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14. I have zero expectation of truth in anything
Fri Dec 20, 2019, 02:35 PM
Dec 2019

by a religious publication.

That is why this whole thing was a surprise. He's finally gone too far for some of the right wing religious folk. That's news.

That also lends more credibility Bettie Dec 2019 #1
Yes. CT needs to first establish its anti-D cred with its readers. It does that by lying. stopbush Dec 2019 #5
Yep. This isn't "fawning over" the op ed. GoCubsGo Dec 2019 #8
I have zero expectation of truth in anything Bettie Dec 2019 #14
I imagine there are some Ds who read CT. Are they sitting at home agreeing that stopbush Dec 2019 #11
Meh Cosmocat Dec 2019 #34
I grew up among Evangelicals. I was told every day to love them. Girard442 Dec 2019 #46
They're not starting to turn, they got their judges and now they're done with him. IT's not like uponit7771 Dec 2019 #62
It doesn't bother me at all StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #2
See my reply #5. stopbush Dec 2019 #6
Eh, the last sentence is nonsense ScratchCat Dec 2019 #3
Totally agree with your comment on people wnylib Dec 2019 #47
Exactly 100% out for all birthers grantcart Dec 2019 #49
People who say "not my president" The Mouth Dec 2019 #55
His win was the result of a coordinated foreign attack Qutzupalotl Dec 2019 #65
Of course the orange abomination released his usual tweet attack on the magazine captain queeg Dec 2019 #4
Indeed. Life is generally unfair to billionaires. The rest of us need to have pity stopbush Dec 2019 #9
Excellent. tavernier Dec 2019 #42
Right. And now that they got their judges for the next 30 years question everything Dec 2019 #7
But if we can get Supremes appointed, wnylib Dec 2019 #50
You know, Trump had it out for Obama for YEARS before we maxsolomon Dec 2019 #10
They were out against Bill long before the wnylib Dec 2019 #54
Yep, they have no sympathy here treestar Dec 2019 #60
Oh, I noticed it. I always notice gratuitous insults aimed at me. Hortensis Dec 2019 #12
They want Pence in Office JustAnotherGen Dec 2019 #13
Pence is an evangelical's dream. redstatebluegirl Dec 2019 #33
I think you may have something there. tavernier Dec 2019 #43
And Then? ProfessorGAC Dec 2019 #63
Because from day one he was guilty of violating the emoluments law Fullduplexxx Dec 2019 #15
It was a courageous move on the part of CT Mme. Defarge Dec 2019 #16
I, personally, do not trust the motives... dchill Dec 2019 #52
You are probably right about the Pence angle. wnylib Dec 2019 #56
I won't even waste my fucking time . . . But, call me a "fawner." I'll cop to it. NBachers Dec 2019 #17
I've "had it out for him" Mr.Bill Dec 2019 #18
I was hardly fawning earlier Vogon_Glory Dec 2019 #19
So what if Democrats have had it out for him from day one standingtall Dec 2019 #20
I had it out for him before day one. panader0 Dec 2019 #32
Exactly ChazInAz Dec 2019 #35
+1,000 n/t MarcA Dec 2019 #58
"Cops and prosecutors have had it out for criminals from day one FiveGoodMen Dec 2019 #21
Talking out of both sides of their christian mouths. ancianita Dec 2019 #22
I have pointed out that egregious lie on numerous sites today. Pacifist Patriot Dec 2019 #23
Yep, that pissed me off when I read it. bitterross Dec 2019 #24
The point here is that zentrum Dec 2019 #25
This is enough for me... Chakaconcarne Dec 2019 #26
I'm glad they said it. It shows they are genuinely trying to deprogram the cult Azathoth Dec 2019 #27
Remember how they came down on Republicans PoindexterOglethorpe Dec 2019 #28
This message was self-deleted by its author InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2019 #29
Wrong forum. nolabear Dec 2019 #31
Accept the help. Just take it. It doesn't matter. nolabear Dec 2019 #30
For some reason, people like to break up Repub circular firing squads Kaleva Dec 2019 #37
I'll take the help where we can get it. RelativelyJones Dec 2019 #36
My Thought When First Reading DallasNE Dec 2019 #38
I am just happy they are turning on Trump. Gore1FL Dec 2019 #39
I can't imagine anyone at DU "fawning" over wnylib Dec 2019 #40
I thought the rethugs made Trump's side of the story scarytomcat Dec 2019 #41
My tweet in response to this nonsense that Dems had it in for Trump meow2u3 Dec 2019 #44
Aside from the last sentence, what about it is untrue? Ms. Toad Dec 2019 #45
Not only that but those sentences that we object to will only increase the impact to grantcart Dec 2019 #48
Like most Christians I know, Mickju Dec 2019 #51
If I hear that lie about how he didn't get a chance to defend himself ooky Dec 2019 #53
Well, if it established credibility for the main point of the article, then... zaj Dec 2019 #57
But but but.... onecaliberal Dec 2019 #59
We can't grasp at crumbs...from this rag or live love laugh Dec 2019 #61
Fake Christians are still our enemy. roamer65 Dec 2019 #64
They are real Christians FiveGoodMen Dec 2019 #71
K&R UTUSN Dec 2019 #66
He's damaging their brand. herding cats Dec 2019 #67
Evangelicals favored 45 because they like his "pro-life" and "pro-religious freedom" views ... eppur_se_muova Dec 2019 #68
yeah i saw that too bucolic_frolic Dec 2019 #69
I can't speak for other Democrats radical noodle Dec 2019 #70
I have had it out for trump* before day one MyNameGoesHere Dec 2019 #72
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