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Snowflakes say what? berni_mccoy Jan 2020 #1
read the first line rufus dog Jan 2020 #2
They get their knickers in a twist madamesilverspurs Jan 2020 #3
Well, Fuck'em Still Sensible Jan 2020 #4
⇧ ⇧ ⇧ ⇧ ⇧ spanone Jan 2020 #8
They're ticked off while 3/4 of them are either outright MerryBlooms Jan 2020 #5
Classic poutrage. marble falls Jan 2020 #6
They continue to support a corrupt madman madaboutharry Jan 2020 #7
But it's A-OK for 45 to sign orders in 6-inch scrawl and show it off like a daily restaurant special VOX Jan 2020 #9
I have a r/w friend who thought the babylonsister Jan 2020 #10
Oh, the humanity! gratuitous Jan 2020 #11
Where can I order me a replica of them pens? Olafjoy Jan 2020 #12
They can go fuck themselves. dalton99a Jan 2020 #13
At least she didn't wear a sleeveless dress.... Talitha Jan 2020 #14
Is that what she was doing? shanti Jan 2020 #15
Let's say it's wrong - Trump 50,000 - Pelosi - 1 lame54 Jan 2020 #16
Trump has given out hundreds of pens for his shitty GOP bills. Fuck them. NCLefty Jan 2020 #17
Whiners gonna whine...nt Wounded Bear Jan 2020 #18
Wait until they hear about the beer party JHB Jan 2020 #19
They are always going to scream and cry, piss and moan, about anything and everything, anyhow. Mc Mike Jan 2020 #20
Rethugs are jealous 'cause all they get is a used Sharpie. KY_EnviroGuy Jan 2020 #21
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