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That's why BoJo won't release the report malaise Nov 2019 #1
Well, d'uh... Wounded Bear Nov 2019 #2
Yep ck4829 Nov 2019 #25
This comes as about as big a surprise as learning that Putin speaks Russian. n/t DFW Nov 2019 #3
My thoughts exactly. nt WePurrsevere Nov 2019 #16
Right ck4829 Nov 2019 #19
Of course they did! Wherever there's political or financial instability and uncertainty... NurseJackie Nov 2019 #4
if they have talk radio in rural areas they need to look at that kremlin callers, emailers to certainot Nov 2019 #5
Nigel Farage is on Sky TV all the time and he is definitely a Putin puppet kimbutgar Nov 2019 #27
"may" BlueMTexpat Nov 2019 #6
Agree. Nt okieinpain Nov 2019 #7
Yep ck4829 Nov 2019 #20
BoJo is a NoGo on the Info. NCLefty Nov 2019 #8
Nice. FailureToCommunicate Nov 2019 #10
Sarah Kendzior reported on this months ago. But she doesn't have CousinIT Nov 2019 #9
+1 ck4829 Nov 2019 #24
Thought this was already common knowledge... Takket Nov 2019 #11
It bears repeating ck4829 Nov 2019 #21
Farage is on Putin's payroll. (NT) The Wizard Nov 2019 #12
And some of the same Russian people and entities who worked on Brexit also worked to install Trump Botany Nov 2019 #13
It's "yuge" ck4829 Nov 2019 #23
Shorty Putin is amassing a pretty big group of traitors to do his bidding. Farmer-Rick Nov 2019 #14
Indeed ck4829 Nov 2019 #22
Putin is a major threat to Western democracies dalton99a Nov 2019 #15
+1 ck4829 Nov 2019 #18
K&R ck4829 Nov 2019 #17
Putitin has been a very busy guy. gibraltar72 Nov 2019 #26
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Nov 2019 #28
I am astonished! Turbineguy Nov 2019 #29
No surprise here Faux pas Nov 2019 #30
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