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23. Thank you!!
Sat Apr 4, 2020, 05:27 PM
Apr 2020

I was wondering who they were....it's the most cringe worthy thing I have seen in awhile. *shudder*
Fox is deploying bottle blonde busty bimbos to please trump, looks like.

Kick empedocles Apr 2020 #1
Off to Facebook and Twitter! Mike Nelson Apr 2020 #2
Kick. MontanaMama Apr 2020 #3
Is anyone here watching Westworld? librechik Apr 2020 #4
I am getting more a Stepford Wives feel from them exboyfil Apr 2020 #26
And when a RWer is proved horribly wrong, they just smile and LIE that they stopbush Apr 2020 #5
An eminence front, part of their game construct. They know "people forget" so they construct ancianita Apr 2020 #15
Post Keith Moon The Who exboyfil Apr 2020 #27
Oh, you bet... Newest Reality Apr 2020 #6
#FoxNewsLiedAsPeopleDied is trending on twitter DesertRat Apr 2020 #7
A couple real dumb asses! nt GitRDun Apr 2020 #8
They should be locked up. No BS. rockfordfile Apr 2020 #9
AMEN to that. BigDemVoter Apr 2020 #31
+1 Sent it out keithbvadu2 Apr 2020 #10
The Contrast IS Awful Absolute Kelvin Apr 2020 #11
Too busy bragging to do anything productive. Always comes back on them though. SammyWinstonJack Apr 2020 #12
It's What Happens DallasNE Apr 2020 #13
Always angling for that spokesmodel job. Baked Potato Apr 2020 #14
The spokeswoman on the left is Kayleigh McEnany. Sloumeau Apr 2020 #16
Thank you!! dixiegrrrrl Apr 2020 #23
Fox News can go eat a steaming bag of rancid dog shit. Initech Apr 2020 #17
There won't be enough ad space left to air all of the wrong right-wing parrots. ffr Apr 2020 #18
Some station needs to start a new program. Dem2theMax Apr 2020 #19
You might have used different wording in your title line. William769 Apr 2020 #20
Awful prez projecting again. He's so fucking boring. rickyhall Apr 2020 #21
This just makes me want to smash her in the face and I'm not a violent person. Fla Dem Apr 2020 #22
Wonderful. warmfeet Apr 2020 #24
It should be illegal to call your business 'news' when it is all opinion. spanone Apr 2020 #25
That's it in a nutshell...a Republican Media Conglomorate lying and being lied to by a Trump OAITW r.2.0 Apr 2020 #28
Lying Fucking Bitches... diverdownjt Apr 2020 #29
Well, she is right Aussie105 Apr 2020 #30
I just saw that on twitter & Retweeted it.. those Lyin' slimey Cha Apr 2020 #32
I long for the day DFW Apr 2020 #33
WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!?!? Upthevibe Apr 2020 #34
Kick dalton99a Apr 2020 #35
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