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19. During a family birthday dinner last night with
Sun Sep 1, 2019, 06:38 PM
Sep 2019

my family of heavy duty Dems I said, "He looks in the mirror and he sees God. He really sees that". And we all sorrowfully agreed that he does. No exaggeration. He is that mentally disturbed.

Oy vey... Dennis Donovan Sep 2019 #1
We all know what Faux would have said if Obama Boomerproud Sep 2019 #2
how about a 5th recommendation? Jeffersons Ghost Sep 2019 #3
Ha malaise Sep 2019 #5
mentally unstable spanone Sep 2019 #4
That is kind malaise Sep 2019 #6
He's as perverse as any human being I have ever seen spanone Sep 2019 #8
What burns and pains is his arrogance in the presence of absolute malaise Sep 2019 #10
During a family birthday dinner last night with BigmanPigman Sep 2019 #19
25th the demented psychopath now. Voltaire2 Sep 2019 #7
and he didnt know there was such a thing as a cat 5 cane, mopinko Sep 2019 #9
That one and the one that destroyed Puerto Rico malaise Sep 2019 #11
It's a damn good thing this bozo has chauffeurs and pilots Totally Tunsie Sep 2019 #12
Not by the look of that pic malaise Sep 2019 #13
Those pants are now gold and brown world wide wally Sep 2019 #17
Biden's gaffes ain't got nuttin on agent orange's Leith Sep 2019 #14
Precisely malaise Sep 2019 #15
Depends. Dagstead Bumwood Sep 2019 #16
He is a complete imbecile NastyRiffraff Sep 2019 #18
How is this not cause for alarm? malaise Sep 2019 #21
the presidency has been dumbed down so much that no one even notices. nt yaesu Sep 2019 #20
True malaise Sep 2019 #23
Forget what Fox would say if Obama did that. TrollBuster9090 Sep 2019 #22
or if he didn't know about Cat5 hurricanes after facing malaise Sep 2019 #24
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