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40. I noticed a run on isopropyl alcohol and liquid hand soap at my local WalMart.
Sat Mar 7, 2020, 11:36 PM
Mar 2020

The cold medicine section was still pretty well stocked, though. And still plenty of bread, toilet paper, soup, ramen... the usual "hunker down" items.


Toilet paper [View all] brokephibroke Mar 2020 OP
You bet! Newest Reality Mar 2020 #1
Perhaps a lot of people are becoming self-aware and realize that they are full of 💩 TheBlackAdder Mar 2020 #25
I can see buying a few months supply, but some have enough to last for years. hlthe2b Mar 2020 #2
My local Costco gets regular shipments of toilet paper. They're gone the same day they come in. Eyeball_Kid Mar 2020 #12
I was just in a King Soopers (owned by Krogers). They had TP, but they were way down hlthe2b Mar 2020 #20
At the Kroger/King Soopers stores, I try to buy Scott t.p. Laffy Kat Mar 2020 #39
That's where I went to get supplies 2naSalit Mar 2020 #28
Where is your Costco store? at140 Mar 2020 #34
This message was self-deleted by its author democratisphere Mar 2020 #3
Maybe beanie babies will finally be worth something. brokephibroke Mar 2020 #5
I'm gonna start selling it by the foot uppityperson Mar 2020 #4
Sell by the square. Tell people they are mini replica confederate flags. Perfectly okay to wipe brewens Mar 2020 #13
If trump needs some, we can say... Roland99 Mar 2020 #19
A friend of mine was recently in Cuba.. They were selling by the perforated sheet. mitch96 Mar 2020 #42
... handmade34 Mar 2020 #6
A Friend Gave Us TP With Trump's Face pdxflyboy Mar 2020 #7
We're on our last roll from 2016. We use it for special occasions. Eyeball_Kid Mar 2020 #16
Diarrhea may be a symptom of the Covid virus? I'm guessing? YOHABLO Mar 2020 #8
Maybe but brokephibroke Mar 2020 #9
I don't think so Rorey Mar 2020 #15
Well I would love to know the need to stock up on toilet paper myself. YOHABLO Mar 2020 #18
I may not want to leave my home for a few months much or do anything in a public place. applegrove Mar 2020 #10
Now that would be a sight to behold brokephibroke Mar 2020 #11
Oh it is happening already. applegrove Mar 2020 #14
I'll have to hit the local Walmart tomorrow brokephibroke Mar 2020 #17
Profiteer!!! applegrove Mar 2020 #21
I see it as compassionate capitalism brokephibroke Mar 2020 #24
Can you imagine if there is no run on toiletpaper? You'll spend the rest of applegrove Mar 2020 #30
With trump decimating the USDA brokephibroke Mar 2020 #36
Shhh. Don't remind people this virus if from unregulated markets in applegrove Mar 2020 #38
You wouldn't be the first, broke! Leghorn21 Mar 2020 #23
Perhaps we need a TP syndicate brokephibroke Mar 2020 #26
Then you could corner the market and be the big player in toiletpaper applegrove Mar 2020 #33
Shh! Quiet! you will give the secret away..... getagrip_already Mar 2020 #22
LOL. brokephibroke Mar 2020 #27
I got a big package of TP this last Monday. blogslut Mar 2020 #29
In Hong Kong TP is currency! at140 Mar 2020 #31
I think that there are two or three things going on. RockRaven Mar 2020 #32
They are afraid there will be mandatory quarantines TexasBushwhacker Mar 2020 #35
The alternatives are not great Renew Deal Mar 2020 #37
Well there is the old hose and corn cob tactic....... uff... that's gonna hurt.. nt mitch96 Mar 2020 #43
I noticed a run on isopropyl alcohol and liquid hand soap at my local WalMart. Beartracks Mar 2020 #40
isn't it obvious? rainin Mar 2020 #41
Went to Costco on Thursday. The toilet paper aisle was mobbed. comradebillyboy Mar 2020 #44
At my Costco today Olafjoy Mar 2020 #45
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