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lol, questioning *anything* about OSW will get you flamed. toss in clinton, and we can have a bbq! dionysus Jan 2012 #1
ROFL... I totally agree. n/t vaberella Jan 2012 #13
+1 Tarheel_Dem Jan 2012 #37
why i aughta.. karate choppin at me.. i'll answer with... dionysus Jan 2012 #47
"handful of identifiable specific goals" Agreed. Taverner Jan 2012 #2
They have, just that the NYT will not bother nadinbrzezinski Jan 2012 #6
So Bill Clinton is one of those who are easily fooled? randome Jan 2012 #53
" How dare you " and the fact he was in Australia on 9/11 orpupilofnature57 Jan 2012 #3
As I pointed out yesterday they do nadinbrzezinski Jan 2012 #4
but what do they want? Enrique Jan 2012 #9
No one knows what they want! Fire Walk With Me Jan 2012 #17
You can't explain it! pinboy3niner Jan 2012 #24
Those are not realizable in a time frame that helps a movement grow. cthulu2016 Jan 2012 #10
Look at move to Ammend nadinbrzezinski Jan 2012 #14
"Civil rights took at least thirty years...the suffragists took fifty..." cthulu2016 Jan 2012 #19
But to say they have no agenda is a media narrative nadinbrzezinski Jan 2012 #20
We cannot sensibly accept that the media doesn't take it seriously cthulu2016 Jan 2012 #26
You are one thousand percent correct. randome Jan 2012 #54
Your point #1 is excellent! Dewey Finn Jan 2012 #18
The San Diego occupation is voting tomorrow nadinbrzezinski Jan 2012 #25
Thanks! Dewey Finn Jan 2012 #27
I'll have to watch it online nadinbrzezinski Jan 2012 #34
THANK YOU! (nt) fascisthunter Jan 2012 #55
Yep, agree! I also think it would give focus on some concrete doable goals for all RKP5637 Jan 2012 #5
See post number four nadinbrzezinski Jan 2012 #7
Thanks nadin, as always! When the weather warms up it will help a lot, it sort of got in RKP5637 Jan 2012 #8
I always thought... NancyRamirez Jan 2012 #11
You can never defeat a large machine attacking the head first. Bruce Wayne Jan 2012 #12
For the long term Clinton is right. wandy Jan 2012 #15
Who does the 1% feed ,who do they starve ? orpupilofnature57 Jan 2012 #32
Brutal repression of the protests has already set an important agenda item... JackRiddler Jan 2012 #16
I agree! cthulu2016 Jan 2012 #21
I find the goals of the OWS movement pretty clear. Cleita Jan 2012 #22
Bingo. Bill is part of the 1%. eom tledford Jan 2012 #31
Excatly ,hurtful but True orpupilofnature57 Jan 2012 #41
It isn't a goal without a method to reach it. randome Jan 2012 #56
How can they? It takes legislators to change things. Cleita Jan 2012 #57
Not sure which OWS Clinton is referring to. The Demands and Objectives Committee of coalition_unwilling Jan 2012 #23
He is referring to the NYT version of OWS. nadinbrzezinski Jan 2012 #28
This is the BEST discussion of OWS that I've seen since I've started lurking on DU K&R maggiesfarmer Jan 2012 #29
Nothing personal, but media bias is a serious problem. nadinbrzezinski Jan 2012 #30
you bet, and definitely nothing personal maggiesfarmer Jan 2012 #33
They have by creating a whole paralel media nadinbrzezinski Jan 2012 #36
Spot on, re: media. cthulu2016 Jan 2012 #35
This is not a candidate here nadinbrzezinski Jan 2012 #38
If a mass movement's job is not to get attention then why occupy at all? cthulu2016 Jan 2012 #39
Here is the practical problem nadinbrzezinski Jan 2012 #42
What's that progression? First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you... cthulu2016 Jan 2012 #43
And we are at the they fight you stage in some things nadinbrzezinski Jan 2012 #44
Why the hell would the media cover 'occu-carols'? randome Jan 2012 #50
This message was self-deleted by its author nadinbrzezinski Jan 2012 #51
You just make yourself look foolish when you do that. randome Jan 2012 #52
To teach about inequality could be a goal. To bond the 99% with each other could be a goal. applegrove Jan 2012 #40
right now i`m far more impressed by what is going on in wisconsin madrchsod Jan 2012 #45
this is an interesting point. maggiesfarmer Jan 2012 #46
Wisconsin is more concentrated, with more people involved in one area Fire Walk With Me Jan 2012 #48
First they are nadinbrzezinski Jan 2012 #49
Objectives vs. Platform kurt_cagle Jan 2012 #58
About the Clinton thing cthulu2016 Jan 2012 #59
Something else Bill Clinton said about OWS: “I think what they’re doing is great" pinboy3niner Jan 2012 #60
Dopey me, I forgot that section nadinbrzezinski Jan 2012 #61
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