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Response to Renew Deal (Reply #10)

Uh huh. "Joke" tymorial Dec 2019 #1
Yeah, after drawing the word "pig" on all five cups whathehell Dec 2019 #25
It looks like the PIG is surrounded by asterisks, which should mean it was a web order. TheBlackAdder Dec 2019 #69
Way too many people don't want to hear that here, I guess. Cuthbert Allgood Dec 2019 #85
People don't need to loose their livlihood over this minor of a mistake. This is a teachable moment. marble falls Dec 2019 #103
C'mon man. It was proportional. Captain Stern Dec 2019 #104
We hardly fire cops for shooting unarmed running suspects. Police use 'pig' for themselves ... marble falls Dec 2019 #105
What, no paid administrative leave pending an internal investigation? WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2019 #2
Precisely Sherman A1 Dec 2019 #3
Maybe you missed it pintobean Dec 2019 #4
They must have forgotten to turn the body cam off. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2019 #5
The officer said the barista admitted it. Cuthbert Allgood Dec 2019 #51
Yeah, you go ahead and use twitter as a news source. pintobean Dec 2019 #62
what is with this "barista" crap and why do people keep saying it? getagrip_already Dec 2019 #6
There is no first amendment argument here onenote Dec 2019 #7
I really don't care what Starbucks wants to call their employees. pintobean Dec 2019 #8
heehee FirstLight Dec 2019 #41
Post removed Post removed Dec 2019 #9
So is being a jerk Renew Deal Dec 2019 #10
Post removed Post removed Dec 2019 #13
Looks like he chose his hill to die on. pintobean Dec 2019 #15
Hopefully the admins are merciful Renew Deal Dec 2019 #37
Scared to ask what I missed. cwydro Dec 2019 #58
A cop hater had a meltdown. pintobean Dec 2019 #63
Lol. pintobean Dec 2019 #64
Lol! Sorry I missed it! cwydro Dec 2019 #65
I'll flip the question to you... brooklynite Dec 2019 #11
Post removed Post removed Dec 2019 #12
Hate speech is hate expressed. Imo your posts are out of line. Hortensis Dec 2019 #14
I'm reading some of the comments downthread, dware Dec 2019 #67
it is a word that convinces people its okay to pay $10 for 50 cents worth of coffee and milk Takket Dec 2019 #17
My son gets Starbucks twice a day, I know. He paid dewsgirl Dec 2019 #56
By definition... CentralMass Dec 2019 #19
At McDonald's they are called McCafe Specialists. I kid you not. aikoaiko Dec 2019 #23
The First Amendment doesn't apply to private businesses. However, The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2019 #26
Shitting on baristas isn't the way here. DangerousRhythm Dec 2019 #45
it takes skill to pour a cup of coffee or grab a pastry from the case? getagrip_already Dec 2019 #46
You clearly know nothing about making espresso based drinks, and that's OK. n/t DangerousRhythm Dec 2019 #48
since you're going to dig in stopdiggin Dec 2019 #61
I worked at a coffee shop for a while (for pretty low wages), and when I tell people I did LisaM Dec 2019 #54
agreed Skittles Dec 2019 #77
And I suppose those officers, in their line of work and duties, packman Dec 2019 #16
supposing such a thing really has no bearing on what the former employee said Takket Dec 2019 #18
Yeah, just as we have this thing called "Innocent until proven guilty". whathehell Dec 2019 #21
I am outraged every time I see police beat, shoot or abuse any minority or anyone packman Dec 2019 #24
Disagree. dware Dec 2019 #28
The point isn't whether it's no big deal for a business' employee to insult a cop The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2019 #29
A barista wrote ISIS on a Muslim's man cup JonLP24 Dec 2019 #39
As am I, but unless these particular officers are guilty of such crimes whathehell Dec 2019 #32
Don't draw comparison between minorities communities that are victimized by cops... Humanist_Activist Dec 2019 #35
I agree JonLP24 Dec 2019 #40
False assumption: I never said insulting people you don't know whathehell Dec 2019 #42
We will have 4 more years of Trump with statements like this go mainstream TheRealNorth Dec 2019 #55
Trump was elected due to the coddling of white America radius777 Dec 2019 #76
This. cwydro Dec 2019 #59
Same here.. whathehell Dec 2019 #66
So in your world, dware Dec 2019 #22
We all know from history and current events what police do and how they treat others packman Dec 2019 #27
Why do they have to admit to anything? dware Dec 2019 #30
I hope you never serve the public Skittles Dec 2019 #78
If they write a slur on a ticket, let's hope they face consequences. No one deserves such treatment emmaverybo Dec 2019 #33
Good -- The barista deserved it. n/t whathehell Dec 2019 #20
The article said that the reason for the Starbucks run was: DFW Dec 2019 #31
Why reinstate an employee with such bad judgement? She should not have insulted any customer emmaverybo Dec 2019 #36
Because we're a punishment based society Blue_Adept Dec 2019 #43
If she had written "terrorist scum" on a hijab-wearing customer's cup, I think you would agree emmaverybo Dec 2019 #44
Maybe the hijab-wearer would hand the cup to the nearest cop ... JustABozoOnThisBus Dec 2019 #50
Well, Nature Man Dec 2019 #52
And for the past 4 days this has been the ONLY news out of OK Runningdawg Dec 2019 #34
That was quick compared to when a barista wrote ISIS on a Muslim's man cup JonLP24 Dec 2019 #38
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2019 #47
What a bullshit story. hunter Dec 2019 #49
There are other takes to this. Cuthbert Allgood Dec 2019 #53
Twitter? dware Dec 2019 #68
Um, no. I believe the link is to News One. Cuthbert Allgood Dec 2019 #83
Starbucks?! PJMcK Dec 2019 #57
Thankfully, the oppressed victims did not arrest nor shoot anyone in this instance. LanternWaste Dec 2019 #60
What was done was stupid. The police officer had a right to be offended. nt Blue_true Dec 2019 #70
It looks like it was a web order, notice that there are no witnesses to the employee's confession. TheBlackAdder Dec 2019 #71
The article said Starbucks fired the server. Blue_true Dec 2019 #72
The cup says CAFE not MOBILE, but that might appear when paying with your phone app at counter. TheBlackAdder Dec 2019 #73
Starbucks hasn't been silent FreeState Dec 2019 #80
His daughter posted on Twitter that he is racist and "absolutely a pig" NYC Liberal Dec 2019 #74
How do we know this is really his daughter dware Dec 2019 #79
The police officer said the barista admitted it. Cuthbert Allgood Dec 2019 #86
You really think Starbucks didn't investigate this? dware Dec 2019 #87
You really think the police officer couldn't have just blown this up? Cuthbert Allgood Dec 2019 #88
Again, Starbucks would have investigated the claim dware Dec 2019 #92
I don't think it's ever that easy. Cuthbert Allgood Dec 2019 #93
You do have a point, dware Dec 2019 #97
The fired employee said one of the baristas did it Kaleva Dec 2019 #99
Please, big strong cops can't have a thicker skin radius777 Dec 2019 #75
Why should they have to? whathehell Dec 2019 #81
This is rather unsettling here on a liberal website, dware Dec 2019 #82
Uh, yes.. The hypocrisy is remarkable. whathehell Dec 2019 #89
I don't have a blanket hatred. Cuthbert Allgood Dec 2019 #94
What if they didn't do that though? Cuthbert Allgood Dec 2019 #84
Um, well obviously that'.would be a different story.. whathehell Dec 2019 #90
You don't think Starbucks investigated the incident before terminating the employee? dware Dec 2019 #91
"Wrongful termination"? Cuthbert Allgood Dec 2019 #96
But do you agree that this cop is likely telling the truth, dware Dec 2019 #100
Why the fuck is shit like this news? coti Dec 2019 #95
It's a mass conspiracy. pintobean Dec 2019 #98
More likely the human brain can't maintain focus on what affects its well-being nt coti Dec 2019 #102
"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes ......." nt kelly1mm Dec 2019 #101
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