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22. Shh! Quiet! you will give the secret away.....
Sat Mar 7, 2020, 11:11 PM
Mar 2020

I'm going to tell you, but remember, it's a secret, ok?

We write SECRET messages on it, and tack them to telephone poles across the country. Other people in our cell pick them up and act on our orders.

We have billions of followers, so each night it takes a lot of rolls to get the message out.

Just roll with it. Act quickly once you get your commands. But remember to destroy your square with a thorough wipe and flush. It is the only way to stop them.

They are coming, I have to tack qui

Toilet paper [View all] brokephibroke Mar 2020 OP
You bet! Newest Reality Mar 2020 #1
Perhaps a lot of people are becoming self-aware and realize that they are full of 💩 TheBlackAdder Mar 2020 #25
I can see buying a few months supply, but some have enough to last for years. hlthe2b Mar 2020 #2
My local Costco gets regular shipments of toilet paper. They're gone the same day they come in. Eyeball_Kid Mar 2020 #12
I was just in a King Soopers (owned by Krogers). They had TP, but they were way down hlthe2b Mar 2020 #20
At the Kroger/King Soopers stores, I try to buy Scott t.p. Laffy Kat Mar 2020 #39
That's where I went to get supplies 2naSalit Mar 2020 #28
Where is your Costco store? at140 Mar 2020 #34
This message was self-deleted by its author democratisphere Mar 2020 #3
Maybe beanie babies will finally be worth something. brokephibroke Mar 2020 #5
I'm gonna start selling it by the foot uppityperson Mar 2020 #4
Sell by the square. Tell people they are mini replica confederate flags. Perfectly okay to wipe brewens Mar 2020 #13
If trump needs some, we can say... Roland99 Mar 2020 #19
A friend of mine was recently in Cuba.. They were selling by the perforated sheet. mitch96 Mar 2020 #42
... handmade34 Mar 2020 #6
A Friend Gave Us TP With Trump's Face pdxflyboy Mar 2020 #7
We're on our last roll from 2016. We use it for special occasions. Eyeball_Kid Mar 2020 #16
Diarrhea may be a symptom of the Covid virus? I'm guessing? YOHABLO Mar 2020 #8
Maybe but brokephibroke Mar 2020 #9
I don't think so Rorey Mar 2020 #15
Well I would love to know the need to stock up on toilet paper myself. YOHABLO Mar 2020 #18
I may not want to leave my home for a few months much or do anything in a public place. applegrove Mar 2020 #10
Now that would be a sight to behold brokephibroke Mar 2020 #11
Oh it is happening already. applegrove Mar 2020 #14
I'll have to hit the local Walmart tomorrow brokephibroke Mar 2020 #17
Profiteer!!! applegrove Mar 2020 #21
I see it as compassionate capitalism brokephibroke Mar 2020 #24
Can you imagine if there is no run on toiletpaper? You'll spend the rest of applegrove Mar 2020 #30
With trump decimating the USDA brokephibroke Mar 2020 #36
Shhh. Don't remind people this virus if from unregulated markets in applegrove Mar 2020 #38
You wouldn't be the first, broke! Leghorn21 Mar 2020 #23
Perhaps we need a TP syndicate brokephibroke Mar 2020 #26
Then you could corner the market and be the big player in toiletpaper applegrove Mar 2020 #33
Shh! Quiet! you will give the secret away..... getagrip_already Mar 2020 #22
LOL. brokephibroke Mar 2020 #27
I got a big package of TP this last Monday. blogslut Mar 2020 #29
In Hong Kong TP is currency! at140 Mar 2020 #31
I think that there are two or three things going on. RockRaven Mar 2020 #32
They are afraid there will be mandatory quarantines TexasBushwhacker Mar 2020 #35
The alternatives are not great Renew Deal Mar 2020 #37
Well there is the old hose and corn cob tactic....... uff... that's gonna hurt.. nt mitch96 Mar 2020 #43
I noticed a run on isopropyl alcohol and liquid hand soap at my local WalMart. Beartracks Mar 2020 #40
isn't it obvious? rainin Mar 2020 #41
Went to Costco on Thursday. The toilet paper aisle was mobbed. comradebillyboy Mar 2020 #44
At my Costco today Olafjoy Mar 2020 #45
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