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68. Evangelicals favored 45 because they like his "pro-life" and "pro-religious freedom" views ...
Fri Dec 20, 2019, 11:40 PM
Dec 2019

... which, of course, he doesn't actually have, but he's willing to claim he has to get their votes. In other words, he wants to oppress the same people they want to oppress, and deny the same rights they want to deny, so he's useful to them. Whether he's profoundly flawed or not doesn't matter too much, apparently.

The author of the editorial was interviewed on NPR this morning and made it sound like he was really taking a principled stand, until you reflected on what he actually said. If he had only added that he turned away from 45 because of the obvious hypocrisy and cynicism, he might have qualified for the Putzer Prize in Unconcious Irony.

That also lends more credibility Bettie Dec 2019 #1
Yes. CT needs to first establish its anti-D cred with its readers. It does that by lying. stopbush Dec 2019 #5
Yep. This isn't "fawning over" the op ed. GoCubsGo Dec 2019 #8
I have zero expectation of truth in anything Bettie Dec 2019 #14
I imagine there are some Ds who read CT. Are they sitting at home agreeing that stopbush Dec 2019 #11
Meh Cosmocat Dec 2019 #34
I grew up among Evangelicals. I was told every day to love them. Girard442 Dec 2019 #46
They're not starting to turn, they got their judges and now they're done with him. IT's not like uponit7771 Dec 2019 #62
It doesn't bother me at all StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #2
See my reply #5. stopbush Dec 2019 #6
Eh, the last sentence is nonsense ScratchCat Dec 2019 #3
Totally agree with your comment on people wnylib Dec 2019 #47
Exactly 100% out for all birthers grantcart Dec 2019 #49
People who say "not my president" The Mouth Dec 2019 #55
His win was the result of a coordinated foreign attack Qutzupalotl Dec 2019 #65
Of course the orange abomination released his usual tweet attack on the magazine captain queeg Dec 2019 #4
Indeed. Life is generally unfair to billionaires. The rest of us need to have pity stopbush Dec 2019 #9
Excellent. tavernier Dec 2019 #42
Right. And now that they got their judges for the next 30 years question everything Dec 2019 #7
But if we can get Supremes appointed, wnylib Dec 2019 #50
You know, Trump had it out for Obama for YEARS before we maxsolomon Dec 2019 #10
They were out against Bill long before the wnylib Dec 2019 #54
Yep, they have no sympathy here treestar Dec 2019 #60
Oh, I noticed it. I always notice gratuitous insults aimed at me. Hortensis Dec 2019 #12
They want Pence in Office JustAnotherGen Dec 2019 #13
Pence is an evangelical's dream. redstatebluegirl Dec 2019 #33
I think you may have something there. tavernier Dec 2019 #43
And Then? ProfessorGAC Dec 2019 #63
Because from day one he was guilty of violating the emoluments law Fullduplexxx Dec 2019 #15
It was a courageous move on the part of CT Mme. Defarge Dec 2019 #16
I, personally, do not trust the motives... dchill Dec 2019 #52
You are probably right about the Pence angle. wnylib Dec 2019 #56
I won't even waste my fucking time . . . But, call me a "fawner." I'll cop to it. NBachers Dec 2019 #17
I've "had it out for him" Mr.Bill Dec 2019 #18
I was hardly fawning earlier Vogon_Glory Dec 2019 #19
So what if Democrats have had it out for him from day one standingtall Dec 2019 #20
I had it out for him before day one. panader0 Dec 2019 #32
Exactly ChazInAz Dec 2019 #35
+1,000 n/t MarcA Dec 2019 #58
"Cops and prosecutors have had it out for criminals from day one FiveGoodMen Dec 2019 #21
Talking out of both sides of their christian mouths. ancianita Dec 2019 #22
I have pointed out that egregious lie on numerous sites today. Pacifist Patriot Dec 2019 #23
Yep, that pissed me off when I read it. bitterross Dec 2019 #24
The point here is that zentrum Dec 2019 #25
This is enough for me... Chakaconcarne Dec 2019 #26
I'm glad they said it. It shows they are genuinely trying to deprogram the cult Azathoth Dec 2019 #27
Remember how they came down on Republicans PoindexterOglethorpe Dec 2019 #28
This message was self-deleted by its author InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2019 #29
Wrong forum. nolabear Dec 2019 #31
Accept the help. Just take it. It doesn't matter. nolabear Dec 2019 #30
For some reason, people like to break up Repub circular firing squads Kaleva Dec 2019 #37
I'll take the help where we can get it. RelativelyJones Dec 2019 #36
My Thought When First Reading DallasNE Dec 2019 #38
I am just happy they are turning on Trump. Gore1FL Dec 2019 #39
I can't imagine anyone at DU "fawning" over wnylib Dec 2019 #40
I thought the rethugs made Trump's side of the story scarytomcat Dec 2019 #41
My tweet in response to this nonsense that Dems had it in for Trump meow2u3 Dec 2019 #44
Aside from the last sentence, what about it is untrue? Ms. Toad Dec 2019 #45
Not only that but those sentences that we object to will only increase the impact to grantcart Dec 2019 #48
Like most Christians I know, Mickju Dec 2019 #51
If I hear that lie about how he didn't get a chance to defend himself ooky Dec 2019 #53
Well, if it established credibility for the main point of the article, then... zaj Dec 2019 #57
But but but.... onecaliberal Dec 2019 #59
We can't grasp at crumbs...from this rag or live love laugh Dec 2019 #61
Fake Christians are still our enemy. roamer65 Dec 2019 #64
They are real Christians FiveGoodMen Dec 2019 #71
K&R UTUSN Dec 2019 #66
He's damaging their brand. herding cats Dec 2019 #67
Evangelicals favored 45 because they like his "pro-life" and "pro-religious freedom" views ... eppur_se_muova Dec 2019 #68
yeah i saw that too bucolic_frolic Dec 2019 #69
I can't speak for other Democrats radical noodle Dec 2019 #70
I have had it out for trump* before day one MyNameGoesHere Dec 2019 #72
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