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Yup. Pure evil. dhol82 Feb 2020 #1
Moscow Mitch has been in on the fix since 2016 ... he was told by the CIA, the FBI, and the NSA Botany Feb 2020 #2
THIS malaise Feb 2020 #40
Not all of them are "in on it" but all those that took Russian/NRA money are owned by Vlad as .... Botany Feb 2020 #41
He knew 2016 was going to be rigged The Wizard Feb 2020 #3
Wut?? Please elaborate re: last sentence. EndlessWire Feb 2020 #23
I had to look it up, but here's an old article about it. kag Feb 2020 #30
Miss McConnell...PERFECT. Volaris Feb 2020 #33
I saw him swishing The Wizard Feb 2020 #35
this RAB910 Feb 2020 #4
If I had to look at that every day, TNNurse Feb 2020 #6
LOL! n/t EndlessWire Feb 2020 #24
That's the most accurate depiction of evil oozing out of a person lunatica Feb 2020 #25
That face wouldn't last very long as a pinup on my wall... Hermit-The-Prog Feb 2020 #26
If the villain in a 1919 silent film melodrama did this, the scene would be cut for overacting. Midnight Writer Feb 2020 #36
I'd like Soxfan58 Feb 2020 #5
Satan's Representative to all Turtlekind(tm) NCLefty Feb 2020 #7
This man - not Trump - is the real problem. nt SylviaD Feb 2020 #8
The senate has to be taken in November. slater71 Feb 2020 #15
I agree. The Senate is just as important as the presidency. Lonestarblue Feb 2020 #16
I get it. EndlessWire Feb 2020 #27
"Hoo-Ray for Dixie! Hoo-Ray!" Kid Berwyn Feb 2020 #9
"Smell my thumb!" panader0 Feb 2020 #10
What a disgusting piece of shit. llmart Feb 2020 #11
Nothing makes mitch happier than ratfucking America spanone Feb 2020 #12
God, he is one evil, ugly motherfucker! smirkymonkey Feb 2020 #37
He joins a long line of infamous American politicians... paleotn Feb 2020 #13
Thanks for the links -- Moscow Mitch belongs amongst them ... Hermit-The-Prog Feb 2020 #28
Can't argue with that. volstork Feb 2020 #14
Also the face of anti-American ugly world wide wally Feb 2020 #17
Dems make a giant mistake treating RepubliCONs as if they are statesmen... polichick Feb 2020 #18
Anyone know the names of the 2 staffers in the photo? irisblue Feb 2020 #19
The woman is Stephanie Muchow / Stefanie Hager Muchow dalton99a Feb 2020 #20
The woman sure looks happy PatSeg Feb 2020 #21
I loathe him even more than Trump. Neema Feb 2020 #22
I think I'll save a bag of UpInArms Feb 2020 #29
Only if you feed them something that gives them Neema Feb 2020 #39
He will not be fondly remembered. madamesilverspurs Feb 2020 #31
...and a man who needs a good dentist, apparently. I bet his breath stinks as much as his politics. C Moon Feb 2020 #32
As ugly on the inside as the outside. BigmanPigman Feb 2020 #34
Totalitarian Man moondust Feb 2020 #38
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