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Heartwrenching to read! FM123 Oct 2019 #1
Psychopaths defacto7 Oct 2019 #2
Not a good look for Me Too. Sneederbunk Oct 2019 #3
It has less than nothing to do with Me Too tishaLA Oct 2019 #5
Wtf? cwydro Oct 2019 #7
Me Too? Dorian Gray Oct 2019 #21
Vile and hateful. Baitball Blogger Oct 2019 #4
Where do these predators find people willing to tolerate their sadism? Maru Kitteh Oct 2019 #6
It doesn't start out abusive IronLionZion Oct 2019 #8
Because its also the mentality of we can't get better vercetti2021 Oct 2019 #14
Predators look for people with low self esteem IronLionZion Oct 2019 #18
I had a family member that seeked out abusive relationships Opel_Justwax Oct 2019 #19
How sad. Because of her, he jumped just before he was about to graduate. smirkymonkey Oct 2019 #9
They looked like a happy couple in that picture dustyscamp Oct 2019 #10
another article reports 74,000 texts between them in 2 months..that 800 per day Demovictory9 Oct 2019 #15
Men will kill you with their hands; Women will kill you with their words. NCLefty Oct 2019 #11
Kinda true vercetti2021 Oct 2019 #12
could you two be any more sexist? Skittles Oct 2019 #16
This message was self-deleted by its author 912gdm Oct 2019 #17
How is that sexist? vercetti2021 Oct 2019 #20
not EVEN gonna bother Skittles Oct 2019 #22
Well just a question vercetti2021 Oct 2019 #24
Jesus, no shit. cwydro Oct 2019 #23
I can relate vercetti2021 Oct 2019 #13
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