then? EX500rider Mar 2019 #130
Get woke: MadDAsHell Mar 2019 #129
I'm there with you. brer cat Mar 2019 #44
Me too. betsuni Mar 2019 #46
He is the epitome of President. eom deek Mar 2019 #51
Amen! Thank you for this. R B Garr Mar 2019 #54
The Best American President, period. byronius Mar 2019 #56
KICK! Cha Mar 2019 #60
If only the XXII Amendment allowed for 12 years or 3 terms instead of 8/2. jcmaine72 Mar 2019 #61
I still miss him in the Oval Office. Jarqui Mar 2019 #62
He was most definitely the best president of my voting life so far. herding cats Mar 2019 #63
We all know he wasn't perfect -plus disagreed but he was the most decent onit2day Mar 2019 #64
I stand with Obama too Trumpocalypse Mar 2019 #67
Exactly seta1950 Mar 2019 #68
He was a great pragmatist president Puzzledtraveller Mar 2019 #69
I stand with Barack Obama Niagara Mar 2019 #70
Kids and Dogs yellowwoodII Mar 2019 #82
+1 Niagara Mar 2019 #99
Obama was the best President of my lifetime. By a lot. nt SunSeeker Mar 2019 #72
I support term limits on principle alone musicblind Mar 2019 #77
I too stand with Barack Obama! nightwing1240 Mar 2019 #78
I have tears in my eyes thinking we may not see anyone like him again katmondoo Mar 2019 #83
Love Obama, but Carter is the most decent caring committed ex-presedent ever. lark Mar 2019 #84
I totally agree. KewlKat Mar 2019 #88
I am an Obama guy... louis c Mar 2019 #85
Barack was the BEST!! bluestarone Mar 2019 #90
I stand with our last real POTUS, President Obama Gothmog Mar 2019 #91
Me too! trixie2 Mar 2019 #92
I too stand with Barack Obama. nt Maru Kitteh Mar 2019 #94
He remains my President. Skidmore Mar 2019 #95
I sincerely doubt Obama wants your worship. bitterross Mar 2019 #97
"Obama strikes me as a man who would never want to be considered a martyr. " DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2019 #101
This. sheshe2 Mar 2019 #107
I agree -Obama was a public servant who did what was best for the Nation Gothmog Mar 2019 #111
Thank you. Well said. SunSeeker Mar 2019 #120
Worship? mcar Mar 2019 #105
Huh? greatauntoftriplets Mar 2019 #109
Oh Good Grief.. Do you Ever have it Wrong, bitterross. Cha Mar 2019 #118
As do I. (nt) Paladin Mar 2019 #98
One of the best. murielm99 Mar 2019 #102
I miss him so much! Every. Single. Day. FM123 Mar 2019 #103
President Barack Hussein Obama CDerekGo Mar 2019 #104
Ditto nt lillypaddle Mar 2019 #106
Obama worked tirelessly for the people. For that I will always be grateful. ooky Mar 2019 #108
Always and forever. NT Bleacher Creature Mar 2019 #113
........I could not agree with you more..... titanicdave Mar 2019 #116
I agree with ya there. Turin_C3PO Mar 2019 #117
Count me in too. Joe941 Mar 2019 #125
two things that I know quickesst Mar 2019 #126
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