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Good. ismnotwasm May 2020 #1
Great. Maybe it will give him heart failure. Squinch May 2020 #2
He'll claim he was poisoned. Baitball Blogger May 2020 #3
And Obama did it. Squinch May 2020 #5
Or Biden? imanamerican63 May 2020 #10
But Hillary cooked up the scheme. Squinch May 2020 #11
Vast Left Wing Shadow Government Conspiracy lunatica May 2020 #18
He will claim that Obama left bad hydroxychloroquine in the medicine cabinet. n/t whopis01 May 2020 #51
drumph *says* he's taking it. Bullshit. There's got to be $$$ involved. nt blaze May 2020 #4
Yep. I'm with you. I think he's doing this to boost sales so he can profit. TheBlackAdder May 2020 #7
That's it. zentrum May 2020 #22
From what I understand, RDANGELO May 2020 #6
Yes and... malaise May 2020 #8
Or an autoimmune disease. Ace Rothstein May 2020 #25
It's also an old standby for people with autoimmune disorders, Hortensis May 2020 #54
does that mean he has covid? TalenaGor May 2020 #9
I don't believe it! Aviation91 May 2020 #12
Is he saying he has COVID? Sogo May 2020 #13
As a preventive, according to him. Luz May 2020 #56
I bet he's not. WhiskeyGrinder May 2020 #14
Placebo. nt. druidity33 May 2020 #57
So, he has a prescription? From where? Who is his supplier? The same as his Adderall guy? Midnight Writer May 2020 #15
I don't believe that comes out of his mouth. That being said, I hope he has heart problems. walkingman May 2020 #16
Has he shoved a UV light up his big fat butt, too? The Velveteen Ocelot May 2020 #17
I don't believe this. zentrum May 2020 #19
Thus upping the death count. lunatica May 2020 #20
He's lying and he's lying to get his minions to bother their physicians for a prescription no_hypocrisy May 2020 #21
Well, if he is Vogon_Glory May 2020 #23
Reactions like this are what they are counting on BannonsLiver May 2020 #24
Liar, Liar, His Pants On Fire Me. May 2020 #26
He's just confused because he eats a whole box of Hydrox cookies for breakfast Salviati May 2020 #27
Oh, he's effing making that up essme May 2020 #28
He's probably lying wryter2000 May 2020 #29
He's throwing the bones betting he doesn't get it. Hugin May 2020 #31
Does he use a bleach chaser in kool-aid to choke the pill down with? Hugin May 2020 #30
I doubt one pill is enough, he should double down. dem4decades May 2020 #32
He should take one every hour, just to be sure. LuvNewcastle May 2020 #45
I hear Obama thinks he should take less. dem4decades May 2020 #46
It really bothers me when the news takes lies he tells and broadcasts them! Aviation91 May 2020 #33
Bullshit... lame54 May 2020 #34
10 days? That backdates it to the Katie Miller positive test revelation. bullwinkle428 May 2020 #35
So he says n/t shanti May 2020 #36
riiiiiiiiight musette_sf May 2020 #37
Who knows if he's even telling the truth. ecstatic May 2020 #38
I don't yet believe him mvd May 2020 #47
They are probably giving him Flintstones vitamins RhodeIslandOne May 2020 #39
This message was self-deleted by its author diva77 May 2020 #40
Chewable? nt DURHAM D May 2020 #41
Distraction. sarcasmo May 2020 #42
Good point. ecstatic May 2020 #49
Sugar pills krawhitham May 2020 #43
This message was self-deleted by its author eShirl May 2020 #44
Right. SammyWinstonJack May 2020 #48
Why does Trump think he knows more than doctors? indigovalley May 2020 #50
And, "Mexico is paying for the wall", "the call was PERFECT" and he "hires the best people". nt Atticus May 2020 #52
I kinda doubt he does... Happy Hoosier May 2020 #53
Occam's Razor says he's lying misanthrope May 2020 #55
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