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12. I didn't know she was Jewish. Interesting.
Tue Jun 23, 2020, 10:40 AM
Jun 2020

But I want to add a fictional conversation, here, between Gibson and his agent that immediately followed this interview:

Agent: Mel, this is Agent. I just saw you on Jake Tapper’s show.
Mel: Yeah? What did you think?
Agent: I think you’re an absolute, friggin’ moron who just made my job ten times harder. That’s what I think.
Mel: Now, wait a minute. You work for me.
Agent: That’s right. I actually WORK FOR YOU. I got you that appearance so that you could get some public exposure, look good, and remind everyone out there that you are still available for acting gigs. And you screw it all up by accusing Winona Ryder of being an “oven dodger.” An “oven dodger?” How am I supposed to work with that?
Mel: I was just joking.
Agent: Oh, I know. Hardy har har. Look, moron, that shit ain’t funny, and nobody is gonna care that you were “just joking.” You said it. People heard it, and now I am stuck with it. It’s gonna be MUCH harder for me to get you acting roles again.
Mel: I don’t have to listen to this shit. You work for me.
Agent: At this point, I will be lucky if I can get you a commercial gig peddling depends underwear, but I’ll try.
Mel: I can fire your ass, you know.
Agent: Go ahead! I doubt you could find another respectable agent at this point.
Mel thinks about it.
Mel: Fine. I’m going out for a drink. I’ll talk to you in the morning.
Agent: You do that. Just keep your mouth shut when you’re out in public, OK? That will be best for all concerned.


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