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21. She's always been an inspiration to those of us fighting in the trenches in the south.
Tue Sep 4, 2012, 10:01 PM
Sep 2012

She is an amazing person.

She rocks! Lifelong Protester Sep 2012 #1
Loved her deep south drawl giving that truly liberal message! Surya Gayatri Sep 2012 #2
Hear, hear BeyondGeography Sep 2012 #3
You said a mouthful, WP! nolabear Sep 2012 #4
Post removed Post removed Sep 2012 #5
Some of the exceptions are here on DU. Keep that in mind. nt Tennessee Gal Sep 2012 #8
And the two posters just beyond you make Fawke Em Sep 2012 #9
you need to look up the word bigot scheming daemons Sep 2012 #17
YOU need to look in the mirror. cordelia Sep 2012 #23
Bigot: Fawke Em Sep 2012 #27
Good by your definition I am not a bigot nopedontlikeitatall Sep 2012 #60
Thank you. cordelia Sep 2012 #18
Its more like 3:2 not 100:1 aikoaiko Sep 2012 #13
I am about to get my first post hidden. nolabear Sep 2012 #19
Lilly was and is awesome scheming daemons Sep 2012 #25
Spent a lot of time there, have you? WilliamPitt Sep 2012 #26
Obviously not. cordelia Sep 2012 #30
actually, yes scheming daemons Sep 2012 #31
Where and when? WilliamPitt Sep 2012 #33
This message was self-deleted by its author WilliamPitt Sep 2012 #32
And THIS ugly narrow-minded wedge politics is why "ignore" is my friend. nt ncgrits Sep 2012 #35
This gal from Tennessee thanks you, Will Pitt! nt Tennessee Gal Sep 2012 #6
OBAMA Y'ALL! Fawke Em Sep 2012 #7
I have no daughters to name after her, but my next girlie dog might just well wear the moniker! hlthe2b Sep 2012 #10
She's a Southern girl - so she'd be just as proud. Fawke Em Sep 2012 #34
Hell yeah! I know a dog named "Roy Williams" for the UNC Basketball coach here in NC! . . . ncgrits Sep 2012 #37
Lilly was awesome. blue neen Sep 2012 #11
I was a little annoyed by Corey Booker's stridency rocktivity Sep 2012 #12
I Love It... She's From Possum Trot, Alabama WillyT Sep 2012 #14
When I heard that thick southern accent I did a double take aint_no_life_nowhere Sep 2012 #15
She reminds me of Ann Richards Horse with no Name Sep 2012 #16
+ 1,000,000,000... What You Said !!! WillyT Sep 2012 #20
+1 nolabear Sep 2012 #22
Same here. DURHAM D Sep 2012 #38
Bingo...I could almost hear "Pooooooooor George"... Historic NY Sep 2012 #51
thanks for that point marions ghost Sep 2012 #66
She Does oliverrams1 Sep 2012 #54
She's always been an inspiration to those of us fighting in the trenches in the south. Lone_Star_Dem Sep 2012 #21
Thanks WilliamPitt! Iris Sep 2012 #24
Thank you, Mr. Pitt. cordelia Sep 2012 #28
Thanks, Will! pacalo Sep 2012 #29
Well said WilliamPitt. Llewlladdwr Sep 2012 #36
Big Georgia kick and rec SmileyRose Sep 2012 #39
Lilly was fantabulous! What a speaker! What a great broad! nt valerief Sep 2012 #40
I'll stick to bashing Southern conservatives meow2u3 Sep 2012 #41
Thanks, Will. I owe you a Moon Pie klook Sep 2012 #42
Loved her Politicub Sep 2012 #43
...and remember Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter! Jim Clyburn, Martin Luther King, Jr., John Lewis... Liberal_Stalwart71 Sep 2012 #44
And Al Gore, Stephen Colbert, the Dixie Chicks, Jimmy Buffett... mentalsolstice Sep 2012 #85
it gives good convention, eh? nt barbtries Sep 2012 #45
And Julian Castro! Lone_Star_Dem Sep 2012 #46
This message was self-deleted by its author bupkus Sep 2012 #47
Why? WilliamPitt Sep 2012 #67
This message was self-deleted by its author bupkus Sep 2012 #72
But why bookmark the thread? WilliamPitt Sep 2012 #73
This message was self-deleted by its author bupkus Sep 2012 #81
I was impressed by her grace Generic Other Sep 2012 #48
I'll never understand... waronxmas Sep 2012 #49
Paranoid I assume? Why so sensitive? Logical Sep 2012 #50
Mighty thin skin down there. Son of Gob Sep 2012 #57
Wrong. cordelia Sep 2012 #70
agreed gaspee Sep 2012 #78
WTF Alcibiades Sep 2012 #52
Thank you. moondust Sep 2012 #56
exactly gaspee Sep 2012 #79
So, I shouldn't see Lilly as an American.... Moonwalk Sep 2012 #53
My Southern Wrath Only Targets Republicans, Klan Members, and Phony Libertarians mckara Sep 2012 #55
That was pretty masterful because I can't deny that all of those exist pacalo Sep 2012 #58
I Know. None of Us Live in a "Pure" Region mckara Sep 2012 #83
It is indeed exasperating to live in a state that refuses to look forward. pacalo Sep 2012 #86
I see you do not believe in free speech nopedontlikeitatall Sep 2012 #59
Ha! WilliamPitt Sep 2012 #68
Thanks Will! We Southerners need all the help we can get on this forum. juajen Sep 2012 #61
And for Texas... jmondine Sep 2012 #62
Ich bin ein Southerner marions ghost Sep 2012 #63
Thank you Will madokie Sep 2012 #64
When Southern Gals kick ass they KICK ASS! lunatica Sep 2012 #65
I usually don't Rec. one sentence OP's Tom Rinaldo Sep 2012 #69
I agree, but there are some on this site who believe the wage gap is a myth. redqueen Sep 2012 #71
White southern Democrats tend to sound like Heath Shuler, NOT like Lilly Ledbetter ProgressiveEconomist Sep 2012 #74
Wish I could gaspee Sep 2012 #80
+1 Go Vols Sep 2012 #75
and that goes for those so inclined to bash Mormons. Harry Reid and other Democrat are Mormons. still_one Sep 2012 #76
she was fantastic! JitterbugPerfume Sep 2012 #77
k&r...this southern woman says thanks! eom ms liberty Sep 2012 #82
Thanks. David Zephyr Sep 2012 #84
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