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The Magistrate

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Tue Apr 14, 2020, 09:11 PM Apr 2020

Deep Hate For The Cheap Thug Trump Is The Ground Of This Election, Ladies And Gentlemen [View all]

The pundits of our commentariat miss this, because their attitude towards politics is fundamentally frivolous. They view it as a species of pennant race, and themselves as either prognosticators or cheerleaders. Never as participants, never as people affected by the outcome.

Therefore they are blind to the deep emotions and passions which do move the people who turn out to vote. Especially when these emotions have no place in a civics textbook, and are things people are expected to rise above in performing a civic duty.

But is precisely these base feelings which move people most strongly. Racism, detestation of women and worship of the manly are standard features directing actual voters' behavior. Even more important is tribalism, the simple cultivation and satisfaction of group identity, of being joined with together people, with folks like you and me. There is love of a charismatic figure, identifying with this magical person and feeling the better for it. And there is hatred, hatred for a devil in human form, hatred for a devil who seeks destruction of the country and the things you love. Hatred for a devil who has got a good way towards success in wreaking the evil ends he desires.

Decent, patriotic citizens are today moved in overwhelming numbers by hatred for such a devil in human form, and make fewer and fewer bones daily about openly expressing their hatred, and mean to give it its fullest possible effect at the polls. There is nothing whatever wrong with this feeling, and people who have hearts too gentle for it would do well to get out of its way, for those moved by it do not want to hear about how 'this makes you just like them' or 'that's just going to hurt you worse'. People who know this devil must be destroyed do not care what success may cost themselves, and do not care what people may think of what they do. They are cheered by realizing there are many, many people who feel as they do, and know they constitute a tribe, a large and vigorous fighting tribe. That will destroy the devil or die trying.

This is the sort of thing people trying to show their understanding of 'the process' by successfully guessing what will happen next week, people who stand on the sidelines waving pom-poms and chanting ludicrous rhymes of encouragement or horror, simply cannot see, no matter how plainly they are spread before their eyes.

But it is there.

Heaven knows it is there.

"Defeat of a hated enemy is something to be for."

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along with his republican accomplices who only care about $$, not for humanity nt msongs Apr 2020 #1
A One Historic Devil Once Said, Ma'am The Magistrate Apr 2020 #18
Indeed! SheltieLover Apr 2020 #2
This is why ibegurpard Apr 2020 #3
"The enthusiasm to punish Repukes is off the charts." liberalla Apr 2020 #8
45-47% of polled voters think otherwise.. ramen Apr 2020 #13
"half of the folks being asked say everything is fine" ... That's off the charts itself uponit7771 Apr 2020 #16
Even Rasmussen, Sir The Magistrate Apr 2020 #19
Great post Sir malaise Apr 2020 #4
Thank You, Ma'am The Magistrate Apr 2020 #22
K&R Solomon Apr 2020 #5
Eloquent. K&R for visibility. crickets Apr 2020 #6
Kick dalton99a Apr 2020 #7
Well put Sir, especially the last line of your first paragraph - i.e. the pundits. "Never as c-rational Apr 2020 #9
Thank You, Sir The Magistrate Apr 2020 #23
Appreciate your reasoned responses and some thoughts. c-rational Apr 2020 #30
Again, Sir, Many Thanks For Your KInd Words The Magistrate Apr 2020 #31
Yep not fooled Apr 2020 #10
They Certainly Have, Ma'am The Magistrate Apr 2020 #51
Yup. This is where we are. Joinfortmill Apr 2020 #11
I Am Glad You Agree, Ma'am The Magistrate Apr 2020 #26
Well said and may explain why Dems prevailed in Wisconsin and risked their life to vote. Pepsidog Apr 2020 #12
I Think That Explains Wisconsin As Well, Sir The Magistrate Apr 2020 #32
I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him demtenjeep Apr 2020 #14
All Decent Human Beings Do, Sir The Magistrate Apr 2020 #33
Well said, Sir. kentuck Apr 2020 #15
Thank You, My Friend The Magistrate Apr 2020 #34
Agreed greenjar_01 Apr 2020 #17
Thank You, Sir The Magistrate Apr 2020 #44
kick for visibility lamp_shade Apr 2020 #20
Manly? Dworkin Apr 2020 #21
Not A Term I Would Apply To The Cheap Thug Either, Sir The Magistrate Apr 2020 #45
You have nailed it! qallunat Apr 2020 #24
Welcome To The Forum, Sir The Magistrate Apr 2020 #25
Thank you for the welcome! qallunat Apr 2020 #28
Thank You Very Much, Sir, For That Excellent Briefing The Magistrate Apr 2020 #29
This message was self-deleted by its author geralmar Apr 2020 #36
Well said! MountainMama Apr 2020 #37
True, Sir, But Where Passion Runs High, More People Go To The Polls The Magistrate Apr 2020 #38
It was my pleasure qallunat Apr 2020 #41
Do trump cultists realize how many of us there are and how deeply we hate him? mwb970 Apr 2020 #27
No, They Do Not, Sir The Magistrate Apr 2020 #42
I think it was an exit poll from the Dem. primary in State of Washington GusBob Apr 2020 #35
I Have Seen Similar Figures, Sir The Magistrate Apr 2020 #43
Righteous rant... Wounded Bear Apr 2020 #39
Thank You, My Friend The Magistrate Apr 2020 #48
Fine, as long as the criminal conspirators go down WITH him. Hortensis Apr 2020 #40
It Is True, Ma'am, The Cheap Thug Is A Symptom Of An Underlying Sickness The Magistrate Apr 2020 #49
Hear, hear. There could be no McConnells without the voters Hortensis Apr 2020 #50
Huge kick and rec. love_katz Apr 2020 #46
Thank You, Ma'am The Magistrate Apr 2020 #53
I am back because of my visceral hate for Trump and his supporters. Tommymac Apr 2020 #47
I Know The Feeling, Sir The Magistrate Apr 2020 #55
Yes, I hate Trump, McConnell and all the rest of these disgusting shills for PatrickforO Apr 2020 #52
"Defeat of a hated enemy is something to be for." yortsed snacilbuper Apr 2020 #54
kick yortsed snacilbuper Apr 2020 #56
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