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Yes! Yes! Yes! SallyHemmings Sep 2020 #1
The best part is that, while they are frantically trying to do damage control on the remakes, soldierant Sep 2020 #27
They backed off that, from what I understand. Gore1FL Sep 2020 #34
They're crowing that he saved it now Generic Brad Sep 2020 #68
someone said they reversed that LymphocyteLover Sep 2020 #36
I hear he's renaming it to Suckers and Losers. icymist Sep 2020 #41
"The Stars and Stripes" needs a front page story headline called " Suckers & Losers " KS Toronado Sep 2020 #64
He backed off SheltieLover Sep 2020 #47
Trump pretended he didn't know the S&S had been terminated. That way he could claim LastLiberal in PalmSprings Sep 2020 #65
Barf SheltieLover Sep 2020 #66
I'm gorging myself at a karmic buffet PlanetBev Sep 2020 #44
I'm ready for Biden/Harris to take it up another notch. Maybe a poke in his eye. nt NCjack Sep 2020 #69
Here's hoping he blows a vein... Blue Owl Sep 2020 #2
Walter Reed on alert! MerryBlooms Sep 2020 #3
An artery would be better....... magicarpet Sep 2020 #6
you know MFM008 Sep 2020 #58
fox trying to cover/not cover is also a delight. MerryBlooms Sep 2020 #4
My makers mark come out later! GulfCoast66 Sep 2020 #8
Oh, you know the way to my heart! I also love Maker's... Well, a good Bourbon in general. MerryBlooms Sep 2020 #10
have either of you tried Larceny? Squidly Sep 2020 #62
Solid wheated bourbon. Have not had it in a while but very smooth. GulfCoast66 Sep 2020 #79
What did you get? I've been wondering what I should stock up on, for that (hopefully) celebration. cos dem Sep 2020 #11
Weller's 12 year old. GulfCoast66 Sep 2020 #33
Buffalo Trace has another great bottom-shelf brand hurl Sep 2020 #46
It's not like Makers is high price. $25 a bottle. GulfCoast66 Sep 2020 #51
Jefferson dhol82 Sep 2020 #37
Respectfully not a fan. Too much of that rye spice. GulfCoast66 Sep 2020 #53
We have a nice bottle of leftieNanner Sep 2020 #31
I have Blanton's for election night Richard_GB Sep 2020 #76
Blanton's is solid. But I prefer the Buffalo Trace #1 mash bill which is wheated bourbon. GulfCoast66 Sep 2020 #78
Yes MaryMagdaline Sep 2020 #5
I'll enjoy it when it leads to something substantial nt intrepidity Sep 2020 #7
I'm waiting for SheltieLover Sep 2020 #9
My name is Flibbity and I am addicted to Trump downfall porn flibbitygiblets Sep 2020 #12
+1000 smirkymonkey Sep 2020 #15
I'm with you. PatrickforO Sep 2020 #20
And the aiders and abetters that are the Republican party. n/t Beartracks Sep 2020 #38
Well stated. NoRoadUntravelled Sep 2020 #45
+1,000! SheltieLover Sep 2020 #49
downfall porn MFM008 Sep 2020 #59
Fuckin A Flibbity! Wawannabe Sep 2020 #74
Oh yes. I hope they're sweating razon blades and acid. n/t sarge43 Sep 2020 #13
Not really Rebl2 Sep 2020 #14
I agree russiamommy Sep 2020 #22
my dad was USAF MFM008 Sep 2020 #60
I cannot leave it alone. . . . BigDemVoter Sep 2020 #16
Like flibbety said above MontanaMama Sep 2020 #17
I am mcar Sep 2020 #18
Yeah, after I got over the initial rage and utter disgust, I was pleased to see PatrickforO Sep 2020 #19
He'll come out fine. He's not looking to win the election. He'll steal it. johnthewoodworker Sep 2020 #21
How? paleotn Sep 2020 #25
the Stars and Stripes story as well barbtries Sep 2020 #23
I feast on their tears.... paleotn Sep 2020 #24
A maggot near me just said she doesn't believe Fox News because they lie all the time groundloop Sep 2020 #26
So who do they believe? peggysue2 Sep 2020 #28
They are willing Republican Salts that Russia has been using to weaken the United States. WyattKansas Sep 2020 #48
Nothing? I'm guessing they must be nihilists. Initech Sep 2020 #54
Amazing! SheltieLover Sep 2020 #50
Where have they been the last 20 years? Initech Sep 2020 #55
You know what really gets me? robbob Sep 2020 #63
It's snowballing. Johnny2X2X Sep 2020 #29
Positively reveling CanonRay Sep 2020 #30
Not me. You give maniacs problems they come up with maniacal solutions. Iggo Sep 2020 #32
The Atlantic as Princess Leia... sandensea Sep 2020 #35
As Chris Christie's cohort said about his revenge traffic blockage of a NJ-to-NY bridge: calimary Sep 2020 #39
The tears of the Deplorable's are safeinOhio Sep 2020 #40
I expect there to be one bombshell a week for the next 8 weeks SoonerPride Sep 2020 #42
Enjoy it while you can. cwydro Sep 2020 #43
Losers in the White House are scrambling vapor2 Sep 2020 #52
Not enough butter and popcorn in the world for this one! Initech Sep 2020 #56
Just enough to balance the nausea of what it is about relayerbob Sep 2020 #57
From an old Star Trek movie sellitman Sep 2020 #61
Now we need to finish off his political career Joinfortmill Sep 2020 #67
Happy days are here again... RainCaster Sep 2020 #70
deplorables are spinning this hard. I wonder in 2 months if it will change anything mucifer Sep 2020 #71
Yes, indeed! Nitram Sep 2020 #72
Loving every moment of it. Paladin Sep 2020 #73
It just got better: Nikki Haley is defending Trump now. GoCubsGo Sep 2020 #75
She wants to be accepted by racist whites JI7 Sep 2020 #77
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