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Whoa, shit's getting real for racists. Mike 03 May 2020 #1
Power of the purse or right thinking? SayItLoud May 2020 #21
Excellent point wcast May 2020 #22
I believe it's both ... aggiesal May 2020 #26
What in the world? UpInArms May 2020 #2
So only white males mercuryblues May 2020 #3
The guy obviously would fit right into an episode of the handmaids tale easily, it would seem. sunonmars May 2020 #5
"If you were a bunch of women, I would have done the same thing." Huh? Clash City Rocker May 2020 #4
Introduced himself, thinking of future clients. Lochloosa May 2020 #6
"Good afternoon. I would like to intorduce myself, I am Tom Austin... johndaly May 2020 #13
It'd be a whole different world for him today... Iggo May 2020 #24
I see a new "peaceful resistance movement" coming. qwlauren35 May 2020 #7
I hope you are right about wnylib May 2020 #15
Qwlauren35 I completely agree MaryMagdaline May 2020 #20
the deplorables are not popular with me, but I can't imagine reporting them bucolic_frolic May 2020 #8
Good Sherman A1 May 2020 #9
Assholes be dumb. GeorgeGist May 2020 #10
"If you were a bunch of women, I would have done the same thing." IronLionZion May 2020 #11
Yeah, he's not helping his case mainer May 2020 #19
Exactly! nt brer cat May 2020 #25
Swift action should ALWAYS be taken Scarsdale May 2020 #12
Empowered by the RUMP plain and simple. NoMoreRepugs May 2020 #14
Now we know how widespread racism is, thanks to Donnie. zanana1 May 2020 #16
That's MAGA for you. IluvPitties May 2020 #18
I hope to see more "the rest of the story' accounts like this HAB911 May 2020 #17
As if people would break into an office building to illegally use the gym IronLionZion May 2020 #23
"If it were a bunch of women ..." WTF? aggiesal May 2020 #27
50,000 likes on Instagram rurallib May 2020 #28
The entitlement is unreal Johnny2X2X May 2020 #29
JHC They're STUPID! Cha May 2020 #30
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