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Wish he'd done more earlier... But still. sweetloukillbot Oct 2020 #1
If so, that could help in Arizona and Nevada karynnj Oct 2020 #11
Certainly better than mittens announcing that in this great battle against evil... Salviati Oct 2020 #21
Jeff Who? NonPC Oct 2020 #27
Look him up DownriverDem Oct 2020 #40
Cabinet post dreaming? Chipper Chat Oct 2020 #2
HAHAHAHA! lagomorph777 Oct 2020 #3
Obama had a few GOP members on staff at various times. TwilightZone Oct 2020 #8
No. Fuck Republicans. n/t theaocp Oct 2020 #35
I could see Kasich or Flake or another Republican like that in a cabinet post AdamGG Oct 2020 #20
Qualifications? NonPC Oct 2020 #30
No. Fuck Republicans. n/t theaocp Oct 2020 #36
Not sure about Flake's qualifications, but Kasich or Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker AdamGG Oct 2020 #50
Flake's fake "concern stall" over his Kavanaugh vote rates him oasis Oct 2020 #34
That's exactly why he's so showy about his vote Politicub Oct 2020 #39
Feh. TlalocW Oct 2020 #4
The Kasich/Romney wing n/m NorthOf270 Oct 2020 #12
A Flake presidential run? Wednesdays Oct 2020 #16
I think he'd have to change his last name. luvtheGWN Oct 2020 #18
Depends on the results of this election, really HermitageHermit Oct 2020 #47
I think there's a good chance. I'm not saying he'll do well but I think he'll run... TlalocW Oct 2020 #51
Have to give credit when it's due. Baked Potato Oct 2020 #5
If there were more Republicans like Flake, we could probably have a functioning Congress. TwilightZone Oct 2020 #6
No. Fuck Republicans. theaocp Oct 2020 #37
Not necessarily. TwilightZone Oct 2020 #48
Purity hasn't been tried yet. theaocp Oct 2020 #49
Thank you Jeff Flake. BlueNProud Oct 2020 #7
Flake was a weakling on everything important, but this did take some guts. madaboutharry Oct 2020 #9
What took him so long? calimary Oct 2020 #13
They are weak. madaboutharry Oct 2020 #23
He made a good speech on this topic on the floor of the Senate greenjar_01 Oct 2020 #28
Did he get confronted in an elevator? NorthOf270 Oct 2020 #10
That's good, I guess. Hey, Flake, thanks for Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. catbyte Oct 2020 #14
How brave Tribetime Oct 2020 #15
A regular Profile in Courage, that one is Dream Girl Oct 2020 #19
Where were you when we needed you? icwlmuscyia Oct 2020 #17
"moral values and integrity are things we cannot put aside" LiberalLovinLug Oct 2020 #22
Earlier ? Gilbert Moore Oct 2020 #24
He's a weak fish, but I never thought him crazy, nice of him to go publicly sane /nt bucolic_frolic Oct 2020 #25
Such a maverick IronLionZion Oct 2020 #26
Unfortunately republicans are only and I mean ONLY admirable after they're out of office ffr Oct 2020 #29
Better musclecar6 Oct 2020 #31
"FLAKE" is the perfect name for this spineless coward. AZ8theist Oct 2020 #32
Nicely timed. OnDoutside Oct 2020 #33
Jeff who? dlk Oct 2020 #38
How did you vote on the down ballot? Do you have any allegience? Are you faithful to any ideology? Earthshine2 Oct 2020 #41
Flake... llmart Oct 2020 #42
How did he vote on Kavanaugh? Orrex Oct 2020 #43
He basically was shamed by the two women on the elevator NorthOf270 Oct 2020 #45
Voted 100% in support of Big Business, 100% in favor of taxing the middle class. klook Oct 2020 #44
NcConnell keeps spines in a locked closet. JohnnyRingo Oct 2020 #46
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