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Crap! Hayes was on tonight? MontanaMama Jan 2020 #1
Yeah! Was surprised to see him! NewsCenter28 Jan 2020 #2
Thx. Will check it out. MontanaMama Jan 2020 #5
im just the opposite..i want the Kobe news to totally disrupt the hearings.. samnsara Jan 2020 #56
Lord. Good point. MontanaMama Jan 2020 #63
During the impeachment process 2naSalit Jan 2020 #13
Consider this - DURHAM D Jan 2020 #3
Not a stretch at all 2naSalit Jan 2020 #15
✔️ blm Jan 2020 #17
I know you didn't mean it to be funny... MontanaMama Jan 2020 #18
I'm jaded enough to have already assumed that. dchill Jan 2020 #35
Did Bolton ever publicly praise the assassination? Laura PourMeADrink Jan 2020 #37
Yes Bolton put out a statement in praise wishstar Jan 2020 #51
So he cares about Ukraine shakedown, but not pure assassination? Laura PourMeADrink Jan 2020 #64
Bolton also cared more about his book deal $$$ than cooperating with House investigation wishstar Jan 2020 #66
Well if he was only thinking about himself plus what Laura PourMeADrink Jan 2020 #69
Precisely malaise Jan 2020 #58
Sorry, I haven't been online...what is the bomb? nt wcmagumba Jan 2020 #4
John Bolton's book "The room where it happened" NewsCenter28 Jan 2020 #6
Hardly. They don't deny this question everything Jan 2020 #11
Trump is denying Bolton's assertions and has put out tweets that Bolton is lying wishstar Jan 2020 #52
Thank you for the explanation! Rhiannon12866 Jan 2020 #44
Who is Toad? arthritisR_US Jan 2020 #48
"The Room Where It Happened" is the title of Bolton's book?! csziggy Jan 2020 #62
K and R Quixote1818 Jan 2020 #7
An acquittal next week would be a massive cover-up madaboutharry Jan 2020 #8
I think this might be correct. Volaris Jan 2020 #14
Republicans are backed into a corner C_U_L8R Jan 2020 #27
I'm waiting for the day Donald Trump rues his own entry into the White House. Dem2theMax Jan 2020 #33
He'd rue it a lot more if he'd known the rubes were dumber than him. czarjak Jan 2020 #38
Bombs away!! Jade Fox Jan 2020 #9
Senators can't be impeached. redstateblues Jan 2020 #16
True. They can only be expelled from the Senate by a 2/3 vote of the Senate. nt Progressive Jones Jan 2020 #19
Was that ever made settled law? unc70 Jan 2020 #24
Senators can be expelled from the Senate. marble falls Jan 2020 #26
But they can be voted OUT. calimary Jan 2020 #30
Kick. MontanaMama Jan 2020 #10
I don't see how Bolton's statement in his book is any more damning than the mountain mucifer Jan 2020 #12
Very inside eyewitness. nt Progressive Jones Jan 2020 #20
The eyewitness the GOP says the Dems lack, plus the eyewitness is a conservative icon! tableturner Jan 2020 #21
An icon with a PAC that supports GOP candidates, too DeminPennswoods Jan 2020 #22
Yep...can't call him a lefty. tableturner Jan 2020 #23
But wouldn't this be true of Sondland too? spooky3 Jan 2020 #36
They'll just make up another excuse. It's wack a mole. dem4decades Jan 2020 #46
It's a first hand account and then he's gonna say Mulvaney said this and Pomass said that. Opening UniteFightBack Jan 2020 #31
agreed. there may be added detail here. stopdiggin Jan 2020 #32
Other evidence is not as direct as Trump telling Bolton why he wants aid frozen wishstar Jan 2020 #53
What's the "this"? marble falls Jan 2020 #25
Bolton's book outline leaked to NYT, confirms Trump extortion of Ukraine. nt SunSeeker Jan 2020 #41
Nothing will change the votes because nothing will change his voter base that they need. Kablooie Jan 2020 #28
I think the GOP Senators stupidly think their bogus acquittal is going to "Save" them EveHammond13 Jan 2020 #29
Won't change a thing in the Senate. wnylib Jan 2020 #34
I agree. EndlessWire Jan 2020 #40
My main concern about public opinion now wnylib Jan 2020 #42
Hayes has Schmidt on right now Sedona Jan 2020 #39
I don't think any of this will get Trump out of office any sooner... yuiyoshida Jan 2020 #43
None of it makes a difference to them. They moonscape Jan 2020 #45
Bolton knows Trump is lying. UCmeNdc Jan 2020 #47
Every senator knows full well Trump is lying. That's not their criteria. Kablooie Jan 2020 #49
Wondering what Bolton's true motivations are for publishing the book. lindysalsagal Jan 2020 #50
I don't understand either because he should've know WH would try to block his book wishstar Jan 2020 #54
How many "absolute bomb" stories have... Mike Nelson Jan 2020 #55
My bet- War with iran or Nk this week. James48 Jan 2020 #57
DUers have been predicting war with Iran or NK since the first day Trump took office. bearsfootball516 Jan 2020 #59
Probably not this week, month or year DFW Jan 2020 #61
Well Trump might attack California Zorro Jan 2020 #67
You drop the bomb on Mei, babeh. You drop the bomb on Mei. NCLefty Jan 2020 #60
Tbh, I think the idea of any evidence mattering is futile. Sophia_Of_PlanetX Jan 2020 #65
K&R! n/t PandoraAwakened Jan 2020 #68
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