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22. Ain't that the truth.But most Trumpers think the media is controlled by the left. To which I say,
Sun Sep 6, 2020, 12:18 PM
Sep 2020

years ago I had to get a subscription. To Sirius to even listen to lefty talk radio and that was slim pickings. Fox and right wing radio has settled these peoples' minds and ability to think. Many rural areas only have Fox and RW radio so is it surprising that they are brainwashed, what choice do they have? There just isn't any alternative views. MSNBC is a flea compared to Fox and many rural areas don't have any left leaning media outlets. And this is the problem that will continue to polarize the country. All Trumpers spout the same misinformed propaganda about the left. Liberals want to take from the rich and give to the poor. Dems want to give illegal immigrants free everything, education. housing, healthcare etc. Trump is a brilliant businessman who sacrificed to run for president. Trump tells it like it is and sticks it to China etc. He was first leader to meet with Kim Jung Un, like that is a good thing. Trump handled the pandemic brilliantly. Libs want to take your guns away. Just a litany of Fox and RW BS that they think is good for America because that is all they hear. Can we blame these misinformed dupes?

In Mary Trump's book she alluded that most of the press has been giving the trump family still_one Sep 2020 #1
US hasn't had a free press in decades, so that line by Cohen is bullshit beachbumbob Sep 2020 #2
He says specifically in the quote that he does not mean free as in freedom of expression. enough Sep 2020 #5
it happen because MSM is corporate owned and they saw trump benefit coming beachbumbob Sep 2020 #7
100% correct Yeehah Sep 2020 #8
I am pretty sure that the majority of Americans first heard of Donald Trump ms liberty Sep 2020 #3
The U.S. doesn't have a free press; it's bought and paid for. abqtommy Sep 2020 #4
Not what he meant by "free". nt Codeine Sep 2020 #9
It's not what he meant, it's what I meant... abqtommy Sep 2020 #11
nothing is free AlexSFCA Sep 2020 #19
Hours of empty podiums while ignoring Democratic new conferences. rickford66 Sep 2020 #6
KNR Lucinda Sep 2020 #10
They knew it was bullshit, and they spread it with great enthusiasm - verbatim, at no charge. dalton99a Sep 2020 #12
I recall a statement by the President of NBC flamin lib Sep 2020 #13
It was CBS, not NBC. hedda_foil Sep 2020 #15
Thanks for the correction. Morning Joe still did his part.nt flamin lib Sep 2020 #16
Oh for sure! They all did. They showed his rallies every damn day, from preshow to end. hedda_foil Sep 2020 #17
Just one of many examples of the failure of unfettered capitalism in a society DSandra Sep 2020 #28
In the early days of broadcast tv the news was considered a flamin lib Sep 2020 #29
Will the Corporate Media do it again on election night before all the votes are counted? jalan48 Sep 2020 #14
Trump's like COVID. The US free press "immune system" had never encountered something so bad. gulliver Sep 2020 #18
I wish I could share your optimism..... MyOwnPeace Sep 2020 #21
Yeah, I'm "cautiously optimistic" and agree with the wait and see gulliver Sep 2020 #25
They had no problem with negative reporting on Hillary based on BS Lies JI7 Sep 2020 #31
They've learned a lot. They're fine. Except Fox "News"... gulliver Sep 2020 #33
If the "free" press" gave America Trump ... Martin Eden Sep 2020 #20
Ain't that the truth.But most Trumpers think the media is controlled by the left. To which I say, Pepsidog Sep 2020 #22
Don't blame the left for Trump, you hamhock! Aristus Sep 2020 #23
CNN single-handedly made him the GOP nominee Azathoth Sep 2020 #24
Specifically, Jeff Zucker dalton99a Sep 2020 #26
Not to mention NBC moondust Sep 2020 #27
They lick his boots like he licks Putin's... Blue Owl Sep 2020 #30
Never forget and there needs to be a movie made based on this JI7 Sep 2020 #32
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