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1. He's such a shit-stain.
Fri Jan 17, 2020, 06:44 AM
Jan 2020
“The Democrats don’t matter,” Bannon reportedly said in 2018. “The real opposition is the media. And the way to deal with them is to flood the zone with shit.”

He's such a shit-stain. NCLefty Jan 2020 #1
'The real opposition is the media'. trump understands this so well. empedocles Jan 2020 #7
And that strategy is what we've been swimming in everyday. Shit. maxsolomon Jan 2020 #48
Pretty hard to get "them" gab13by13 Jan 2020 #2
Not just jail time -- jail for long periods of, if KPN Jan 2020 #34
Barr and the Senators and the judges.... lastlib Jan 2020 #39
Bannon's view of politics driven by elite players bucolic_frolic Jan 2020 #3
More from Rucker & Leonnig's book: Dennis Donovan Jan 2020 #4
The U.S. was never going to win that war. greatauntoftriplets Jan 2020 #27
Afganistan has been a 'loser war' since Alexander the Great, if not longer bigbrother05 Jan 2020 #28
Very true. greatauntoftriplets Jan 2020 #29
"Never get involved in a land war in Asia." csziggy Jan 2020 #33
And russia in the 20th. ...nt 2naSalit Jan 2020 #30
"The Graveyard of Empires" not fooled Jan 2020 #42
I can't tell you how happy I am with Speaker Pelosi. Arkansas Granny Jan 2020 #5
Agreed. Dealt a lukewarm hand, she's playing the cards better than anyone lostnfound Jan 2020 #19
'She is going to get us', was so vividly reported by M. Wolfe in his book, 'Seige'. empedocles Jan 2020 #6
Perhaps, but this book is written by 2 Pulitzer Prize-winning WaPo reporters Dennis Donovan Jan 2020 #8
Good. The evidence keeps accumulating, and trickling down to trump's base. empedocles Jan 2020 #9
"She so sees right through us" A HERETIC I AM Jan 2020 #21
That's not what he was observing her ... Whiskeytide Jan 2020 #43
She's a patriot. Cracklin Charlie Jan 2020 #10
Speaker Pelosi has my utmost admiration and respect la-trucker Jan 2020 #11
Double-naught spy! Dennis Donovan Jan 2020 #15
... catbyte Jan 2020 #12
+1000 llmart Jan 2020 #14
"The redcoats are coming" works on a few different levels in this pic Dennis Donovan Jan 2020 #16
Nancy's daughter was with her when she bought that coat and she said it's OMGWTF Jan 2020 #35
Yeah, I guess I can see that... Dennis Donovan Jan 2020 #36
Fitting. She burns Trump at every turn n/t Blaukraut Jan 2020 #38
OMG, I so want this as a screensaver! PandoraAwakened Jan 2020 #17
Somebody here with good Photoshop skills Wednesdays Jan 2020 #32
+1 Arkansas Granny Jan 2020 #22
Their side has steaming piles of waste IronLionZion Jan 2020 #13
"Do you paint houses?"---Nancy Pelosi Kingofalldems Jan 2020 #18
Or aka Nancy P is a house painter Botany Jan 2020 #24
Consciousness of Guilt B Stieg Jan 2020 #20
Bannon? duforsure Jan 2020 #23
no, she's not an assassin... Javaman Jan 2020 #25
+1 2naSalit Jan 2020 #31
She's the law in these here parts. nt eppur_se_muova Jan 2020 #44
So glad they got rid of Bannon, early-on. Paladin Jan 2020 #26
If this vampire administration sees her driving a stake through its heart as "assassination," ancianita Jan 2020 #37
This is just how right-wingers think and talk. Everything is conflict or killing. nt coti Jan 2020 #40
And ideological war language -- "battles" and "beach heads," "targets" and "fronts," -- ancianita Jan 2020 #41
There's a weak link somewhere in that GOP front line, if anyone can dig it up, Pelosi can. C Moon Jan 2020 #45
Let's deconstruct this. . . Collimator Jan 2020 #46
Who thought he would give such high praise to a Democrat lunatica Jan 2020 #47
Steve Bannon thinks highly of Rachel Maddow too FakeNoose Jan 2020 #49
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