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How much does Sean Hannity know? Pachamama Jan 2020 #1
Is This A Trick Question? ProfessorGAC Jan 2020 #2
Since he gets calls from #1 nearly every day/night, I'd say a ton. Frustratedlady Jan 2020 #3
Hannity is in this up to his fat neck. crickets Jan 2020 #21
Time to subpoena Slanthead. Make him shit himself again! madinmaryland Jan 2020 #25
They were touched by trump. Turbineguy Jan 2020 #4
That is an excellent question! Pacifist Patriot Jan 2020 #5
Completely. ...nt 2naSalit Jan 2020 #6
Not just in this scandal, but in this presidency. Trump is Fox's tool. n/t blitzen Jan 2020 #7
They own this shit! The Murdoch family has ZERO loyalty to America. None whatsoever! TheBlackAdder Jan 2020 #8
They are traitorous Johnny2X2X Jan 2020 #9
100% agree brettdale Jan 2020 #28
Not to mention comrades Toensing and diGenova. Sneederbunk Jan 2020 #10
Yep. I'd love to watch the smug wiped off Toensing's face. calimary Jan 2020 #11
Disgusting human beings. Pepsidog Jan 2020 #15
I've been waiting for that for about twenty years. Grasswire2 Jan 2020 #31
You and me both, my friend. calimary Jan 2020 #38
This message was self-deleted by its author flying_wahini Jan 2020 #12
Smack dab in the middle of it relayerbob Jan 2020 #13
Fox has 100% ruined the country. Complicit, absolutely. Pepsidog Jan 2020 #14
Given all the info tRump gives them SCVDem Jan 2020 #16
How complicit was Josef Goebbels as Hitler's propagandist? Cyrano Jan 2020 #17
Julius Streicher might be a better example DBoon Jan 2020 #22
Up to its grimey little neck. marble falls Jan 2020 #18
NRA profits Traildogbob Jan 2020 #19
Fox news is behind the ripping apart of America. The destruction of our Democracy lands on their Scotch-Irish Jan 2020 #20
Kick this one. Kingofalldems Jan 2020 #23
Not only complicit, they're one of the causes of it. Liberal In Texas Jan 2020 #24
There were tons of rumors about Mueller investigating dewsgirl Jan 2020 #26
Just thinking this brettdale Jan 2020 #27
It's the road to the WH. Kurt V. Jan 2020 #29
What? Newest Reality Jan 2020 #30
They should fry.....ALL OF THEM... a kennedy Jan 2020 #32
Payment Pantagruel Jan 2020 #33
They Were A Necessary Asset colsohlibgal Jan 2020 #34
Fox is the loudspeaker for the Trump crime enterprise. VOX Jan 2020 #35
Nixon would have survived if he had Fox working for him. Marcuse Jan 2020 #36
It's been reported that he talks to Hannity all the time. And Laura is a fucking nazi, so... NCLefty Jan 2020 #37
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