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Thank you Wilson cilla4progress Nov 2019 #1
couldn't have been DENVERPOPS Nov 2019 #8
And that's coming from the right. nt CaptainTruth Nov 2019 #13
they need to acknowledge talk radio's part. they can thank linmbaug in particular. to go through thi certainot Nov 2019 #24
I like the term "risible liar" RVN VET71 Nov 2019 #19
Nice, cilla4progress Nov 2019 #22
Wilson must have realized some time ago that his.. Eyeball_Kid Nov 2019 #20
Rick Wilson has a way with words & says what I feel Pachamama Nov 2019 #2
Spread his words everywhere! They are the TRUTH. n/t Guilded Lilly Nov 2019 #3
Hold their feet to the fire, Rick Wilson FakeNoose Nov 2019 #4
... the world will long remember what they did here... JudyM Nov 2019 #5
More than mere remembering, the world will long lunatica Nov 2019 #23
Whoa! He pulls no punches. Good. nt babylonsister Nov 2019 #6
"/ so endeth the lesson." nt Ilsa Nov 2019 #7
Hell, I feel that way about people who worked Mr.Bill Nov 2019 #9
Whoah. Nearly blew up my phone. sprinkleeninow Nov 2019 #10
Who wrote that book a year or two ago BigmanPigman Nov 2019 #11
Damn. Rick is on a roll. Is that a "Rick roll"? CaptainTruth Nov 2019 #12
Finest kind Hekate Nov 2019 #15
He will never run around and desert you, CaptainTruth. NCLefty Nov 2019 #17
A toast to Rick Wilson, a heartfelt round of applause... Hekate Nov 2019 #14
Normally, I would hate the thought of agreeing with Rick Wilson. GoCubsGo Nov 2019 #16
'The lawlessness. The graft. The treason. The compromise. The cruelty.' Lock him up. Nov 2019 #18
K&R stage left Nov 2019 #21
History will not be kind. cab67 Nov 2019 #25
after the first post trump cocktail party with these same ppl and rick will be all better. nt Kurt V. Nov 2019 #26
The stain is on you, too, Wilson eleny Nov 2019 #27
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