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2. "President Obama once said he wants everybody in America to go to college. What a snob!"
Fri Jan 17, 2020, 06:18 AM
Jan 2020

-Dicky Fuckface

When Republicans say "smart", they really mean "rich". DetlefK Jan 2020 #1
I agree with you but... OldBaldy1701E Jan 2020 #7
That's a meme that began in the Middle-Ages. DetlefK Jan 2020 #8
Great idea for a screenplay TheRickles Jan 2020 #10
It would probably never sell OldBaldy1701E Jan 2020 #15
It's always been a thing, but it seems to have ramped up to nuclear levels in the 80s StarfishSaver Jan 2020 #21
Calvinism...basically the rich are rich precisely because God favors them. Wounded Bear Jan 2020 #23
they have a poor interpretation bdamomma Jan 2020 #30
"President Obama once said he wants everybody in America to go to college. What a snob!" NCLefty Jan 2020 #2
Santorum... rickyhall Jan 2020 #14
Frothy. Iggo Jan 2020 #17
Dan Quayle started that nonsense of Democrats being elites. no_hypocrisy Jan 2020 #3
Conservatives worked that line long before Quayle JHB Jan 2020 #5
Do you mean Adlai Stevenson or FDR? no_hypocrisy Jan 2020 #24
It doesn't even have to mean smart, gab13by13 Jan 2020 #4
Not to GOPers! BlueMTexpat Jan 2020 #12
That's a very good definition of smart. Iggo Jan 2020 #18
Smart, or at least "educated". whathehell Jan 2020 #6
Yep. ehrnst Jan 2020 #9
The point is good, but Obama's mother was hardly working class Shanti Mama Jan 2020 #11
Do you know anything about the salaries BlueMTexpat Jan 2020 #13
I get it. Lived in Asia for 20 years Shanti Mama Jan 2020 #25
If you are referring to those in the cushier HQ jobs, perhaps. BlueMTexpat Jan 2020 #28
Duh. (n/t) Iggo Jan 2020 #16
Agree and Let's ask Trump what he thinks. bronxiteforever Jan 2020 #19
Not just "smart," but capable of and interested in continuing to learn new things StarfishSaver Jan 2020 #20
The GOP is full of idiots Gothmog Jan 2020 #22
Exactly! ElementaryPenguin Jan 2020 #26
...and 'elitist' wear deodorant.. samnsara Jan 2020 #27
they are not smart bdamomma Jan 2020 #29
I would add, too smart/intelligent for someone born into modest means dlk Jan 2020 #31
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