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I'm sure they'll all be "gravely concerned" as they continue to vote for no witnesses. bearsfootball516 Jan 2020 #1
They may even issue a press release! getagrip_already Jan 2020 #26
Shaken not stirred . . . Iliyah Jan 2020 #2
Best post of the year!... First Speaker Jan 2020 #22
Yep! ancianita Jan 2020 #23
Lol. Exactly JDC Jan 2020 #25
We are at a point, where I'm assuming they know it's true, dewsgirl Jan 2020 #3
Exactly. I'm surprised so many here ... Whiskeytide Jan 2020 #6
Here's the question DeminPennswoods Jan 2020 #16
All of that is true except that trump CAN hurt ... Whiskeytide Jan 2020 #20
They aren't going to "see the light" D23MIURG23 Jan 2020 #30
You are correct moose65 Jan 2020 #12
Not when you represent a Red state. bearsfootball516 Jan 2020 #18
What would be the point of supporting Trump Mr.Bill Jan 2020 #27
The only thing repugs think about these days is... Hotler Jan 2020 #13
Not "shaken" enough to do the right thing, though. GoCubsGo Jan 2020 #4
People have already testified about this, and it's already substantiated bluedye33139 Jan 2020 #5
They can either hear what he has to say now, or be called out on their cover up later. Zolorp Jan 2020 #7
Even if they hear Bolton's testimony Ohiogal Jan 2020 #8
Hoping for a house manager presser on this Watchfoxheadexplodes Jan 2020 #9
Those pearls will undergo another round of severe clutching but that will probably be the extent of yellowcanine Jan 2020 #10
Yeah, sure sure.... Coventina Jan 2020 #11
Shaken, not stirred to action. NCLefty Jan 2020 #14
+1 denem Jan 2020 #31
K&R⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ spanone Jan 2020 #15
The only think they're shook about gratuitous Jan 2020 #17
Message auto-removed Name removed Jan 2020 #19
Yes, the real question, what does Bolton know about the relationship between trump and... NeoGreen Jan 2020 #21
..Senators are running out of Toro Ballistics..... Toorich Jan 2020 #24
Isn't this the point where there are only 2 choices. Vote for witnesses or kiss your a$$ goodbye? usaf-vet Jan 2020 #28
If Bolton testifies, Mr.Bill Jan 2020 #29
K&R! n/t PandoraAwakened Jan 2020 #32
They are like James Bond martinis Generic Brad Jan 2020 #33
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