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Good. ooky Jan 2020 #1
Good. madaboutharry Jan 2020 #2
Fine, get the fuck out. grumpyduck Jan 2020 #3
Good. NanceGreggs Jan 2020 #4
Can someone post the clip of him crying like a baby ecstatic Jan 2020 #5
Who is this Don Winslow you've quoted? Hekate Jan 2020 #17
Buh-bye Lindsey. MontanaMama Jan 2020 #6
Lindsly...Ever hear of Beeeen Gazi? Liberal In Texas Jan 2020 #7
Don't let the door hit you on the way out. RandySF Jan 2020 #8
He's free to move to Russia. Putin would have some use for him. nt woodsprite Jan 2020 #9
oh my god oh my god katusha Jan 2020 #10
So sad. applegrove Jan 2020 #11
That means one of two things DFW Jan 2020 #12
Either one suits me just fine. wnylib Jan 2020 #35
"I can't stand it anymore! Won't somebody please shoot me on Fifth Avenue?" struggle4progress Jan 2020 #13
Say "howdy" to Uncle Pootie for us, and don't let the door hit'cha... n/t TygrBright Jan 2020 #14
Need a ride to the airport? lpbk2713 Jan 2020 #15
I have some cardboard boxes left over from our move. Be glad to help you pack, Lindsey. Hekate Jan 2020 #16
B-Bye! BigmanPigman Jan 2020 #18
Ha! SeeYa! ...nt 2naSalit Jan 2020 #19
Promises, promises. If only he meant it. nt Phoenix61 Jan 2020 #20
Then do it. MoonlitKnight Jan 2020 #21
So is he going to slit his wrists or move to Russia? Flaleftist Jan 2020 #22
We could start a GoFundMe to cover his moving costs. n/t Still Sensible Jan 2020 #23
O Promise Me! dchill Jan 2020 #24
I'll prep the catapult! Grokenstein Jan 2020 #25
Leningrad is calling, Lindseed. Hassler Jan 2020 #26
hey lindsay, you little girl .... DON'TY LET THE DOOR HIT YOUR fat ass ON YOUR WAY OUTTA THE USA trueblue2007 Jan 2020 #27
Little girls are wonderful. Lindsey not so much. nolabear Jan 2020 #28
Bad analogy. Some would call Greta Thunberg "a little girl" whathehell Jan 2020 #32
Proshchai, proshchai...... DFW Jan 2020 #29
What the hell does Putin have on him. njhoneybadger Jan 2020 #30
Bye!!!!! mfcorey1 Jan 2020 #31
What's he going to do, secede? n/t NCLefty Jan 2020 #33
Bye-bye, Felicia (n/t) PJMcK Jan 2020 #34
Another ficking promise that will be broken by tomorrow rurallib Jan 2020 #36
Let's buy him a plane ticket to Russia. sinkingfeeling Jan 2020 #37
Heck, a GoFundMe for that would probably raise enough to buy himself a nice dacha. tanyev Jan 2020 #38
Don't let the door hit you on the way out, shitbag. GoCubsGo Jan 2020 #39
Yay! Russia wants you Lindsey! MoonRiver Jan 2020 #40
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