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26. I saw part of an interview he did today from Arizona where he is now
Wed May 6, 2020, 02:43 AM
May 2020

manipulating the narrative to say, "I was the one who did the shut-downs. Saved millions of lives." As states open up and testing begins to reveal the extent of the pandemic, he'll claim he wanted everyone to stay in place.

Creating his own reality each and every day.

"People are saying that after I quit, I'll still be working as hard as before! Many many people!" struggle4progress May 2020 #1
Did he really say that? Cha May 2020 #3
I don't think so -- but it's true whether he said it or not struggle4progress May 2020 #15
Thank You, EarlG.. Yep, trumpass is a Quitter. Cha May 2020 #2
K&R Solly Mack May 2020 #4
I saw part of an interview he did today from Arizona where he is now LuckyLib May 2020 #26
Yep. Solly Mack May 2020 #27
He only does things that benefit him, especially financially. Covid does not benefit him. He Tech May 2020 #5
exactly Demovictory9 May 2020 #25
Trump wants to get back out so he can do those damn MAGA rallies. Initech May 2020 #6
Not to mention the sex appeal bedazzled May 2020 #37
Take to the streets! Celebrate your champion! Initech May 2020 #38
I don't know how Jeff Goldblum does it bedazzled May 2020 #41
Yeah he was perfect as Grandmaster. Initech May 2020 #42
Loved that movie! The only bad part bedazzled May 2020 #43
The bodies will be falling at his feet. sheshe2 May 2020 #7
Exactly canetoad May 2020 #8
I assume... Newest Reality May 2020 #9
The buying & manufacturing consortium that Gov. Cuomo is putting together has me giddy eleny May 2020 #11
Me too! Newest Reality May 2020 #12
You're right about the divisive nature of Trump's plans eleny May 2020 #16
Yes. Newest Reality May 2020 #20
The destruction of the Federal government makes Massacre Mitch giddy with glee. Hermit-The-Prog May 2020 #29
He can run but he can't hide from empty store shelves and ... well ... deaths eleny May 2020 #10
yes Skittles May 2020 #14
you nail it, EarlG Skittles May 2020 #13
Twitler Quitter in Chief! AllyCat May 2020 #17
When You're Lazy, This Is What Happens DallasNE May 2020 #18
you nail it, DallasNE Skittles May 2020 #40
"What's next?" you ask yonder May 2020 #19
Next up for Trump, he will hold rallies. For the rest of us, we cover up, stay as hidden as possible TeamPooka May 2020 #21
HE wants everyone to go out and DIE so he can be yuiyoshida May 2020 #22
Christie seems to think he can read into it or it being trumpism Wash. state Desk Jet May 2020 #23
China. denem May 2020 #24
Beyond lots of dead Americans? I wish I knew. nt littlemissmartypants May 2020 #28
The only thing we can be sure of with Trump is that he'll only be thinking of what will benefit him Rhiannon12866 May 2020 #30
Trump has now dumped the idea Botany May 2020 #31
It gives him the excuse to begin his rallies anew. kentuck May 2020 #32
Not quitting. Surrender. He is waving the white flag of surrender. SoonerPride May 2020 #33
He always claims the opposite of the truth duforsure May 2020 #34
It's what he does best..Quit..Except HipChick May 2020 #35
He is attempting to claim victory. Happy Hoosier May 2020 #36
Just because he says he's going to do something doesn't mean he's going to do it Bucky May 2020 #39
civil unrest is gathering steam, I fear bigtree May 2020 #44
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