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27. Capitalism is fine, as long as it's held in check
Wed Mar 13, 2019, 06:33 AM
Mar 2019

Age of the robber barons was briefly interrupted by Great Depression, but greed of those who managed to hold on to their wealth and avaristic basis of capitalism has led us to deja vu age. Oligarchy is inevitable when capitalism isn't balanced with a bit of more altruistic socialism where sharing the wealth, ensuring those who keep the money flowing up are, at the very least, able to feel appreciated and not have to worry about what happens to them and their families should they no longer be able to work or need to retire.

Repubs and corporatists have worked to shred social safety nets put in place in 30s instead of improving them. The War on Poverty has become War on the Poor. Unions had much to do with building America's great middle class, but instead of accepting the logic that corporations need customers who can afford their products, capitalistic greed sees them as impediments to the unnecessary amassing of wealth for those at the top. They see fair wages and safe working environments unions try to ensure as dreaded socialism, ignoring that democracy requires capitalism be kept in check.

Paying back to ensure the system that enabled the wealthy to gain their financial security is all modern socialism is. Sharing the wealth, a bit of altruism, keeps the system working instead of the feudalism that inevitably leads to rebellion that occurs when capitalism runs free and unrestrained. If the altruism needs to be a bit forced upon those who can afford to share their wealth, so be it. Our claim of democracy as a superior system of government requires a little socialism.

You know what, f*ck Capitalism... [View all] Humanist_Activist Mar 2019 OP
Golden Rule safeinOhio Mar 2019 #1
True. democratisphere Mar 2019 #2
True. Nt Humanist_Activist Mar 2019 #8
No kidding. And it's a damn shame. calimary Mar 2019 #12
You have no capital. Therefore, you have no power and no rights. Yavin4 Mar 2019 #3
not really qazplm135 Mar 2019 #52
There are several examples throughout human history Yavin4 Mar 2019 #54
Baloney qazplm135 Mar 2019 #82
You should take a look at Catalonia. RocRizzo55 Mar 2019 #67
How so? qazplm135 Mar 2019 #83
Please look it up RocRizzo55 Mar 2019 #88
so I "looked it up" qazplm135 Mar 2019 #89
"show me a success Capitalistic one" brooklynite Mar 2019 #4
How many of them rely on a vast underclass of poor laborers to sustain their economies? Humanist_Activist Mar 2019 #5
Or, at the very least, an economy on a timer. Codeine Mar 2019 #6
Not to mention dirt cheap energy, which allowed mass production for decades on end. Humanist_Activist Mar 2019 #7
Thank you for putting it nicely. OneBro Mar 2019 #13
Its not just history either, think of what you are talking about as the macro-scale of what... Humanist_Activist Mar 2019 #14
Be it slavery or America's violently crooked, unjust legal system . . . OneBro Mar 2019 #23
Japan doesn't rely on a vast underclass of poor laborers to sustain their economy. betsuni Mar 2019 #30
Really, so their economy doesn't participate in world trade? Nt Humanist_Activist Mar 2019 #31
What? betsuni Mar 2019 #34
What you are saying is that Japan doesn't consume products produced elsewhere in the world... Humanist_Activist Mar 2019 #58
Here's an example: Reuters: Subaru Success Fueled By Marginalized Foreign Workers SaintLouisBlues Mar 2019 #38
I think of this as slow motion terrorism rurallib Mar 2019 #9
When will they ever learn? robbob Mar 2019 #40
THEY will never learn FiveGoodMen Mar 2019 #41
That sounds like the threat of violent revolution, radius777 Mar 2019 #59
right you are - boy did I ever blow that one rurallib Mar 2019 #43
I'm old... robbob Mar 2019 #44
We don't have a capitalist country zentrum Mar 2019 #10
Yes. trev Mar 2019 #21
K&R X !000000000000000000000000000000000000000 2naSalit Mar 2019 #11
You should be able to contact the IRS about a payment plan for your taxes. Blue_true Mar 2019 #15
You can even apply and get approved for a payment plan online now TexasBushwhacker Mar 2019 #28
A socialist country would assign you a job (or a bread ration if you were more unfortunate). riverine Mar 2019 #16
Fascinating, like I haven't hear that line of bull before... Humanist_Activist Mar 2019 #17
you request "Motherfuckers, show me a success Capitalistic one." riverine Mar 2019 #18
Again with the repeats, and how many impoverished people have to suffer for those economies to be... Humanist_Activist Mar 2019 #20
So the typical Swede - with their Free Market Capitalist economy is what we need to riverine Mar 2019 #22
A typical Swede owes much of their current lifestyle due to the exploitation... Humanist_Activist Mar 2019 #24
Do yourself a favor: Act_of_Reparation Mar 2019 #33
Ha! Humanist_Activist was forced to admit that the Nordic model of capitalism is superior to riverine Mar 2019 #35
So you think you were the victor in that particular exchange? Act_of_Reparation Mar 2019 #39
Never said that, insaid their high standard of living comes at the expense of the working class.... Humanist_Activist Mar 2019 #42
Socialism has even less success in having produced countries with lifestyles like a typical Swede.nt pnwmom Mar 2019 #47
Why? And which types of socialism? Humanist_Activist Mar 2019 #56
How does this work Lurker Deluxe Mar 2019 #60
Those companies were just examples of large companies... Humanist_Activist Mar 2019 #61
so, explain to me how someone would start a business Lurker Deluxe Mar 2019 #65
Here... Humanist_Activist Mar 2019 #66
lol Lurker Deluxe Mar 2019 #70
Here you go... Humanist_Activist Mar 2019 #71
heh Lurker Deluxe Mar 2019 #81
You can't give a single example of an actual country. Maybe it's because it doesn't account pnwmom Mar 2019 #68
He is correct, people were treated like serfs in socialists countries. EX500rider Mar 2019 #50
You do realize that's not the only model that exists or can exist, right? Humanist_Activist Mar 2019 #55
And which economic model is that? EX500rider Mar 2019 #62
That's not the only type of socialism that exists, you really have a lot to learn... Humanist_Activist Mar 2019 #64
And yet no country is using those theories... EX500rider Mar 2019 #75
Not necessarily, in its more extreme form, the state is dissolved, a lot of people like being on... Humanist_Activist Mar 2019 #77
Places where the "state has dissolved" turn out to be not so pleasant. EX500rider Mar 2019 #84
you are thinking of communism Dyedinthewoolliberal Mar 2019 #53
Shit, I didn't even get into the illegal shit, like some of the practices at Wal-Mart I observed... Humanist_Activist Mar 2019 #19
Powerful post. You've really underscored what's wrong with our system and the mentality jcmaine72 Mar 2019 #25
Bullshit. Elements of both capitalism and socialism are necesarry, it isn't either or. As for still_one Mar 2019 #26
Good post. Thanks! pnwmom Mar 2019 #48
+1,0000000 murielm99 Mar 2019 #49
+1. NT Adrahil Mar 2019 #63
Capitalism is fine, as long as it's held in check Panich52 Mar 2019 #27
Only check needed on Capitalism is.... at140 Mar 2019 #80
less unions, they can screw the workers. ooh, reaganism was such a DEAL i tells yah. pansypoo53219 Mar 2019 #29
Socialism is the answer my friend. Joe941 Mar 2019 #32
Sorry about the anxiety ((hugs)) Starry Messenger Mar 2019 #36
Let's not even get into it's ageism or how it treats the long-term unemployed. HughBeaumont Mar 2019 #37
To Serve The Corporate Collective IS TRUE FREEDOM ProgressiveKnight Mar 2019 #45
It sound like you had a long string of crappy jobs for crappy employers. MineralMan Mar 2019 #46
All of our problems are really one problem. The world has a billionaire problem. rwsanders Mar 2019 #51
While I agree that wealth inequities are a huge problem, they are a symptom of how.... Humanist_Activist Mar 2019 #57
Capitalism doesn't have to operate that way. The Nordic countries practice regulated capitalism pnwmom Mar 2019 #69
Can they operate that way without exploiting millions of people in the 3rd world for cheap labor? nt Humanist_Activist Mar 2019 #72
Yes, thanks to the advent of robotics. But you still haven't given a single example pnwmom Mar 2019 #73
because there is none yet, and actually, that brings up another point, if automation displaces... Humanist_Activist Mar 2019 #74
They would be fine in a system with regulated capitalism, like in the Nordic countries. n/t pnwmom Mar 2019 #76
Why do you say that? What's your evidence for this assertion? n/t Humanist_Activist Mar 2019 #78
Because their capitalistic system can already adjust to changes in the work force, pnwmom Mar 2019 #79
But it adjusts by finding another population or resource to exploit, but what happens when that... Humanist_Activist Mar 2019 #85
How would your one-world fantasy socialism work? We saw how the largest socialistic pnwmom Mar 2019 #86
Given the history of capitalism, that has yet to be demonstrated. N/T Humanist_Activist Mar 2019 #87
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