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Sat Nov 9, 2019, 11:26 AM Nov 2019

Did you ever watch "The Apprentice"? [View all]

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No, never
66 (84%)
2 (3%)
Many times
10 (13%)
1 (1%)
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No, the whole concept sounded stupid. The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2019 #1
I never watched and was barely aware it existed. milestogo Nov 2019 #4
So-called "reality TV" customerserviceguy Nov 2019 #35
Very well stated Hekate Nov 2019 #47
I don't do FAKE reality teevee. Never did. not_the_one Nov 2019 #59
And afternoon TV is worse customerserviceguy Nov 2019 #65
Never watched it mokawanis Nov 2019 #2
Ditto! nt SWBTATTReg Nov 2019 #55
No. Raftergirl Nov 2019 #3
As a general rule, I don't watch "reality" shows. BlueTsunami2018 Nov 2019 #5
I'm pretty much with you. Never cared for the genre... Wounded Bear Nov 2019 #18
I like Pawn Stars. LuvNewcastle Nov 2019 #27
"Reality" shows aren't real anyhow - they're staged and scripted. The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2019 #23
I watched one back in the nineties. Something about a mole. milestogo Nov 2019 #25
Which is why I put the quotation marks around the word. BlueTsunami2018 Nov 2019 #28
Do you remember Filthy Rich Cattle Drive? LakeArenal Nov 2019 #53
those you listed are trash reality shows for sure. drray23 Nov 2019 #36
I agree. This is a terrible concept WhiteTara Nov 2019 #41
No, not even a minute's worth Cirque du So-What Nov 2019 #6
+1000 smirkymonkey Nov 2019 #21
So called reality TV makes me want to break something. I've managed to Guy Whitey Corngood Nov 2019 #7
Watched the first season. The Ivanka started showing up then...Hr underpants Nov 2019 #8
I remember them showing up. Ivanka was already using "that voice" Demovictory9 Nov 2019 #76
Funny, Ivanka got a bit of a pass from us. Not sure why. underpants Nov 2019 #78
I watched two or three episodes of the first season Sedona Nov 2019 #9
My husband and I would watch it and sneer. murielm99 Nov 2019 #10
Out of curiosity, I watched it once when it first came out. Arkansas Granny Nov 2019 #11
Hell No! As far as so-called reality TV, I only watched The Deadliest Catch for awhile. n/t brewens Nov 2019 #12
That one is actually interesting, although I didn't think of it as reality tv. milestogo Nov 2019 #26
It's more like a documentary. Beartracks Nov 2019 #31
I liked deadliest catch as well. drray23 Nov 2019 #37
My uncle was an outfitter at Homer and knows the Hillstrands. A friend of mine brewens Nov 2019 #39
-I knew Phil Harris and went to high school SonofDonald Nov 2019 #44
It was a crock. He always fired the wrong person. nt miyazaki Nov 2019 #13
Yes...when it first came on I watched it a few seasons and then it got old. nt UniteFightBack Nov 2019 #14
More than once, less than many times. pnwest Nov 2019 #15
Tried to a couple of times but couldnt stomach it. AllaN01Bear Nov 2019 #16
Never did Dem4Life1102 Nov 2019 #17
Never watched an episode but saw clips of the show. Grammy23 Nov 2019 #19
CBS Movie of the Week, Ivana Trump. Jan 1996 irisblue Nov 2019 #20
Hee, hee!!! It's available free and legit on Tubi LeftInTX Nov 2019 #54
And the guy who plays trump irisblue Nov 2019 #56
I remember him LeftInTX Nov 2019 #61
watched one episode (on you tube) a couple of months ago Kali Nov 2019 #22
The British version, yes. Thyla Nov 2019 #24
Never. kentuck Nov 2019 #29
The "You're fired" catchphrase was the only reason I was aware subterranean Nov 2019 #33
Didn't like Trump back then and never watched it. Bluepinky Nov 2019 #30
Those that watched also likely tuned in to Honey Boo Boo Iwasthere Nov 2019 #32
The first few seasons, actually. And it was... Beartracks Nov 2019 #34
Right, the "prize" was getting to work for a horrible boss unblock Nov 2019 #42
No. I wasn't really aware of Trump before he ran for president. I don't watch 'reality' tv. Shrike47 Nov 2019 #38
I just simply do not watch reality tv. LiberalArkie Nov 2019 #40
I watched the first few episodes. My cousin's kid was louis-t Nov 2019 #43
no never bcbink Nov 2019 #45
I haven't turned the tv on in decades, but mrs. unblock watched it and I sat beside her ;) unblock Nov 2019 #46
I watched it a few times and had a similar reaction. MH1 Nov 2019 #67
Yep. You nailed it. It was all about praising him and him pitting people against each other underpants Nov 2019 #82
Yes, a few times. nt DesertRat Nov 2019 #48
No way shanti Nov 2019 #49
The entire "reality" tv genre makes my skin crawl. I've only never seen the ads for any of them... Hekate Nov 2019 #50
Never and NOT because I dont like reality shows, I do. I dont like the filthy punk Eliot Rosewater Nov 2019 #51
I have to admit I did Beringia Nov 2019 #52
Once, for ten minutes. MatthewG. Nov 2019 #57
No LeftInTX Nov 2019 #58
Never had the slightest interest to watch it. n/t GP6971 Nov 2019 #60
Hell NO Wawannabe Nov 2019 #62
Thinking back on it, I'm reminded of something about losing teams NotASurfer Nov 2019 #63
Never. H2O Man Nov 2019 #64
it would be interesting to see IcyPeas Nov 2019 #66
Yes, I watched it every season until he tried to make the first black winner helpisontheway Nov 2019 #68
I despised Donald Trump long before he became a pox Mr. Ected Nov 2019 #69
I watched a little when Teresa Giudice (Real Housewives of NJ) was a "contestant". no_hypocrisy Nov 2019 #70
Never. moondust Nov 2019 #71
Trump was annoying when on camera but loved the show--pre-celebrity version Demovictory9 Nov 2019 #72
To be fair, I don't watch any reality tv, including that show. Iggo Nov 2019 #73
watched snippets of it a couple times but Akacia Nov 2019 #74
Reality shows depress the living shit outta me. All of them. VOX Nov 2019 #75
Reality TV is the dumbing down of society. avebury Nov 2019 #77
No for one reason I could never stand that doc03 Nov 2019 #79
Donald Trump has MuseRider Nov 2019 #80
No,, we don't get that on German TV, although, now that I think of it....... DFW Nov 2019 #81
I never watched regularly, but I liked Carolyn when I did - Backseat Driver Nov 2019 #83
Only because a friend of mine was on Cary Nov 2019 #84
I actually saw 2 seasons of it. I stopped watching because many of the contestants muntrv Nov 2019 #85
No, but I do watch the trashiest "reality" show ever cyclonefence Nov 2019 #86
Never Lunabell Nov 2019 #87
Nope. Trump has always made me sick. Laffy Kat Nov 2019 #88
Yes, every season of it ... Raine Nov 2019 #89
Did once - vile and stupid jpak Nov 2019 #90
I did in the beginning bdamomma Nov 2019 #91
I don't watch so-called reality TV meow2u3 Nov 2019 #92
For a couple of minutes just to see what it was about. lpbk2713 Nov 2019 #93
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