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Cirque du So-What

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7. Replies so far point to another important issue
Fri Aug 14, 2020, 11:29 AM
Aug 2020

the hodgepodge of laws regarding elections among the various states. It's another chapter in my diatribe against states' rights being manipulated to screw over the public.

Yeah, where possible. The USPS holding up outgoing ballots to voters is a real problem though soothsayer Aug 2020 #1
Hence my suggestion for requesting ballots early Cirque du So-What Aug 2020 #5
Right! soothsayer Aug 2020 #6
My local Supervisor of Elections started sending out recommendations to request csziggy Aug 2020 #23
OH doesn't even plan to start sending out ballots until Oct 6th. LisaL Aug 2020 #45
I'm not sure when they will start sending them out csziggy Aug 2020 #47
Yes yes yes...thank you..we must keep shouting this to everyone and everywhere Thekaspervote Aug 2020 #2
Many states do not allow one to drop off absentee/mail-in ballots. CottonBear Aug 2020 #3
TN is one of them! No drop off allowed SheltieLover Aug 2020 #15
I have heard that in some states, ballots dropped off at the BoE stopbush Aug 2020 #4
As I understand, provisionals aren't counted when they won't change the outcome sweetloukillbot Aug 2020 #9
Replies so far point to another important issue Cirque du So-What Aug 2020 #7
K&R SharonClark Aug 2020 #12
That is the way the Constitution was written csziggy Aug 2020 #26
Fedex and UPS could step up and deliver our votes for free. If they have the patriotic will. C_U_L8R Aug 2020 #8
Unfortunately, I don't think most / any states would allow that. lagomorph777 Aug 2020 #14
This message was self-deleted by its author morillon Aug 2020 #24
It's not allowed in many states. LisaL Aug 2020 #27
I hear ya. Maybe states need to step up more to protect our vote, C_U_L8R Aug 2020 #28
So, the same people that don't live near a post office are supposed to hail a UPS or FEDEX truck? Blue_true Aug 2020 #40
I was only suggesting that they might help some if Trump kneecaps the USPS C_U_L8R Aug 2020 #42
Do you trust FedEx and UPS? not_the_one Aug 2020 #50
If your state has drop boxes for ballots The Wizard Aug 2020 #10
Donny is removing all blue boxes as we speak DUgosh Aug 2020 #17
You're talking about USPS mailboxes Cirque du So-What Aug 2020 #21
each state has its own rules concerning modes of receiving and transmitting mail in ballots beachbumbob Aug 2020 #11
That is exactly my plan. In every state where that's legal/possible, we need to do that. lagomorph777 Aug 2020 #13
We are supposed to encourage people to stay home RhodeIslandOne Aug 2020 #16
People have a choice, stay home and don't vote like Trump want them to, or definitely vote and be Blue_true Aug 2020 #41
Look, I will crawl through a minefield to vote against this motherfucker RhodeIslandOne Aug 2020 #43
Unfortunately, to bring him to Justice we must remove him from office via the vote first. Blue_true Aug 2020 #46
Simple way to avoid their scheme is to wear a mask, and go vote in person. And by the way, SWBTATTReg Aug 2020 #18
The thing that I find nauseating is I see people that have talked about being in protests Blue_true Aug 2020 #44
Amen! I will eagerly stay up and wait until the results are in enough to finally say 'Biden' is SWBTATTReg Aug 2020 #49
My plan exactly snowybirdie Aug 2020 #19
I checked online with my supervisor of elections in my county Grammy23 Aug 2020 #20
I encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with their state laws regarding absentee ballots Cirque du So-What Aug 2020 #22
The forum is filled with these exact same posts and replies. SlogginThroughIt Aug 2020 #25
Even more so now Cirque du So-What Aug 2020 #30
Spotted any more posts? Cirque du So-What Aug 2020 #31
It's a huge fucking topic. SMC22307 Aug 2020 #32
It's in every other thread. If you don't like my post use the tools urself. SlogginThroughIt Aug 2020 #33
The difference is I'm not complaining about your post. SMC22307 Aug 2020 #34
I wasn't complaining. I was pointing it out. SlogginThroughIt Aug 2020 #35
Uh-huh. (n/t) SMC22307 Aug 2020 #38
ok SlogginThroughIt Aug 2020 #39
So then you need to provide links to them, let this be a nerve center against this Trumpian plot! ck4829 Aug 2020 #36
I don't have to do shit. SlogginThroughIt Aug 2020 #37
This is our plan. n/t phylny Aug 2020 #29
it's my plan SiliconValley_Dem Aug 2020 #48
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