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"hoping to rev up his MAGA rallies as soon as possible in an effort to rally his base." ehrnst May 2020 #1
I think/fear you're right...n/t ewagner May 2020 #41
"Why didn't those selfish people try harder to stay alive? Now they've hurt my re-election chances!" struggle4progress May 2020 #2
trump won't accept that DownriverDem May 2020 #42
We all use news aggregators and I'm not out to "get" Rawstory, but could we also recognize WAPO hlthe2b May 2020 #3
Why don't we take the WAPO story and make an unfalsifiable headline out of it! Shermann May 2020 #12
Yeah, RawStory sucks PJMcK May 2020 #13
I would do both...WP has a paywall sometimes the only place you can read such stories is Demsrule86 May 2020 #70
Or the motherfucking asshole piece of shit Nature Man May 2020 #4
I'm waiting for the concession speech malaise May 2020 #5
Don't hold your breath, my friend PJMcK May 2020 #15
I disagree malaise May 2020 #26
Yup. He knows he has from Nov to Jan AleksS May 2020 #52
Yep! smb May 2020 #87
Chump certainly had the angriest acceptance speech of all time. Totally Tunsie May 2020 #81
As George W. said on that occasion... Grasswire2 May 2020 #88
GW was never more correct! Totally Tunsie May 2020 #89
And I bet no one (other than the press) will be wearing face masks at his Nuremberg rallies. sop May 2020 #6
I Hope So for their Sakes! McKim May 2020 #31
"Every crowd has a silver lining" - P.T. Barnum sop May 2020 #36
Ouch! calimary May 2020 #50
OOOHHH! Good one! machoneman May 2020 #56
MAGA rally not fooled May 2020 #47
They will just stack the 50 or so fools that show up behind him Squidly May 2020 #80
Rallying his base Chainfire May 2020 #7
"harder on him than third grade arithmetic was." MyOwnPeace May 2020 #32
the antichrist will find a way beachbumbob May 2020 #8
I can't bring myself to sympathize Vogon_Glory May 2020 #9
I was thinking more of Hitler and Eva in the bunker, or Tsar Nicholas II and the Romanov family. sop May 2020 #18
Batista Vogon_Glory May 2020 #20
But who would have him? RainCaster May 2020 #55
There are nice views in the Russian Federation Vogon_Glory May 2020 #65
Oh my...Please don't give Chump one extra day! Totally Tunsie May 2020 #82
At least not fooled May 2020 #48
More like el douche Benito Mussolini's cin cin with "Colonel Valerio" n/t Lock him up. May 2020 #72
I wouldn't be opposed lanlady May 2020 #74
Well he has an out now GusBob May 2020 #10
+1 n/t Laelth May 2020 #17
And he's got no one to blame other than himself (but of course he won't). Extremely ... SWBTATTReg May 2020 #24
Not so sure he'd have lost if Covid-19 had never happened. Jedi Guy May 2020 #37
You are right and GusBob May 2020 #39
And if he'd done a credible job handling the virus not fooled May 2020 #53
Good points GusBob May 2020 #57
If he'd done a decent job of handling the virus, he'd be in good shape. Jedi Guy May 2020 #58
Well then, PCIntern May 2020 #60
I think he was trying to go there with his wild claims that the virus is a "Democratic hoax." Jedi Guy May 2020 #63
Yeah. That's the ticket. PCIntern May 2020 #66
"Glum and shellshocked." Aristus May 2020 #11
Looks like he only cares about WINNING. You'd think that he would secondwind May 2020 #14
He is an addict. Those rallies are HIS FIX. secondwind May 2020 #16
Then he will really throw a tantrum duforsure May 2020 #19
Eat shit and die, trump Blue Owl May 2020 #21
he won't live long enough to experience all the misery he deserves NRaleighLiberal May 2020 #22
That's the sad part, "he won't live long enough to experience," Butterflylady May 2020 #38
if he lived 100 years more in misery it wouldn't nearly be enough NRaleighLiberal May 2020 #43
I truly believe that if it looks as if he is going to lose essme May 2020 #23
Someone should explain the concept of "cause and effect" to the Donald DFW May 2020 #25
Awww, poor little man baby zeusdogmom May 2020 #27
The only thing slower than Trump's mind is Trump's economy bucolic_frolic May 2020 #28
Trump is mentally ill and needs to be replaced. Yavin4 May 2020 #29
Do the right thing Tink41 May 2020 #30
That would require him to b a nice guy. He has no concept of what that is. nt. Hotler May 2020 #54
Sure, Donwald. Hold some huge rallies! MineralMan May 2020 #33
Hey why aren't they holding those rallies now? After all its a fake virus cstanleytech May 2020 #34
Rally attendance will be very low. JohnnyRingo May 2020 #35
Like your thinking here. Yeah, let's show those overhead drone views of just how tiny.... machoneman May 2020 #59
Nice thought, but any drones stand a good chance of being shot down. Totally Tunsie May 2020 #83
Question for the assembled group GusBob May 2020 #40
we are already seeing the Biden attack strategy via Reade in full swing NRaleighLiberal May 2020 #44
Yes of course GusBob May 2020 #46
He was never on a glide path to reelection... paleotn May 2020 #45
+1000000 crickets May 2020 #73
Very well put paleotn lanlady May 2020 #75
Trump, at long last, has a really good idea Martin Eden May 2020 #49
Hmm- Kinda would like to see another rally packman May 2020 #51
Yes! Maybe a really long three-day rally in a 70,000 seat packed stadium. Alex4Martinez May 2020 #61
People dying? "Meh, who cares." Grokenstein May 2020 #62
It is always all about him. May he stroke out, the f'n sociopath. niyad May 2020 #64
These stories are designed to give Democrats a false sense of security ecstatic May 2020 #67
He is not going anywhere Reality Check 2020 May 2020 #91
I hope the stable genius starts holding rallies right away! Yeehah May 2020 #68
By all means, "Rev up those MAGA rallies". SergeStorms May 2020 #69
Donald probably could have won reelection easily Raftergirl May 2020 #71
"High dollar, in-person fundraiser" is a nice way of saying NoRoadUntravelled May 2020 #76
Maybe he can have "a Warden Norton moment" Botany May 2020 #77
He's playing with fire. If there was ever an almost 74-year old who was at risk, this is him. BComplex May 2020 #78
Yeah rallies in those areas are a great idea..Have them gather helpisontheway May 2020 #79
It's said that the Lord works in mysterious ways. Totally Tunsie May 2020 #84
it is NOT coronavirus that is crippling him Skittles May 2020 #85
He wants a "high-dollar, in-person fundraiser" in June does he? Please do proceed, sir. ... Hekate May 2020 #86
No empathy for 80,000 dead citizens. No empathy for 22,000,000 unemployed SoonerPride May 2020 #90
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